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Have you already played the FIFA 13? What was missing in the game? Do you have any good ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 14. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 14 wish-list here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 14 be like?

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  2. HI,many people in iran are fifa fan,I just want to say if you are not putting iran league in fifa 14,put Esteghlal(one of best teams of asia) in fifa 14.
    thank for listening.

  3. New Leagues:
    Switzerland – Challenge League
    Sweden – Superettan
    Austria – Erste Liga
    Czech Republic

    New Nationalteams:
    Faroe Islands
    San Marino

  4. i would like to see for next gen fifa 14 a more interesting dynamic career mode in both manager and pro. being able to customise stadiums kits balls boots. maybe being able to answer back to the manager or the players. using kinect 2.0 it would be cool if we could record one minute of interview after a game and it digitally creates you as a manager or player and you upload it to the community. to me that would be the funniest people talking like there real interviews and your asked tons of random questions by computer AI. there needs more footage for breaking news rather than just reading as it gets boring and repetitive like signing of new players holding up the shirt and again a kinect interview could take place. i would like to see a training mode for pro and manager to help make your players better quicker so you can rise to fame or sell a youngster for good money to buy the big named player you’ve always wanted. there needs to be something that makes it fun every season because once youve played 2 seasons you start again to change it up to stop it getting boring. so thats why it needs more in depth and deep manager mode to keep it interesting and a lot more customisation. i would like to see youth academies where you start off and have to play well as a youngster to make it to the first team. or as a manager if you have a young player who isnt ready for the first team you can send him off to play in the reserves or under 21’s and he will still improve like the loan system. also its unrealistic when a player can barely kick the ball because you have put his rating low when in real life he wouldnt have made it as a pro if he was rubbish and it makes the gameplay so frustrating and clumsy. realism is great but it is a game that needs to be fun to play or people will get sick of it.

  5. Really excited for fifa 14 to come out i already pre-ordered it but u gotta make pique faster u guys underestimate him he can keep up with Ronaldo in real life! Thanks 🙂

  6. I’m guessing this is overlooked but the weather and daylight could change during a match! You start the game and suddenly it starts raining and than it stops, but the pitch still wet. Or the game starts during daylight but it ends with the stadium lights on.

    1. 1. Referees should be real. 2.commentators should be able to remember what they were saying and continue it. Eg when a ball goes out for a throw, commentator should recall what he was saying before the ball went and continue as soon as play resumes. 3. Weather conditions and should change as play is in session with respect to time. 4. Career mode should improve. For instance players should be able to express their emotions of fatigue or bein on bench for a long time to the manager as in PES.

  7. you donot pay attention to your Advocates in iran 50% of these Wishlist are for iranian people and they have just one request and it is make iranian League. if you donot make it , you lose your Advocates in iran…
    please make it…

    if you answer to my request i’ll become happy…
    thank you very much

  8. please change the first touch control mechanism,it’s ridiculous.. how’s it possible that messi or ronaldo or other good players are not able to control the ball properly most of the time??!

  9. Why don’t see mac version ?
    why just one year you released a version for mac ?
    you really think we can play and enjoy in iPad ?
    no we use mac and we like fifa game
    pls resupport mac platform

  10. Hi
    EA FIFA squad (player arrengment,subsitution,player role and …) is difficult but in pes “game plane” is easy to use. In other things fifa is best.

  11. I think you should add new league to perform AFC Champions Cup and Libertadores.

    Add new national team and J-League.

  12. The players growth should be reduced

    When you sign a new player ,your can unveil the player after two days by your home stadium doing tricks when its a great skill the fans will cheer and if its lame they will say ahhhhh cause if a new player is being unveiled they won’t be him but encourage him

    Medical staff should treat players when they are injured

    Players should hold their kits of their new club

    Press conference after and before matches

    You should be able to edit players hairstyles,they can wear scarfs,more hair colours or hairstyles available like pink,blue,green,yellow,orange,lime

    If players sit on the reserve for seasons their weight should increase and stamina decreases

    Different cup celebrations for each league

    Leagues that should be included:

    Competitions we need:
    Club world cup
    Africa cup
    Afc champions league
    Copa libertadores
    Copa sudamericana
    Recopa sudamericana

    Original commentary for leagues and copa libertadores

    We should be able too see the top scorers of all the leagues and cup tournments in career mode

    With the new ball physics feature their should be goal of the seasons

    Their should be european player,world player,south american player,asian player,fans player,fifa player,clubs player of the year awards and ceremonies

    More news headlines

    Players should post different kinds of messages e.g cavani “we need to win the league”
    Bale”ronaldo’s “the best player in the world”

    Players should be encouraged by fans,coaches and staff

    More national teams :
    Ivory cost
    Costa rica
    Dr congo
    Korea dpr
    it will make the world cup look much realistic

    All the free agents should be in
    There can even be some retired players
    Ronaldo from Brazil

    When its the 25 december on career mode their should be a chrismas image by news saying chrismas like transfer when it close it should be the same for new years day a clock ticking down

  13. I suggest that fifa 14 will have option to open and play a tuornament league like there was in fifa 13 but there is needed to be an option to play with two same teams. There will be league like this:
    1)Real madrid
    3)bayren munich
    5)barcelona(again that played by another player..)

    Because when I made tournaments between my frinds and me, we couldnd’t choose that everyone will play with the teams ge likes..
    And then there is alwase one that stuck with bad team that he didn’t like because another one is playing already with her in the tounament league.

  14. HI,I’m from Iran i think that you have to make in fifa 14 persian or Farsi Language because FIFA in Iran and other countries of the Persian language, as it is very popular(Afghanistan Tajikistan pakistan Uzbekistan and …)
    please think about thanks

    and please add AFC champions league

    please answer

    1. We need more stadiums, more leagues and national teams. Its a joke the Nou Camp wasn’t on fifa 13!

      I also wish there was an option to chose whether you kick off left to right or right to left. I know this might not mean much to some but to me it does and would make things more interesting.

      Also I’m not happy with the xp points system. In fifa 08 you get points for actually winning offline cups to buy items such as footballs and boots to be used in gameplay.

      Its not difficult to get coins but best level i gotten up to is level 20 so all the coins don’t mean much then.

      I didn really bover with the challenge system on EAS FC which I do regret but still you should be able to earn points for winning trophies in career mode or tournement mode.

      Who ever makes the decision only cares about online oriented game modes instead of good old fashioned offline methods.

      Im never gonna get to level 40 soon which is a shame because I would have loved to have unlocked some flashy nike boots for certain players in my team.

    2. I’m from Iran too, and Okay! We all want that to be happening, but there is a too big problem and that is the lack of copy right law in countries like Iran, which creates a situation that western companies like EA can not sell their products in these countries with law supporting their rights. That’s the main problem.

  15. Real madrid were overpowered in fifa 13 every time i play i always face real madrid people who pick real madrid should only be able to face barcelona or real madrid also ronaldo is a lot better than messi and he is not he is just overpowered also put the 4-2-3-1 wide formation in fifa 14 ultimate team and take out the tax in FUT as it makes coin making hard and forces people to buy fifapoints(robbery)

  16. I think that you have to make in fifa 14 more leagues like uae pro league qatar league and more tourment and uae national team

    Please make these whish real

    And thank you!!!

  17. i want more teams and tournaments in manager mode make MM harder i mean on the ipod its harder for transfers and money make manager mode more realistic and more leagues more leagues everyone has been begging that for years and more teams and more stadiums

  18. Why always racist to african and muslims there’s huge fans for fifa out there where is bosnia tunisia Algeria ????

  19. -Why you just don’t mix Fifa manager with Fifa games?
    It can be a good experience to be a manager.It’ll be great when you can walk into club,talk to players,talk to your staff & train players.Just think about it.I’ll be in touch.Mail me or comment on this.

  20. Why you just don’t mix Fifa manager with Fifa games?
    It can be a good experience to be a manager.It’ll be great when you can walk into club,talk to players,talk to your staff & train players.Just think about it.I’ll be in touch.Mail me or comment on this.

  21. This is my final wishlist and I’m very excited for fifa 14 to land:

    The legends xi should be for ps3 aswell

    Copa libertadores, copa sudamerican, recopa sudamericana, club world cup,pre season cups should be in

    You must be able to choose which teams you want to play in pre season

    Bale need to be a better finisher and the moste xpensive player on the game now that he is real madrid player

    Player stories must be more effective,e.g when you using a big club and offer a to be a cheap player the player should be flattered and anxious to join your club

    Players should not retire early (31-33) players should retire between 34-44 it will be much realistic or when a player is 30-44 and picks up serious 5 month injuries he could retire cause of injuries

    Retired players like beckham,cabanas,scholes,pardo,deco,nihat,ronaldo from brazil,meira,cafu,pires,semak,ballack, borowski,saha should appear as free agents

    Mores stories and action to the game

    The Ai rarely offer a player in exchange I would like to see this improved in fifa 14

    Players that need their real faces:

    Thorgan hazard
    Jese rodriguez
    Arda Turan
    Ashley williams
    Joao moutinho
    Joao pereria
    James rodriguez
    james mcarthy
    James morrison
    Henrik mykharak play for dortmund spelling mistake
    Joshua king

    Leagues that we need


  22. On career, players shouldn’t deteriorate attributes so rapidly. Its really just their fitness and physical levels that decrease, and slightly there technique.

  23. Please do NOT save or load after everytime I leave a menu, it takes too long on PS3. Menu in my opinion is too slow.

    And I would like to see Turkish League like old time, I dont know why they took it out in the first place because it would be the right time to put it back. Here is some players we’ll be missing;

    Moussa Sow
    Frey (French GK)
    Manuel Fernandes
    John Utaka
    Roberto Carlos (As a manager of Sivaspor)
    Bruno Alves
    Milan Baros
    I dont even mention about other good players who dont have international reputation. And I admit it’s not a legendary list but having Saudia Arabia League instead of this? I just dont get it why

  24. I liked the boots update in the ea store it was really cool hopefully it will be back in FIFA 14 with more updated boots and a monthly update for boots specially the Nike boots because those were not updated quickly. Also when editing a player they don’t get long sleeves when chossing

  25. Hi
    I hope to improve EA production in fifa14 with my following wishes:
    • Add LAN multiplayer, like fifa08.
    • Add create team in game and career mode.
    • Add sound and picture for created player’s name and face pictures.
    • when game is playing:
     Add manual control in game; for example: press LT+A buttons for manual pass or press LT+X buttons for manual lob pass and etc.
     Change camera by press some buttons of controller such as LT + back buttons.
    • Improve game replay by save larger time of game on PC hard disc and show replies in larger size of screen.
    • Tutorial mode of fifa13 is very simple, Add extended and comprehensive tutorial mode in game or improve skill game by adding tutorial mode in it.
     Training how to lob pass, curving lob pass, curving shot, through pass, dribbling and etc.

    I love fifa game very very much

  26. A lot of people waiting for an official announcement for the Turkish Super League at Fifa 14 from EA SPORTS.We are still playing Fifa 11.Best regards…

  27. 1-IRANIAN football change in these years and becom better And better and know iran is one of the national team that goes to the brazil World Cup…plaese make iranian national team in fifa 14.
    2-every year yo have a voteing about the League should be in next fifa and in many timairanian league was first but after sometimes someone Fraud and you didnot make iranian league in these years olease ma ke iranian league . if you cannot At least make esteghlal in rest of the world please …
    fifa is the best…

  28. plz add iran national team and iranian league. or u can add something like rest of asia or afc champions league teams but plz add unless 2 teams of iranian such as (esteghlal , Persepolis , Sepahan , Teraktor Sazi , …). million of iranian people will be happy and Appreciate you. thank you

  29. I need to be some important teams like Iran that is one of the best teams in asia.
    please , put a system on your game that can change the clothes of teams in career every year.

  30. Pes adds afc champions league why can’t fifa just add at least the copa libertadores+copa sudamericana+recopa sudamericana why is so hard to be confirmed

    Any one heard any news about the above mentioned please let me know
    Fifa need to make their gameplay a little more realistic and players faces
    Try to only put the logos for all the tournements on the stance or on kits

    Now we need the following leagues:
    To be confirmed just have a look most fans want the same leagues and cups to be in fifa 14 I wonder why you ask for a wishlist if you can’t fullfill wishes so please I would like to see my wishes granted

    I would like to see this players that have retired to be on the free agents: here’s a list
    Van nisterroy
    Fernando Meira
    Van der sar
    Robert pires
    It will be fun to use them for 1 season only
    Please I’m counting on you

  31. Hello,

    my ideas would be,

    – to add more important teams in “rest of the world” like Sh. Donezk or Dynamo Kiew, Dynamo Zagreb, Steaua Bukarest, etc.

    – the possibillity to give the players a techfit shirt

    – it would be nice, when more players have their tattoos like Prince Boateng, David Beckham, Lavezzi, etc.

    – when I am a career mode manager and I think it is time to leave my team after the season, there should more teams to choose then in 2012 and 2013.

    – also a wish, to change my system in the game directly. From 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 offensive, for example, with just one button.

    – more stadiums like Frankfurt, Eindhoven, Sevilla, Porto, Benfica Lisbon

    – and of course the original Champions League with the melody and the Euroleague

    Thank you for the possiblity.

  32. Add managers and coaching staff in the game (each individual coach). Give them specific ratings to highlight their qualities. Also give them…

    Personalities, Traits, Tendencies, goals/desires, coaching styles

    All of those above would be tailored for coaches and giving your club more quality as an entire unit instead of just focusing on players like Fifa 13 currently does.

    Could also add front office staff like scouts, owners, team doctors, and strength/conditioning people to help fill out the club.

  33. Add these aspects to players so each player is unique like in real life…

    1. Player Personalities

    Take current ratings like agression and add other personality ratings such as desire, determination, and focus. Instead of just a number rating (ex. focus: 89), have that and a descriptive rating for what type it is (ex. Dedication Description: laid-back, Dedication Rating: 89 – laid back but is dedicated).

    2. Play Styles

    Take the traits currently in Fifa 13 (ex. driven pass) and add these to play styles along with iso-motion to add packages to players to make them look more real. Also add style of play animation packages like Brazilian (flair animations) or other styles of play from other countries.

    3. Player Tendencies

    How a player naturally reacts and plays on the pitch. Some players have a habit of going forward into the attack. An example would be a defender who is always moving deep into the offensive 3rd during possession.

    4. Player goals/desires

    Players have both short and long term goals and desires such as making more money, winning trophies, and improving as a player.

    5. Player Traits

    Includes athletic, personality, game skill, and intelegence traits. For example, a player with a trait for finishing sitters with a high level of accuracy would get a bonus to finishing in those situations. Otherwise, his finishing would be average in other situations. Add support for both positive and negative traits.

  34. Please EA add Serbia national team. Every serb in the world would play it. Serbian diaspora is up to 25 milion people around the world. Every serb dream of the Serbia national team in Fifa 14. Please, Please EA. You need to add Serbian national team. It would also be great if you added all te ex-yugoslavian national teams.

    Add also Ukrainian, Romanian(Steaua at least), Greek, Turkish, Serbian(or just Red star Belgrade and Partizan) and the Chineese league inte fifa 14. At least 3 or 4 of these leagues (Serbian). Fifa would be so much better.

  35. 1.Champions League and Europa Ligue and Stantander Libertadores!!!!(sos)
    2.Argentinian,Uruguayan,Greek,Turish Leagues
    3.More real stadiums
    4.Real shirts in national teams and more national teams.
    5.Real cups, medals, pedestals.
    6.As it is expected better gameplay, graphics and stuff.
    7.All the year updates in teams on budget except players and updates on european, north american competitions(champ. league etc.)

    I hope the changes will come true

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