FIFA 18 Online Friendlies

Online Friendlies

Are you trying to find out how you can play a friendly match with your friends online? FIFA 18 Online Friendlies mode is your answer!

Invite a Friend to play a match online, and track your rivalry through five-game seasons to prove who has the most skills on the pitch — earn the most points in five games to hoist the trophy. Keep the competition going with a new season as you try to defend your title or take it away from your Friends.

Where to Find Online Friendlies in FIFA 18

Online Friendlies mode is available under ONLINE menu in FIFA 18.

How to Play Online Using Online Friendlies in FIFA 18

Just go to Online Friendlies and create a new season using NEW FRIENDLY SEASON option. Choose a friend to invite for playing. You can also change the match settings there. Your season information is also available for viewing.

Take note that your friend needs to be online at the same time as you to accept your invitation to play against you.

Share Your Account ID here to Find Friends!

Create and account at FIFPlay, add your Gamertag to your profile and share your profile here. Or you can share your Origin, Xbox One or PlayStation account ID here to find friends and play Online Friendlies in FIFA 18. Using the Comments form given below, you can share your account ID and the platform you’re playing FIFA 18 on. We will be listing your information here so other people can add you to play FIFA 18 online with you.

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  1. Hi am failing to play online friendlies as it is bringing the message of connection lost. How do i resolve the issue?

  2. Looking for someone willing to play friendlies against Icons, not an easy match

    (PC)Origin: jjackattack7 lmk

    1. My contact +233542013487 am at whatsapp contact me bro I play fifa too a lot wanna see challenges in ma game play

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