FIFA 18 at E3 2017

FIFA 18 at E3 2017

Electronic Arts represented FIFA 18 on Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 12pm (Pacific time) at E3 2017 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Here in this blog, we are covering all the latest news and information on FIFA 18 at E3, including the link to the live streaming and the latest revealed contents.

June 12 – FIFA 18 News from E3

FUT Icon Players Revealed

EA Sports have revealed four more ICONS for the upcoming FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The legendary players, Pele, Thiery Henry, Diego Maradonna and Lev Yashin will be available in FUT as ICON players. Read more details at FIFA 18 Icons page.

June 10 – FIFA 18 at EA PLAY

The first EA PLAY live show @ E3 2017 started on June 10 at 4pm local time by showing Madden NFL 18 Trailer, after showing the trailer video, EA’s CEO, Ander Wilson showed up on the stage welcoming the audiences and talking about the EA at E3 etc. Then, he jumped into the Battlefield 1 presentation passing the mic to Andrew Gulotta, the producer for Battlefield 1 “In the Name of Tsar”. Mr Gulotta talked about the game and showed the Battlefield 1 contents and videos.

Then, Patrick Söderlund (EA’s EVP) came on the stage and started talking about EA’s e-sport activities and the EA games competitions including FUT Championships, then they showed relevant videos to the EA e-sport competitions. Then it jumped to the FIFA 18 by showing FIFA 18 new trailer which represents the new features of FIFA 18.

Right after the FIFA trailer, Michael Davis and Roger Bennett (from the Men In Blazers show) showed up on the stage and started talking about the FIFA 18 New Features in details. They showed The Journey Trailer to wrap up the FIFA 18 presentation.

The FIFA 18 content became available during the show:

EA PLAY Live Streaming Time Table

EA PLAY 2017
Zone Local Time
UK 8pm
Europe 9pm
US (CA) 12pm
US (NY) 3pm
Singapore / Hong Kong 3am
Australia 5am

How to Watch EA PLAY Live

FIFA 18 will be represented on June 10 (8pm UK) at EA PLAY which is the live stream of EA games representation at E3 2017. You can watch EA PLAY Live on Saturday June 10 from (4pm PT / 8pm UK). Tune in and go to this link to watch it live:

Contents to be Revealed

We are expecting the following FIFA 18 assets to be revealed at E3 207:

This page will be updated with the latest news and information during the E3 show.


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