FIFA 17 Wishlist

FIFA 17 Wishlist

Your FIFA 17 Wishlist

Have you already played EA Sports FIFA 16? What was missing in the game? Got any creative useful ideas for its next version? Write here for us how you would improve FIFA 17. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 17 wishlist here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players and etc?

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 17 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. 1. More international teams, i
    2. In Be a pro, dont choice teams, but get some offer from league what you choice (La liga- offers for example Betis, Celta, Gijon
    3. More stadions in Spanish, French and Italy league

  2. EAsports could add a little few more national teams from CAF, CONCACAF and AFC, so we could create our own imaginary World Cup tournament lol. throw in Iceland too or whatever. Only thing I really care playing

  3. Please for the love of god fix the on/offline tournament system. FIFA 16 really screwed over the players who aren’t good enough to win the online tournaments. FIFA 15 provided offline tournaments to win packs, and packs actually worth winning 25/35/50k packs. Fifa 16 97% of offline tournament has been a coins pack or a 5k pack. Make the difficulty world class or legendary but if your not good enough to win online tournament then your screwed. Also please for tournaments like the futties cup please once people. win their 3 players make it so they cant re-enter. I cant tell you how many times I lost in final to someone who already won it 3 times.EA had some really nice ideas the untradeable player rewards were amazing but unless you are really good at this game then you didn’t have much of a chance to win anything which really sucks.

  4. Please put a refery carrier in fifa 17 and the Dutch 2e league. And maybe is video refery something for fifa 17
    Please put real persconferens to the game that makes the manager carrier a lot better and make the manager carrier more interesting and make it more real like a real manager. 🙂

      1. Please bring Iranian league and iranian ntionality team in your new version (fifa17iran had very good soccer players for example::Ali daei, Ali karimi, Mehdi mahdavi kia, Vahid hashemian, Ahmadreza Abedzadeh, Karim bagheri, Javad Nekoonam, et cetera…

        And now aloso has very good players for example: Mehdi Taremi, Sardar Azmoun,Alireza Jahanbakhsh, Reza Ghoochan Nejad, Saeed Ezatolahi, Ali karimi, Ashkan Dejagah, Masoud Shojaei, Vahid Amiri, Seyed jalal hosseini

  5. Could u bring the Chinese super league, could u add in a stretcher for when players get injured on pitch medics can come on and assist with the injured or if badly they could could get stretched off please. Also could u introduce more real life commentators to pick from and create a UEFA Champions league and Europa league also please. Thank u

  6. I believe Apoel FC (Cyprus) should be included in FIFA 17. They have consistently been in Europa League or Champions League group stages since 2009. In 2012 they even reached the quarter final round against Real Madrid.

  7. New tournaments. (every day or every week)
    For example, every week there could be a tournament where you can win a random TOTW player, and the higher rated the player is, the lower chance you have of getting him 🙂

  8. What on xbox360/ps3 you give them as good play as xbox1/ps4 ,add training with the team add replying to messages from managers/players

    1. They should listen too you if they dont ill not play fifa any more and 999 999 more that i know wont play fifa

  9. Since we contribute with our ideas why we don’t get any feedback from the creators of this beautiful game.

  10. Can you please give us option of giving of dynamic weather? Why is it that a match starts from rain and ends with rain? Weather should keep alternating between selected modes. For eg. Overcast+snow, Overcast+sunny, Rain+overcast.
    Give us a better commentary 30% comments are unnecessary and 30% more are needed to make it more meaningful.
    More comments for famous and topmost players of big leagues.
    More realism like players surrounding ref at a penalty, offside decision or before a red card.
    Players and staff gathering together when scoring a goal for promotion or title win.
    Manager interaction. The manager should show his reaction from sidelines and we should have the
    option to choose or own manager like Wenger,Guardiola, Ancoletti, Mourinho etc.

  11. I want more things to the portuguese league, like all teams licensed, stadiums and the 2nd league! We are champions of europe, we have ones of the best talents in the world! Please ea, recognize more portugal!

  12. I think that there should be an option to invite a player that you approach to sign on career mode to the arena for a “training session/ medical” before signing them. This is because I have found that despite player ratings/ stats, players either feel right or wrong to play with. Moreover some players don’t suit your style of play. Being able to play with the player in the arena prior to signing would allow you to make a decision as to whether to sign the player regardless of the players stats.

  13. A few things I would like to see added:

    – Bring in Game Face for created players like Madden had a few years back
    – Ability to create teams, custom kits and stadiums (or at least bring back Creation Centre)
    – I would really like to see sliders for referee strictness, I can play an entire season and only a handful of my players have yellow cards and maybe one or two red cards
    – The ability to customize, save and use custom set plays during gameplay
    – My last request is probably more like a fantasy, but I would think that it’s possible. I would like to create a player and have a way to phoenetically pronounce their name, so it can be said during the game. For instance, for Washington, you could enter as a phoenetic pronunciation WAW-shing-Tuhn, tune it during preview until it sounds correct, and then the program could interpret that and re-create it during gameplay.
    The game gets better every year, I think the big thing that draws people to it is their ability to customize it and feel immersed in the experience.

  14. Being able to play a coop season online. Just like u play ur solo career but with ur partner via Internet. Shouldve been implemented since years in my opnion…

  15. single thing that nobody ever mentioned yet it would improve the gameplay significantly:


  16. I would like to play with teams of the Spanish 3rd league. I would like to introduce the Spanish 3rd league or, at least, the best teams of it.

  17. A few suggestions:


    Teammates actually mark opponents from throw ins

    It’s really annoying how John terry keeps up with Aubameyang, it needs to be fixed

    It’s annoying how if you tap through ball, the ball goes into the air, across the pitch, through balls should stay low except overhead through balls.

    Career mode:


    Position changes on players, so for example LB -> CB takes 6 weeks of training, then after they can play LB and CB

    Why do all other teams have the same team they start with in 2020 except like two 80 rated players

    Starting a team from scratch in the bottom division then work your way to the top division

    Ultimate team:

    Drafts have become big but they could be improved by: draft seasons, save a draft to show friends after, better rewards or cheaper entrance price

    Daily rewards for just entering Ultimate Team

    Weekly tournament where you can win untradeable players

    Untradeable packs maybe

  18. For a few years the symbol of the Belgian national football team is just a flag and not the “Original symbol” anymore…

    I like to see the Thai league though 😉

  19. Why is it so hard to find a new coaching job sometimes it’s kind of ridiculous. For example I was coaching D.C. United and I applied for a job at A.F.C Wimbledon and they didn’t accept me. Wouldn’t they want a coach from the top league. Also, why cant we just resign? Sometimes your time is just over.

    I don’t understand why older players decline in skill level so dramatically. Especially when they are at a different club. I mean they still have a lot of talent. Think about this’ they probably won’t be this bad on the next FIFA edition.

    We really need to take off some of the virtual stadiums. We don’t need most of them we really only need around 2 or 3. They waste memory on the disc.

    It’s ridiculous how we have to scout players to find out how good they are. Why can’t it be like older FIFA editions where it tells us right away. It’s not like we can watch the players play in matches that are not ours.

    We need futsal on the next FIFA. It’s a really huge part of developing players. Also we should have the Under 23 teams from the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

    Leagues To Consider: Asian Football Confederation
    1. Chinese Super League
    2. I League
    3. Indian Super League
    4. Persian Gulf Pro League
    5. Iraqi Premier League
    6. J. League Division 1
    7. Thai League
    8. V-League
    9. UAE Arabian Gulf League
    10. Qatar Stars League
    Leagues To Consider: Confederation Of African Football
    Leagues To Consider: The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football
    1. Ascenso MX
    2. North American Soccer League
    3. United Soccer Leagues (Professional Division)
    4. Costa Rican Primera División
    5. Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional de Honduras
    6. Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala
    Leagues To Consider: South American Football Confederation
    1. Ecuadorian Serie A
    2. Paraguayan Primera División
    3. Peruvian Primera División
    4. Uruguayan Primera División
    5. Venezuelan Primera División
    6. Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano
    Leagues To Consider: Oceania Football Confederation
    1. ASB Premiership
    Leagues To Consider: Union of European Football Associations
    1. Professional Football League of Ukraine
    2. Czech First League
    3. Superleague Greece
    4. Croatian First Football League
    5. Liga I
    6. Israeli Premier League
    7. Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    8. Veikkausliiga
    9. Serbian SuperLiga
    10. First Professional Football League
    11. Slovenian PrvaLiga
    12. Slovak Super Liga
    13. Nemzeti Bajnokság I

    I also think we should add the Vanarama National League, Vanarama National League North, Vanarama National League South.

    1. You very right with all your facts,but this it depends to this people who create this game.i don’t think they do consider our advice as a result to some of us they are not fair.on my opinion there’s no need for 3rd leagues in the world while we don’t have top 1st leagues around the globe as football is concern.

  20. I want to comment on Fifa 17 complete names of all the players.

    Online games in his career, said online opponent would get as a reward for matches played in a career as a coin into FUT or packages with players in FUT, must be 15 matches played in Career Mode 1 package … golfer would then motivate finished the game should be He must be lost by 5 goals.

  21. I really just want crosses and corners easier to score. It seems like in FIFA 16 it is extremely difficult and very rare to score just a header in general. It would also be cool to keep the goals of the week. Last suggestion, could there be any easier way to submit goals for the goals of the week??

  22. I miss the complete commentary of player names at least one language, preferably in English. Shortage is repeated from the beginning of a whole series of games and very it spoils the overall impression of hry. This is a major problem, if not removed, so do not buy the game.

  23. Hey y’all…

    I’have been playing fifa since the fifa 95 and i believe Turkish people compose a big part of the fifa community. So, i wish Turkish commentary and Turkish second leage were able for us. I can see so many commentary options but not Turkish. It should not be a big problem for you guys. Please consider our request.


  24. The Mexican 2nd league should be added because it has become very good in the last few years. New teams in the league and i will also like more stadiums to be added un the 1st Mexican league because there is only one licensed stadium.

  25. ps3 should really have story/ journey mode its not fair for only on console from play station pls they should really include it i and others will really apreciate it

  26. At kickoff can you implement a coin toss. It sucks that we don’t have an option. Home teams ALWAYS play from left to right. As a United fun, I would love to beat Liverpool as they attack their beloved Kop End in the 2nd half!!

  27. -When the team is playing in the champions league or the euro the captain armband will be uefa captain armband and no the captain armband of the team.
    -When a team winning a tournament the cup will be the real cup of the tournament. When the team winning a trophy and the captain lift up the trophy it will be the real captain even when he is finish the game on the bench.
    -When there is a new vision of fifa 17 (1.01, 1.02 or every thing else) will be the new hair and face of players that change their hair and face

  28. FIFA 17 Wishlist

    -Add legends like pele,maradona,zidane in the Classic XI
    -Fasten the finding opponent loading
    -Add more Legends in FUT
    -Give us the option of selecting the year when you will play your career mode and get back players according to the year like David Beckham in PSG when you select year 2013 or in Real Madrid when you select the period between 2003-2007
    -Add more exciting gamemodes in FUT and make the fifa points cheaper and the players also
    -Add feature in FUT that can give 2x-100x coins when you win someone with much higher team rating than you

    -Show players celebrating in rooms
    -Show players in the plane
    – make Champions leauge

  30. Suggestion For Fifa 17
    1=Appearance of manager
    2=Video of Presentation ceremony for Managers pre match and post match
    3=Presentation of Players While Signing At Video
    4=Presentation of players for big signing at ground For e.g Cristiano Ronaldo from Man Utd to Real Madrid
    5=Video for Farewell of Manager While his retiring
    6=Inclusion of New Stadiums for teams like Sevilla,Villareal,As Monaco,Bayer 04 Leverkusen,Fc Porto,Benfica & Marcana Stadium
    7=Advertisement in Champions cup,Euro League & Copa Europe.
    8=Respect for Player While Retiring Video
    9=Inclusion of teams Like Croatia,Ghana,Japan,Algeria,Nigeria.
    10=Victory Parade For Winning Titles & Cup In Video.
    11=Visual shown of Players Interaction with Manager
    12=Add Chinese Super League & Afc Champions league

  31. Player Carreer Mode:
    -In fifa16 you can either play or simulate a game. Give the chance to start a game on the bench and get subbed-in

    Coach Carreer Mode:
    -New clubs offers at the end of each year would be awesome

    1. Adding to player Carreer Mode
      – The coach only evaluates your performance in league matches. add objectives for national and international cups

  32. 1)make it easier to move team in my career manger by getting more offers at the end of the season and the ability to sign longer term contracts as a coach.
    2)the ability to hire assistant coaches and such.

    1. add the ability to see history of players and leagues such as who won in the previous season and how many goals someone scored in the previous clubs and such

      1. like how u did d scoreboard 4 bpl in fifa 15 and in bundeliga in fifa 16 can u add it 2 spanishla liga

        1. can u do like fifa ballon dor and like can u show when u r giving the award 2 dem
          and do more than 2 commentators 4 like dey are only 2 commentators one 4 international games and one 4 normal games
          and make d fans go more realistic make dem sing thier songs make d noise in stadium loud by d fans

  33. FIFA 17 Wishlist
    1. Better Graphics where you don’t see players body parts passing through one another.

    2. Realistic Bosman Transfers (pre contract agreements in January) with AI clubs renewing important players’ contracts before it ends.

    3. Prompt Transfer deadline day responses if the game is saved, exited and reloaded.

    4. Realistic transfer demands from clubs.

    5. The ability to purchase players and loan back to club till next season or buy players but let them come at start of next season.

    6. Ability to manage club (ticket prices, expand stadium, hire staff [physios, marketing manager, sporting director etc])

    7. Teams buying rationally and realistically.

    8. Realistic Transfers with players declining move if team already has excess players in that same position unless they know they are much better and will surely play.

    9. Ability to scout players from R3 in player bio e.g in team stats or players stats menu.

    10. Realistic team lineups against opposition i.e teams battling for top spot not playing weakened/2nd string team.

    11. Players not retiring from national team at end of season in midst of International Tournament. E.g email from Brazil FA titled “Player Retirement from National Team” dated June 30th 2018 after game 2 in World Cup Group Stage saying “We’ve just received confirmation that Alex has retired from the national team and will no longer be eligible for selection. Please make the appropriate squad changes when you pick the squads. Additionally, you are unable to choose your own replacement.

    12. Ability to see players career stats season by season in Manager Career Mode

    13. Scout recommendations…e.g “would add value”, “one for the future”, “already have better players” etc. Also if strong points, weaknesses of players could be highlighted. while scouts give their opinion on if that player’s qualities are needed or not needed.

    14. Ability to negotiate purchase with parent club during season for players you currently have on loan.

    15. Ability to sort scouted players by name or age

    16. Ability to send senior scouts to Brazil Ukraine etc.

    17. Buyout clauses in players’ contracts.

    18. Financial Fair play and league rules e.g Salary Caps in MLS and rules on English players in EPL

    Greater effort needs to be placed on making this career mode more realistic.

  34. Must Add 5v5 Street
    It would be Fun

    Pls do add First ball in football history

    Please do add F2 freeatylers and Skill twins and Sean Garnier for little Juggling Pratice

    Make ur own Player

  35. – Teams from south america

    Can they please add more teams from south america like LIGA DE QUITO, EMELEC, BARCELONA SC, EL NACIONAL, PEÑAROL, CORINTHIANS, and INDEPENDIENTE DEL VALLE. I would try to buy fifa 17 that same day that they release it. Also include teams

    – Include more stadiums for south american teams
    – Include songs from the Barras Bravas for the teams from south america

    – Leagues

    Please add this next leagues

    – Copa Pilsener (Ecuadorian League)
    – Campeonato Brasileirao (Brazilian league)
    – Urugayan league
    – Peruan league

    Hint: If you gays add this leagues more south american people will buy the game, and PES is maybe going to be forced to lose the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, and Recopa.

  36. Plz Fifa 17 make CRISTIANO RONALDO !!!!!!’!!!!!!!! Be in the wallpaper I would buy it straight away and I would convince every one to buy it and I have a lot of Ronaldo fans

    1. Dear EA sports Developer, I am writing this letter To Let you know that it would be great if you could add more Mens and Women National teams that havent been on Fifa.
      Thank You!

  37. I wish, my equip is Barcelona and emelec from ecuador guayaquil. Its possible tl incresed that equipos in your game? Pls pls pls

  38. More players on alterante to substitution for example in seria a you can nomination to game 23 players and in career mode I wish B teams in big clubs.
    and too I wish when I go substitution I can say to players to warm-up

  39. I want to choose from wich fifa we want to play. Like: I wanna play Fifa 13’s Real Madrid vs Fifa 16’s Bayern Munich. That’d be cool.

  40. I think they should bring back where u go on search players and all the highest rated players will come up like in fifa 13 i also think you should get more free kicks while playing aggainst cpu u rarly get frees

  41. Usually I only play career mode, which i can see significant improvement on searching for players (with their exact name since fifa 15). However, comparing to Winning Eleven, once can improve the searching format with the classification of skill levels as well. (Let say dribble 90+ or tackle 85+). This can give a better look to searching players in the game mode for young talent (a new Messi or C Ronaldo or Xavi or Buffon maybe).

    Secondly, wishing all teams available would have a 3rd kit (if available) and add more classic kit. This help game play significantly as more choices of color works better.

  42. Just how in every fifa game there’s Rest of the World teams… Fifa should add Copa Libertadores or Copa Sudanericana teams that way there’s at least 3 teams for each country in South America. But also add the full Brazilian League… wanted to add Paolo Guerrero for ultimate team but couldn’t because his team Flamengo wasn’t in it.. so please EA

    1. And also be able to change shorts and socks instead of changing the whole uniform. For example i like Manchester United with red jersey and black shorts
      And try to make more player faces more realistic. In the Peruvian national team the only real faces are from Zambrano y Farfan!? I hope you guys make more players with their real faces

  43. First of all i apologize if some things are already in game, i have skipped many Fifa games


    – Atleast 1st divions of leagues from countries which participate in the UEFA Champions League from all over Europe + and maybe American, brazilian league. 2 division leagues from big leagues
    – All national teams if possible
    – Game modes which have multiple seasons, the thing that (A1)_ club dropping to second league and second league winning team rises first league. you can check stats and play in both leagues
    – in custom league you can add two division (A1_)
    – NPC teams could change substitutes or tacticks sometimes during seasons if they havent been played well or a guy is injured
    – Players stay in that team where they are option (no Trading between clubs or sending to farm)
    – new young promising players coming before new or middle season

    – UEFA Champions league and qualification for little teams
    – Euro,copa,others
    – world championship thing from start

    Gameplay Fix

    – 1. no matter which team against you play or which tactic NPC have, all teams feel same, like if you watch football on TV you can clearly see teams different playstyle diffefent situations
    – 2. goals too easy , just dribble and do tricks or pass the ball through defense and release forward to 1vs0,
    – So improve things like attack, defence, player positions, crease and and other s***
    – able to throw ball fast or fast freekicks, players moving more actively
    – chance to move player more freely, tearing the shirt, or in high balls jump towards to another player, or running through player there would be little bit pushing (yellow card/free kick/injury possibility)
    – 1vs1 situations like saving ball to another player without touching it and let it go out of field (should have chance to take it anyway). Npc doing tricks sometimes or just during match (not always)
    – getting ball especially long passes is too easy, it would nice if it would flee and you should try to get it before another team
    – the advantage rule
    – NPC 100% succesful pass


    – Field more slippery when raining
    – possibilities that weather change

    Animations and Rare things

    – Hooligans or someone running throuhg field, sometimes naked
    – substitute players warming up

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