FIFA 19 Demo Hitting All the Right Notes

FIFA 19 Demo

If the FIFA 19 demo is anything to go by, FIFA lovers are in for a massive treat when the official game is released on September 28. The game’s developers have seemingly addressed most of the bugbears from FIFA 18 and the results speak very loudly for themselves. At first look, it appears that FIFA 19 could be one for the ages.

The teams on offer in the FIFA 19 demo are Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, PSG, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Roma. Users will be able to experience Champions League matches for the first time ever when they play the demo as well as experience the third season of the Journey Mode.

Not having the license for Europe’s top club competitions for as long as FIFA has, has undoubtedly been a chink in the developer’s armour and has left the door open for PES to hold one over their fierce rivals. Now that EA Sports has bought the relevant licenses, it has given the game a whole new feel as gamers find out during the demo.

All of the glitz and glamour of a Champions League game before kick off is included and the respective stadiums are decorated in the Champions League theme. Once the spine-tingling Champions League anthem begins playing, gamers will know that a new dawn has arrived on FIFA.

Survival Mode is another new feature that provides an interesting new twist. A match in Survival Mode starts as any other game would, until someone scores and then a random player from the scoring team is removed. The game can go the full 90 minutes, or if a team scores five goals, the game will be stopped as FIFA rules dictate that a game is abandoned with less than seven players on the pitch. In that instance whichever player has scored the most goals will win.

Players with a more robust FIFA playing style will be pleased to know that FIFA 19 is giving you the chance to turn the referee off, which will lead to absolute carnage as full-blooded challenges and slide tackles in the penalty area will go completely unpunished.

Not having to answer to a referee does get one thinking about what life in the Premier League would be like if that was the case.

Tony Pulis’ Stoke City from a few years back could have gone a whole season unbeaten if that was the case. Sadly for fans of the more physical teams, they will only get a taste of what life without a referee is like in the new FIFA 19.

There are a great deal more alterations that have been introduced to FIFA 19 but not all of them stand out on their own like the aforementioned. Rather, the impact of all the small tweaks here and there are felt as a whole and give the game a real edge that FIFA 18 didn’t have. All in all, the 26th installment of the FIFA series should thrill anybody that plays it.

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