FIFA 17 Online Friendlies

Online Friendlies

Are you trying to find out how you can play a friendly match with your friends online? FIFA 17 Online Friendlies mode is your answer!

Invite a Friend to play a match online, and track your rivalry through five-game seasons to prove who has the most skills on the pitch — earn the most points in five games to hoist the trophy. Keep the competition going with a new season as you try to defend your title or take it away from your Friends.

Where to Find Online Friendlies in FIFA 17
Online Friendlies mode is available under ONLINE menu in FIFA 17.

How to Play Online Using Online Friendlies in FIFA 17
Just go to Online Friendlies and create a new season using NEW FRIENDLY SEASON option. Choose a friend to invite for playing. You can also change the match settings there. Your season information is also available for viewing.

Take note that your friend needs to be online at the same time as you to accept your invitation to play against you.

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  1. I’m looking for online friends (Fifa 17)Please add me to your online friends to whom it may concern .i would really appreciate it

    1. Hi guys please add me as well my PSN is CingaMboyiyana FIFA17 on PS3 I have already invited some of you..looking forward to it Thanks

  2. If i have added some of you for fifa 17 ps3
    Kindly Accept my request so that we can proceed to play.

  3. Hai dis is gowtham
    My frnd and me having ps4 and trying to play fifa 17 in online friendlies. Both having ea accounts and psn
    He invited me and i joined with him
    But comming to the team selection showing guests 0
    So we r not commected to play
    What is d reason

  4. co mám dělat když chci pozvat kamaráda do zápasu a napíše to že spojení se soupeřem bylo ztraceno?

    Automatically Translated:
    What do I do if I want to invite a friend to the match and write that the connection with the opponent was lost?

  5. hi, I’m using Xboxone. Tried to enter to ONLINE FRIENDLIES, it says “your profile does not have the correct permissions to access this feature”
    what do I do?

  6. I play Fifa 17 using my PC, is it possible to add my friends who are playing it fro there x box?

  7. Im looking for friends to practice FIFA 17 on my ps4 .. 1 on 1 or 2 on 2… plz add me or leave me your id

        1. I tried to add your Psn but the last zero couldn’t fit to the space bar so please instead add me:Tlhogi42761male-

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