FIFA 19 Feedback

FIFA 19 Feedback

FIFA 19 User-Reviews, Feedback and Comments

Have you played FIFA 19 or its demo yet? How did you find its gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

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  1. FIFA are you kiddingg the are many wrong things like referee doesn’t give us penalty ,give us red card at a simple foul.,don’t press any button slide and they get penalty, if I pressure the player slide automaticly and get red card or penalty but if it happen to me I didn’t get any thing if they shot and the ball is so far from the gk it get in if I do it nothing happen EA move to gk when they want and we get Goal in our Nets bad defending bad gk unfair refers WTF Fifa

  2. Swap the teams around when they walk out. It’s weird seeing the teams come out, especially in Cup Finals, when you have the teams coming out and standing in front of the opposition fans… for example, in the Champions League Final, if you have Real Madrid v Bayern Munich, the teams will come out & the Munich fans will stand at the same side as where the Bayern fans are and vice versa. This doesn’t happen in real life. The teams always stand on the same side as their fans

  3. Can there be improvements in disconnections? Either give afew mins to re-connect or at least Let the game be able to play again if the score is a winning one. How to even play my squad battle if just one second disconnect from either my side or your side end up with nothing? It’s not even one time, it’s happening multiple times. Please have some improvements Orelse there is no point supporting your game.

  4. FUT should have to take delay at the moment the goal was scored to determine if there is a delay of network that led to a goal. Completely disappointed with the matches which too many delay moments created goals.

  5. Been a FIFA fan for decades. My first purchase was FIFA 94. . . . And I’ve purchased it every year since. Dont get me wrong, the game has come on leaps and bounds since its inception and it does gradually improve year after year (although I dont feel the game has evolved much over the last 5 years) and It is a guilty pleasure of mine, as an unconditional football fan. My feedback for future develooments:-

    * Ability for a player to celebrate more realistically in a high pressure game or a local derby. . . Ie taking shirt off, picking out the corner flag and subsequently getting booked for it. Just a thought to add a layer of realism
    * More realism when it comes to injuries, head cuts etc. Bandaging, stretchering off where appropriate.
    *All teams to have ALL kits. Home away and 3rd.
    *WBA fans to chant “boing boing” after they score a goal.
    *All championship teams to have official grounds

  6. I have some feedback on the new sbc for robin van Persie. I love the card but having only 70 stamina for a striker makes this card in-usual. All his other stats are great but if you could at least boost his stamina up to a reasonable stat that would mean so much as I am a big fan of him and would love to add him to my everdise/dutch ultimate team!!
    Thanks for you time,

  7. I saw that it is now possible to buy cards that before was untradeable, like futmas and potm cards. I then went to my team and tried to sell my ones and was not able to do it. Why? It would be a pleasure to be able to sell the cards you once did sbc’s to because you maybe are tired of them or just want to change or upgrade your team. I don’t understand why you made it that way. It would just be positive for the fifa players to be able to sell the ”untradeables cards” after a while and it also keeps the players motivated to keep playing fifa.

  8. I don’t like how the big teams and smaller teams are equally consistent. I finish a La Liga season with Sevilla and Barcelona finished 12th, Atletico finished 10th and Real Madrid was 7th.

  9. Why can’t we make a CDM into a cm ? You can make a cam into a CF?
    What’s up with the stadiums with glare what’s the point? Someone had one with a bunch is shadows and wore a green and black kit and I could barely see his players -_-

  10. Please fix the movements, everytime i played fifa sometimes the movements normal , sometimes so damn slow and not same with CPU.

  11. My comments are about live events for players. These tournaments with only 16 players from different regions are not very exciting or show casing the world’s best. Watching the steams are not as good as fifa 18 tournaments where we saw less tournaments but more players compete. Too many tournaments is more difficult to follow and I think less people follow.
    Bring back the 4 groups of 8 for the World cup. Much better viewing, will be a much better final.

  12. Hi Fifa,

    Could you please update them boots? I was browsing PES boots options and they got them latest there. Really eager to have them on Fifa 19 as well, aside to this, possible to update the faces if De Jong and Keane the 2 young guns ,

    Please and thank you

  13. Please fix the ref for fifa20!!! He’s uselss. In one occasion gives a cheap pen. In next occasion he don’t give a clear pen. A player get ran down and the guilty one gets a free kick. In one occasion a horrible tackle is just a free kick. In another occasion a slightly touch is a yellow card.
    The ref pissing me off big time.
    I love the game. I hate the ref

  14. Good Evening,

    I am finding it difficult to play FIFA 19 FUT, as I am used to Legacy Defending, and only Tactical Defending is available. Please fix this so I can enjoy my FUT online sessions.

  15. I want it to be possible to buy or create a nice stadium , after developing a low rating team in manager mode from money and prizes gained.

    I also want the youth players to stop tacking their shirts in after some time.

  16. This games ultimate team mode is just such ridiculously broken. Its utter shite. Honestly how have you not improved this. Constabd pressure AI defending is like sentinals from x-men in some chemically enhanced roids from the year 3048.

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