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Have you already played the FIFA 13? What was missing in the game? Do you have any good ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 14. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 14 wish-list here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 14 be like?

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  1. hi i am a long fan of fifa games and my input is to make manager mode more realistic eg just as real managers would have to get a licence to manage a club such as A, pro and so on basically u having a manager mode where u have to earn the right to manage a big club in addition u cud gain your licence by completing task like completing tactical moves, precise crossing ,shots on target etc. another thing is that during ur tenure at a club another club could ask for your services based on ur skill level eg if u havent got a pro licence a team like man unt wouldnt ask for your services neither can u apply for a job there if its available and one more thing when u are the manager of a small half star team and u play a 5 star team and lose its ridiculous to see that the five star team caused and upset in the paper directly after make some realitic headlines to suit the situation hope u value my opinion thanks

  2. Bring in kit designs please ! I get bored with using the same kits roughly 50 – 60 games every season till the next game comes out. Would make me and so many people I’ve spoken to enjoy the look of the game more. We should be able to sign new kit deals and actually pick different styles and colours of your kit. This to me would make every season look different .

  3. Celtic park as a new stadium.
    Varying attendance and atmospheres every game.
    More Scottish leagues
    Champions league and Europa league also.
    Very much appreciated

  4. Firstly I would like to say how good Fifa 13 was. However, there are improvements that can be made.
    1- Seperste home and away fans with police. This wasn’t on Fifa 13 and it made the game look less realistic.
    2- Add more stadiums!! I’ve been saying this for a while now. I know that Goodison park has been added and the nou camp is back. A few championship stadiums are needed in my opinion. Maybe the Amex stadium, Elland Road, City ground, King power stadium or St Andrews. All of those stadiums are stadiums that could be added.
    3- Customize stadiums or upgrade stadiums. Maybe st the end of a career you could change stadiums if you have the money.
    4- If you get a championship team promoted them give them the premier league badges on the arms of the shirt as it will be more realistic.
    5- Create manager. Being able to create a manager would be great. Do it so that it is like a player, except you can choose the suit or Tracksuit.
    6- Fans more realistic. I’ve heard this will happen
    7- more premier league stadiums. Villa park is a good stadium to have.
    8- Transfers more realistic and money a club starts with in career should be realistic.
    9- Sound of the ball when it is kicked should be more realistic.
    10- make smaller grounds for smaller clubs.
    11- all the latest football boots update.
    12- Be able to warm up with other players before a game and then have the option to start.
    13- goalkeepers more realistic. Maybe add sells gloves as they are popular.
    14- Add music before games. I know man city play fatboy slim before their matches.
    15- interactions between players and coaches as well as ball boys. I’ve been told this will happen.
    16- going back to the warming up idea. Let the players run by fans and clap.
    17- Hear fans clap, whistle and cheer etc.
    18- Players faces more realistic.

    1. another thing onto that when a team wins the league make the badge gold and the team who won it the last year go to normal white badge and also have the ability to customize your own boots and be able to play as a sub as well and media gets better so if you play as a player you can talk to the media and also be able to goout on short term loan not just the whole season cuz that annoys me

  5. FIFA 14 Pro clubs : As a maxed out player u have same stats as other maxed out players this should change as you shoul have more options to pick you player like different styles like what is coming to FUT. so ur pro club manger could set a formation use suit an all of use change up your player to suit it

  6. Most of all I would like to see the following things in fifa 14 please

    The copa libertadores
    Copa sudamericana
    Recopa sudamericana
    Club world cup
    And pre season tournements

    Ieagues that should feature in the copa libertadores,sudamericana,recop sudamericana is:
    Major league soccer
    Liga mexico
    Brazillian league
    Chilean league
    Colombian league
    Argentinean league
    If there will be more south american leagues they should also compete

    We must be able to view news of all leagues,top scorers and injuries in career mode

    It would be great spend the feastive season which is near playing in one of the south american leagues and competing against the best teams in the copa libertadores,copa sudamericana,recopa sudamericana and club world cup it will make south american football better and be fair against Euorpe ,there will be more to play for and pes won’t even stand chance to compete

    Easports can make the tournements generic aswell but just to see it appear and feel the atmosphere of south american football

    I know the leagues are to less for club world cup cause the winners of the champions league,copa libertadores,concaf champions etc should be in but you can make it your way by,using all the league winners of the top leagues to compete in the club world cup it will be really great

    Come EA everyone are awaiting the South american tournements to be in fifa 14,and they don’t wana wait till fifa 15 don’t you thinks fair to grant our wishes
    Thanx hope to see my wishes in fifa 14

  7. Hey fifa I want you guys to add kits to the fifa ultimate team game mode I am dissapointed that I can’t use any international kits. Please and thank you

  8. Hi FIFA

    Hi I would like u to put northern Irish teams and make all the premier league teams all have real stadiums and make elland road for leeds that would make it way better and make customise kits would be sweet please thanks so much




  10. This is purely to do with ultimate team but my theory was, you should get rid of position cards and make it so that players can only play in the positions they can play in on career mode. For example, MOTM David Luiz is a CDM but because of position cards he can be changed to ST!!!! Which is outrageous because he can only play CB, CDM and maybe CM in real life. So the solution is for them to have good chemistry, they can only play the positions they can play in real life such as Gareth Bale being able to change from LM to LB to CAM to CF to ST rather than LM, LW and LF.

  11. Add the copa libertadores :mexico,argentina,colombia,brazil,united states,chile and leagues should feature in the tournement top 5 in each league qualifies

    Please add the
    Turkish league
    Argentine league
    Chilean league
    Colombian league
    Greek league
    Ukraine league
    Croatian league
    Uruguay league
    Qatar league
    Chinese league
    Japanese league

    Just imagine fifa with this leagues it would be the best ever
    Ea can take out the weaker leagues but the swiss,poland,belgian or fifa can add more leagues on

    We should be able to edit players hairstyles and please add more styles

    Please ea we believe you can fulfill our wishes

  12. hi to improve fifa just put-thing#1- champions league and europa league and libertadores gameplay and theme. Thing#2-more nationals times. Thing#3-show more public excitment like flags and a much noisy crowd on derbis or in a important games. Last thing#4-add secondary divisions on all leagues and put more nasty refeeres. ps Trust me will improve your sales.

  13. Let us use our virtual pro in career mode again as this was taken away and the game took a backwards step which is disappointing to a life long Fifa fan. Also I believe that there should be a way to make a player attack the ball by which i mean if your playing a pass thats coming a little short or a corner is swinging in there should be a combination to make your player explode towards the ball.

    I know you can run towards ball when pass is played but this has always been buggy and has long annoyed me theres nothing worse than a player standing waiting on the pass when it’s clearly short!


  14. I would suggest putting national team Serbia ande football club FK Partizan because i think they deserve to be in FIFA.Partizan is also playing Europa league this season.

  15. please add iranian league or at least iranian players in other leagues
    like guccy in belgium league or many others.

  16. Most important thing. Should be able to actively pursue new management opportunities. Not wait to see who offers you jobs. If I want to start my management career making Brisbane Roar into a dynasty then put a feelr out to Leeds United I should be able to do that. Currently the only way to manage the teams you want for your career is to start seperate career modes or get extremely lucky

  17. Making Diving,
    the first division of the Netherlands, because that’s my favorite club at.
    referee career mode.
    that if a player shoots at the keeper, the keeper gets injured.
    that you can make, such as elbow, injury to insult, fight, save and give headbutt. harder violation

  18. Hello FIFA .
    I think something that would be a great feature to the next FIFA would if you where able to make a fantasy team
    In a quick start game. For example all the lads are around having a FIFA night. They play a quick start game where they can pick there favourite players. Eg.. Player one selects his team (arsenal) player two picks (stoke) then they choice there kits and because they have gone on the fantasy feature, they can now swap any player in there squads for any player on FIFA. But in a way where player1 will chose first say he swaps Walcott for ronaldo then player two can’t pick ronaldo as he is in player1s team. So player two swaps Walters for Eto then Eto is of limits for player one. You could set a limit on the number of swaps which you can change in settings. From between 3-6. And also in the fantasy feature you’ll be able to play online and also creat a quick league. For instance if you have 6 friends round and want to start a league or comp they pick there teams and all in turn pick there players to put in their teams. Fantasy league.

    Also just another little extra I think would make FIFA a lot better is having the real managers on the side line and talking to the press. So if your playing arsenal n score Arsen wenger spits his dummy out or Chelsea score against you and Jose runs on to pitch to celebrate with lampard.

    I hope you like the ideas and you can developer from them in the future as I know you do every year thank you

  19. this video is literally half of my suggestions others include pre season tours, ut legend cards, shirt sponsors offers, kit modifiers, pitch invasion for winning titles, and so much more

  20. Hi!

    Why in fifa isnt any arab countries, okey there is egypt, but where is algeria, morocco, saudi-arabia or iraq? thet are good teams. And please nut IRAQI national team in FIFA!!! Iraqis love football and iraqi national team is good!!! and we have money!!!! haha… put more teams from asia! remove indian national team its very poor..

  21. Career Mode:
    1. Authentic Trophy Celebrations with Real Stage, Medals and Trophy
    2. Fix Glitches and Scripting/Momentum
    3. Add International Teams: Japan, Croatia, Ghana and Nigeria

    4. Ukranian League, Portuguese Segunda Liga, Holland Second League and Japan League
    5. More Features:
    Top 10 Transfers
    Trophy Room
    Real Managers, Subs and Reservers on the Sideline
    Award Ceremony for Team of the Year, Ballon D’or
and Golden Boot
    New Signings Hold Up Team Jersey at Press Conference or Stadium
    6. Make simming matches an option in Player Career
    7. Bring back Player Manager
    8. More Stadiums:
    Barcelona – Camp Nou
    Celtic – Celtic Park
    Everton – Goodison Park
    Real Sociedad – Anoeta Stadium
    9. Youth/Reserve Teams and International competitions

    10. Optional Cinematic Goal Celebrations and Animated Player Pictures
    11. 2 Player Online + Offline Career Modes
    12. Varying Stadium Attendance and Atmosphere

  22. When the players names and formations are shown just before each match please amend the programming so that players names/ positions do not appear on top of each other – real school boy error and massive oversight by all involved in the normally slick FIFA presentation.

    Allow only two custom formations plus the standard formations list to be used in ranked matches online.

    Players tiring performances should be more noticeable. If a human player uses one player to chase around for the 15 minutes of a match that player should tire more often during that after that period as more energy has been used. Also, in a tournament or career mode, the exhaustion should greatly impact the energy levels for the following matches, obviously taking into account a players basic stamina level.

    I’m really looking forward to FIFA 14 on the PS4 being noticeably more advanced than FIFA 13 on all of the present platforms.

  23. Add The Croatian national team.
    Add The turkisch league, the ukranian league, the Croatian league, the Greek league, the Camp Nou sttadium…

  24. Please add the Portugueese Liga de Honra and Dutch Eerste Divisie because both have reserve teams with young players teams like Jong Ajax Jong PSV Jong FC Twente Porto B Sporting B Benfica B these teams developed stars like Van Basten Kluivert Davids Van der Sar Ronald/Frank de Boer Cruijff Emmanuelson Seedorf Van der Vaart Bergkamp Vermealen Vertonghen Van der Wiel Stekelenburg Huntelaar Bruno Alves Thiago Silva Postiga Almeida Ricardo Costa Moutinho Ronaldo Pepe Nani Pereira all played for these teams and there is alot of potential in the current sqauds

  25. Like in PES series, hope FIFA 14 has an option to either turn ON or OFF to add an arrow to show which way I am pointing at with my controller.

    With 4 years of experience as MANUAL control, it’s still almost impossible to shoot, cross or lob pass with precision as the ball goes far out of RANGE!!

    Just hope the arrow is there for players like me who want to play as Manual control but suck at it!

  26. Fifa 14 really need to improve the following to give fans what they want,please try your best to add at least 4 of my wishes

    Fifa 14 needs Uruguay,argentine and chinese leagues

    In a friendlie or pre season match you should be able to substitute the whole squad or more then 6

    Players should develop beard and facial changes when getting older at certain ages

    Players should have the chance to communicate personal with managers a big example of this is the bale saga, e.g. I am manager of real madrid and I want to sign agbonlahor from aston villa and he had a great season becoming top scorer and assister but aston villa are declining him to leave the club but real madrid are a big team plays champions league football and offers great money then agbonlahor should step up and request a transfer to force a move cause he wants to play for real madrid

    Contact players by writing messages

    A club competing in the Champions league or copa libertadores football are the dreams for players playing years in europa or struggling to qualify for champions league e.g. Tottenham’s gareth bale

    When the season goes on break inbetween there must be a scene showing highlights of the goals and matches

    Derby matches should be more important

    Players goes off by stretcher when injured

    There should be world rankings aswell

    And a list to show the top 5 best players in the world

    Gameplay must be more realistic and active

    When playing in russia it should be snowing mostly (any other leagues where snow is often) snow should look more realistic and duff.stormy whether

    After or before big matches there must be press conference in audio

    Commentators should be more active in attacking areas

    Players must get fustrated when missing chances or hold their heads when hitting the frame of goal

    Players growth must not be to fast it should be normal or slow

    Fast players should look faster

    It must not be easy to sign a player

    Caps should be able to be seen for players

    Lennon,walcott,bale,iniesta,ribeiry,rooney,aguero,di maria etc should run the way they do

    Replays should be made after every taken chance

    More camera options

    You must be able to edit player hairstyles without internet use,players wear scarf’s aswell

    More hair colours :light green,pink,purple,light blue,yellow,orange,red,grey,gold and lime colours

    Add more hairstyles and beards

    Players can wear ear rings and chains

    Game speed at realfootball speed and play depending on team or players

    Ronaldo hold sleeves when running

    After season hightlights of previous

    You can desire new jersey’s/sponsors for each new season

    Atmosphere depends of prestigous of the league

    When signing a player can see transfer budget or wage budget of the team

    Legs and skin look much realistic

    Create club or league modes

    Select arena stadiums

    More new boots ,take off shirt celebration

    Shirt tears when a player pulls

    You sould be able to push players

    There must not be high scores evert matches it must be a little harder to fined the back of the net not a small club and a big club having a close game e.g.Chelsea 6 vs leeds united 4
    I hope Easports accept my wishes
    If any of above mentioned that you know will be in please leave comment

  27. I hope ea supports my wishes for fifa 14
    Copa libertadores can be unlisenced
    Champions league and not champions cup even if unlisenced and europa
    Fans should look much better
    Coaches should play a bigger role on the touchline
    In career mode you should be able to see the top scorers or player statistics in other leagues and cups
    Awards ceremony at end os seasons
    There should be pre season tournements like the emirates cup,clubs world cup etc
    You can select pre season tours
    You must be able to see the all time goal scorers and goal of the season
    The scoreboards of all leagues must be as it is lisenced
    Cup celebrations should be different in all leagues
    Chrismas should be represented on the news with a picture stating merry chrismas, on the real date
    Transfers should be done in audio voice
    When signing a player,the player must hold his new jersey

    League fifa 14 need:
    Turkish league
    Argentine league
    Qatar league,most good players here nilmar eg.
    Colombian league
    Chilean league
    Brazillian serie B
    Uruguay league
    Japanese league
    Chinese league
    South african league
    Zambian league

    Players that need to look realistic:
    James mccarthy
    El sharaawy
    Kevin de bruyn
    Besart berisha
    Demba ba
    Papis cisse
    Tom Ince
    Di santo
    Lass b

  28. there should be every nation football of the countries who plays football. there should every league like turkish league, i-league etc.

    1. Are you kidding mate?

      I agree with you, every national football team that are FIFA members should be included (as it is in World cup fifa games).

      About leagues I disagree, including every league of all world countries is a huge amount of teams, most of whom very cheap (who cares about league of San Marino or league of Andorra? Even i-league is so cheap); I’ d include just few more leagues: Argentine, Turkish, Greek and few others.

  29. more Spanish commentary
    El Salvador international team
    Ghana National Team
    Honduras National team.
    more national teams

  30. I think you should have the option I continue a real managers Caraer rather than having to always make a new manager, and more ability to change what your manager looks like when you do start a caraer as a new manager

  31. Fifa 14 should introduce a option to design your own kit after your season is finished in career mode. This for me would change the look a little bit because I don’t know about anybody else but I get bored with using the same kits season after season. Training days before matches, and a different clip when you win a cup/league. A youth team with the real youth players. Staff, option to design your own stadium. More player injuries to make it more harder. I never get injuries. And finally an optional answer to qestions Interviews ask you, and players ehen they ask you qestions about when they play and stuff.

  32. hi please add iranian league(persian golf league)
    you are best fifa please hearing
    i hope you can


  34. fifa 14 should have a 2k13 or 14 my player felling with players on the cover of magazines, billboards, contracts with shoe brands, post game interviews, training mode where you can get skill points to upgrade your player instead of achievements, custom shoes, player opinions about any decisions from staff or players.

  35. – Referree Carreer mode
    – with virtural pro the ability to make a player for every position (fifa13 missing the most fun player possitions)
    – team mates that make sence (right now they run and when you play the pass they stop running and the pass is wasted)

  36. Okay, can you please do this because it WILL IMPROVE THE GAME
    1- in career mode , you offer a contract for nike or adidas or puma for a value per year like for nike 15 million € and get badget per match and it will be your sponsor

    2- in career mode , make faces for youth players (: , because its annoying that you dont see the players face

    3- add aljazeera sport to the game + euro sport

    4-more emotions per game

    5- champions cup UEFA + qatar pro league

    6- more national teams

    7- add other features to the career mode like other kind of injures + conferences with coach + give charity stuff + a video showing that you’ve got the golden boot or the golden ball

    8- make a commercial for players like for example ( Lennon ) Adidas commercial saying as fast as Lennon

    9- videos for players like entering the club or singing in

    10- (TRAINING) YOU CAN seclude training sessions foe players

    11- more improvements for the players ratings (:


  37. i would love to be able to do a career mode where all my mates can choose their own supported teams/buy/sell etc all in the same career leagues so we can all play together like real teams etc

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