FIFA 19 Feedback

FIFA 19 Feedback

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Have you played FIFA 19 or its demo yet? How did you find its gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

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  1. I play carrier mode and I just played one season with wolwes in Premier league on difficulty legendary. I won the season and are now playing on ultimatum in my second season. I think it is so unfortunate that the toughest mode also is too easy. For many years it has been too easy to move in from the side and make a finesse shot and score. The defence is simply too weak at such a high difficulty. I score so many goals this way and that makes it borring. I think it has to bee something special when you score this way just like real football. The defenders simple has to be much better and make it a challenge for the attackers. Please make note of this in FIFA 20! And also please update faces and commentary names of players like James Madison, Jonathan Tah, De ligt, Ruben Neves, Dendoncker, Vinicius Jr, Malcolm and more.

  2. Please kindly fix your fifa
    Fifa 20 is the last shot you got cause if its half as bad as fifa 19 then we might all move to PES
    Started playing fifa with fifa 10 this is by far your worst fifa ever
    Player ratings change during the match online
    Opponents leave match after conceding goals and poinys are not awarded instead everything gets stuck
    Passes go opposite side
    Tackles are slow
    Pace of some players recovering is unrealistic (online)
    Please fix fifa 19 and the next

  3. Hello,

    a major defect is the defense disadvantage in the tackle because usually the attacker regains self control faster than the defender and always gets back possession of the ball.

    it is very frustrating to hit the tacke but not recover the ball.


  4. Hi Fifa, just some feedback on players leaving a game before it is even starts. I was playing division rivals and a players left. I then searched for a new player and was up against the same guy who once again saw my team and left.
    I was doing a challenge and using my loan Icon players. As the player left twice I lost 2 contracts on each Icon which meant they had expired.
    It seems unfair to remove contracts when a player has not played. Can this be fixed for the future.
    Cheers Noah

  5. Hello fifa team ,

    Players leave when they concede goals where the issue is that the during determination of the win the game stucks and our win does not count .

    Btw this issue from a ps4 user and occurs in online season mode .

    Its really very annoying and plz fix this .

  6. Pls update the boots for the PC version. Its quite unfair because we are paying the same price as the console but we dont get the same update as the console like more things are updated on the console than the PC. Pls just update everything the same for PC and console.

  7. bring legendary all time players in kickoff
    to create our own team
    to create our own soccer boot
    career mode show when the get of the bus and build up and dress up

  8. FIFA 19 has its moments but I’m starting to get up with the game now I must have tried every formation in the game and still can’t find any that I’m comfortable with I have the best of players on my team with added custom tactics from watching the best players videos on YouTube and still I get beat game after game whoever I play rid the arse out of my defence for pace and stamina and in FUT champions your up against players that have 4-6 icons in there team at once which I think is unfair your beat before the match is even started and the rewards you get are utter shite waste your time and effort to get to elite 1 in division rivals and struggle to get a player over 80 or even a walkout then you look at all these YouTubers that open packs and walks out mbappe neymar Ronaldo etc you say to yourself what the fuck are they doing that I ain’t and I certainly won’t be a mug and pay For FIFA points either it’s a scam seen my mate spend over £500 opening packs and the best player he got was aguero just repeats after repeats of the same players in packs…. let me know your thoughts guys appreciated

  9. Why when playing FUT champions when players rage quit I don’t receive the win last week it cost me gold 3 rewards and this week I had the same when I’m winning 3-0 which is not often I lose that win surely that’s unfair

  10. Hi I have playing fifa for a while just a few questions why is you more points deducted when u lose than when you win plus why do you get points taken off u when u draw on ultimate team division rivals

  11. Do you people who develop this game even know anything about football? You should have players helping you develop it to learn how players move and think.

    I’ve been playing fifa for a long time and it really pisses me off that you haven’t sorted out simple things as switching to correct players.

    Things that really needs to be fixed in gameplay:
    – When passing a player game automatically switches to wrong player in much worse position.
    – When switching to a player in defence it switches to some random player in very wrong position
    – Ball speed when passing, this was better before bunch of patches and now the players pass the ball extremely weak
    – Players reactions when trying to intercept, theyre always like 2 seconds behind
    – Centre backs running offensively even when instructed to never do it (this has been an issue for 2-3 fifas)
    – Players completely missing the reception of a ball even when played straight to them
    – Players turning around is a joke, some games they move quite naturally and turn around 180 degrees like any normal player would do. Some games they make u-turns like a car.

    Fix above and the game would be pretty good.

  12. I play in fifa in arabic language and the commentator does not say anything about any new prime icon moments card neither the banner of prime moments del piero appears in the crowd while normal prime icons are working normally we need fixing to this issue because its annoying.

  13. Career mode – When you send a player on loan for the rest of the season and his contract is also expiring by the end of the season, there is no way to renew his contract without recalling him from loan. Once the season is over, transfer window opens and the better players already sign up to new teams on the first day.

    Sort it out.

  14. I struggle with career mode on fifa lately since the upgrade. I likely most play the goalkeeper and I have it on ultimate and is still wat too easy. Before the upgrade I had more things to do, but also not that much. Would be awesome if the goalkeeper had do something more and trying be important to the team! Also the goalkeeper rating is badly (in my eyes) like if you make a little mistake and you get imiddly 5.5 rating and if you doing something important then you just getting 6.2 or something. And the training isn’t that much for an goalkeeper in career just two. I really struggle with this and I would like more appropriate towards the goalkeepers career. For the rest is the game amazing!!

  15. Y’all just care about Fut and don’t pay any attention to Career mode whatsoever it’s fucked up some people enjoy this modes but now they’re just the same shit every fukn year man it’s annoying no contracts in player career and getting transfers while your like an 80av player it’s hard asf like no team wants you it’s just sucks but i don’t see it changing anytime soon so I’m off to pes

  16. This was my first year that I went digital with my games. also maybe the last time. Every single match I play online, my formation changes by itself or players get moved out of position… This is so annoying… Even when I correct it, sometimes it changes again by itself




  18. FUT in fifa 19 is ridiculous!! So basically im playing in squad battles against teams with like say in the 70s overall ratings and my team is in there 80s overall rating and i play on ultimate level as i like a challenge and consider myself as a top player on fifa yet im constantly getting smashed 7+-0 every time!!!!! Dont make no sence to have overall ratings or difficulty levels if when u have it on ultimate level all the AI teams play like real Madrid even teams like Wycombe wanderers could smash u on ultimate level scoring overhead kicks n shit its bullshit. All teams should play there best of course but only to there ability. I dont exspect to get battered by a shit team JUST BECAUSE ITS ON ULTIMATE LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bullshit EA!!!!! AND HURRY UP AND BRING OUT A NEW FIGHT NIGHT FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your fans and customers are screaming at you to start work on a new fight night game AND YOU ARE NOT LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. In the upcoming fifa there needs to be updates in stadiums such as chants as a big lfc fan I think it would be great to see the “allez allez allez” chant in the game the Mo Salah song and the Virgil van Dijk song. Another update the game needs is that Liverpool traditionally play from right to left but in the game they play left to right and you could ask any Liverpool fan and they have played that way for decades. It would be great if these features could be added into the game.

  20. This is the worst FIFA in fifa history. And I never knew I’ll ever say this about a fifa title cuz I’ve always loved Fifa. AI defending is so op, finishing is so bad, manual defending is so bad, rebounds are ridiculous, always goes back to your opponent. Timed finishing, the new feature of the game doesn’t work anymore. The game is so unplayable. For the first time in my life, I’m not interested in playing FIFA

  21. this is not real please fix this fucking bugs with penalty. last weekend leag 18 against me and even control my player just push in me and penalty this is sukcs .
    E.A is sucks …this is my last fifa …

  22. Fifa 19 is BY FAR THE WORST GAME EVER PLAYED!!! EAsports have paid for positive reviews online but if you read the user review you will have a clear image of how broken the game is.
    Not enough words to inform on everything wrong as I would need a blank book for that. Just trust me don’t waste your money.
    Absolute embarrassing trash from EA sports this year.
    Only good is the fact they have la liga stadiums (apart from camp nou and few others) other than that not good.

    Summary review: it is an error prone, uncontrollable arcade game where online users ‘pay to win’. with far too many glitches in every game and every update the game is just an insult to fans.
    DONT BUY, DON’T BUY!!!!!

  23. When I am playing “The Journey”, the game doesn’t load. I have to hit Alt + Enter to close it and reopen but it doesn’t load the game. It stays in the screen where he’s walking down the corridor towards the stadium. Shows “loading” but never changes. I can’t even continue after the update. It seems I am stuck in that level for good. I tried reinstalling the game. Wasted a whole day downloading for the same issue.

  24. Hey guys why don’t you upgrade the shoes for fut? Like the latest shoes that you use for kick off from : DOWNLOAD THE LATEST so the players in fut have the same shoes and not the oldest type of a shoe

  25. Hey guys. Why don’t the boots look like it’s supposed to do during gameplay. Up close on edit mode and during celebration mode its fine and resembles its supposed state but on the usual camera mode it isn’t (the boots that have high top cant be seen and looks like normal boots that dont have high top) It’s been like this since previous fifas. It’ll be great if this is changed

  26. Good day

    Over all I am against the majority and enjoy the difficulty and game play especially after the most recent patches.
    What I would say is all these different kick off modes are really useless, I dont use them or plan to.
    we would really like the full class treatment for German, french, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese leauges Like we have for Spain and England, More real player faces,
    ( I can send the list here if it would help at all )
    Is there no way to do a player face update at least every 3 months to add new faces, a lot of young youth players are so generic and it is quite frustrating, as well as players signed in The winter and summer transfer windows lose their face cant we keep these faces in game? same to when a player Retires would it be at all possible to leave them in the game as potential managers to use in Manger mode. wed also like to use current managers In manager mode. or at least create our own look alike managers, very much the same as player creations?

    This Fifa for me is honestly good I like it, my only issue is the amount of generic faces we still have and If that could improve along with real stadiums across the top 7 leagues I could then understand the lack of treatment else were, but the fact only 2 leagues have first class treatment is poor form, and I hope this gets addressed in fifa 19 instead of having to buy fifa 20 for just Bundushliga treatment.

    I really hope this gets to the right place


  27. Hello everyone!
    First of all im sorry for my bad English
    I just want 2 things,since im Bayern München fan im annoyed watching players coming out to the pitch from the corner of the field and my second thing is their Home kit pants are still blu colour in real life they have Red colour. Pls fix this problem

  28. Hey.
    When playing career in fifa 19 as a player, it seems to be impossible to transfer from a small club to a big club. I Even tried to fast forward one whole season and still No one wants to buy me. Im only 23 and 92′ rated. I dont get it. If it’s because im to expensive then how would it ever be possible to move on too a bigger club.

  29. Can you please upload more manager avatars for career mode. I like to manage AC Milan and there is no resemblance of coach Gattuso from any of the current avatars. Please upload.

  30. Hello,
    In FIFA 19 career mode, as you advance past the first season, the commentary often talks like it’s still the 2019 season, when it’s not.
    Sometimes they even mention it.
    It’s a detail, but i’m sure this can be fixed with a patch.
    So, i.e. when it’s the 2022 season, i play in the champions league with my team and win it, i don’t want to hear on the commentary that it’s 2019.
    Can this be fixed, please ?
    Also: some created players have portraits of other players.
    That’s been happening for a few years now.
    Can that be fixed, please ?
    My other issue is this:
    For some years, players that are playing regularly are complaining about their “lack of playing time” and put in a transfer request, which makes no sense at all.
    Because they are constantly in the starting line-up.
    Can that be fixed please ?
    Much appreciated.
    That being said, FIFA 19 is a great game!
    In general, FIFA seems to be getting better and better with each new release!
    Kind regards, Sam

  31. In FIFA 20 you should add camp nou, serie A scoreboard, world cup update, Ugandan national team and Ugandan league please we beg as soon as you get this message act accordingly

  32. I like fifa games but I want you guys to make the shorts a lil small cuz the players look like basketball players with those long shorts thanks

  33. Worst weekend league I’ve played in. Got booted from at least 4 games while still being connected to xbox live, aside from that the majority of squads i played were overly dominant not even a comparison in competition….youd think the numbers that play there would be a more sufficient way of grading cometition not to mention usual lag, sluggish players etc… hard to believe how an institution so big manages to flop a half finished game every year and then get it flowing well 3 months before the next one comes out

  34. Got Fifa since one month, very disappointed by that game.

    1st Fifa on PS4, and it is awful especially dor offsides,
    i never seen a behaviour so irrelevant for both offensive and defensive offsides,

    In defence, a real defence has to be on the same line , on this Fifa and this is totally new, defenders go back to their goals forever, thinking stopping going back at the penalty spot.

    Sometimes , a defender take initiative to sprint back 10meters, for no reason, they follow attacker runs so faaar behind the defensive line,and all alone…
    50% the goals i take could be avoid with a correct behaviour.
    This is laughable, sometimes i take control of the defender if i see him 10m behind the other defender, as soon as i do that, the other defender sprint to take the same position, sometimes you struggle so bad with the defesnsive line, it is more a threat than opposent play (vs AI)…

    I never seen that in FIFA 13 or 17 the last Fifa i had…

    I see they never correct the “auto pass to the offside player” bug since 10 years (another point, assisted passes are awful, have assisted pass to miss an elephant in a corridor, or seeming not to calculate opponents, thanks but no thanks)…

    I was happy to see a major update, but nothing about what i say here,

    No pleasure to play such a poor simulation (and awful physical of the ball, ball going at 300km/h because it is touched by a foot…every time this is a confuse situation and a throw in, the thrown in looks given inappropriatly to the other team, i never understand how the ref indicates one side, seeing the angle of the ball it looks touched by the other player, the ref not making this kind of error in Fifa that means the rotation,force and angles of deflections are badly calculated)

  35. add caf compations
    1- caf championce league
    2- caf confederation cup
    3- caf super cup

    some of best north african leagues
    1- tunisian league
    2- morocon league
    3- egyption league
    4- libyan league
    5- algerian league
    6- sudanian league

  36. Every time I win a match in fut champion and before I go back to Manu I lost the connection. Match count but no win in my history. I connected my ps direct to my rauter. I need a solution

  37. Absolute shambles of a game, Get yourself an 80 rated team to play online and every match up against 86 rated squads that are over powering as fuck making the game zero fun and extremely frustrating. Then it comes to coins and packs.. Same shite players with over 100 packs opened and not 1 walk out. Put money into the game and all of a sudden the packs become that little bit better? not coincidence EA are just money grabbing bastards. This game should be scrapped

  38. This is by far the worst FIFA that has been made… online is completly ruined beacuse of the vehement overrated clubs like Juventus and PSG. You cant play with your favourite team if you wanna play against anyone else than Juventus, and therefore forcing even more to play as Juventus. Now Ronaldo plays for Juventus, it is all of a sudden the best club in the game and no one are equally rated… this is servere asslicking, get it togethers…
    And the career mode is just awfull. Stop forcing people to play as women, at least give them a choice.
    The cinematics are very poor too.

  39. Hello. I’m korean. I wanted to play fifa18. So if demo version is excited, i was about to buy the standdard version. But when I click the play button, it does not start. Just black screen. I want to solve this problem quickly. Help me please.

  40. Please put the Basque nationality on So that spanish and french have dual nationality if Basque and that Athletic Club Bilbao can only buy / recruit Basque players. Also make Eibar, Osasuna, Real Sociedad, Alaves, and Athletic Club regenerate Basque youth players in career mode. Put both basque region (3/4 in spain, 1/4 in France) as a region to scout for Youth staff so that you can recruit Basque players in academy that are Spanish / French dual nationality as Basque. Also that youth players that are recruited have authentic Basque names i.e. Inaki, Andoni, Gorka etc…

  41. This is the most laggiest fifa I have ever played. Fut fifa 19, everytime I connected to a new game online, all the touches are very laggy which affects the gameplay and leads me to lose. Penalty shoot out is so unrealistic as the power shots are really sensitive. Fifa please fix this! Lagg is not an option!

  42. It’s the worst football game I have played for FIFA, bad play, many mistakes, new incomprehensible regulations, unreasonable exploitation, I think next year will be good for the competition firm, I do not think I’ll buy it next year

  43. Worst Fifa ever !!! I use to play fifa since Fifa 14 and i really lost the intrest this year. I played more than 150 match in Fifa ultimate team and its veeeeeeery bad and not real auch as Fifa 17

  44. Poor tackles this year 50/50 continually lost strength and speed of strikers are poor and defenders when win a slide tackle that a sunbathe before they get up

  45. You honestly ruined fifa with fifa 19. This game is for sure the worst fifa since I started playing fifa 13. Defense is OP, all defenders faster and stronger than all attackers regardless of stats. Interceptions OP, can’t make any passes. I used to be div 1 or 2 in every ultimate team until this fifa, and now I can’t string together any offense at all. FIX THIS S*** GAME.

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