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  1. First of all Sorry about my English.

    I have some feedbacks about F14 and i guess its just about codes.

    First: A Goalkeeper never ever leave a ball when it goes his own goal line even referee had whistled at its about goalkeeper ego.

    When First or second half over all players goes down with vertical angle
    but normaly they goes to occur down(?)(to the gates)

    And I begin you please give red card (like 1 hour cant play online) if someone runs away form a game when they lose.

    Thank you EA for doing and continuously improve this amazing game for us.

    I love this game ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. my criticisims about fifa 14 are:

    1- the game is freezing at any time of game as we saw it before

    2- in career mode the player searching parametres are so much bad, e.g. you cant see the player attributes of players, you can only see name and age, its so bad

    3- the last one is that Turkish League is absent, that is too bad

  3. this game is nothing but crap. AI players always get away with fouls and are always awarded freekicks and penalties out absolutely nothing. Goodluck with taking a shot with a defender nearby.
    The marking is horrible,you just keep on circling your opponent,and it takes years for your player to get up when he falls down which annoyes the crap out of me.
    Its impossible to score with rebounds

    UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 is 10x better. The goals are more rewarding and greater passing abilities

    Dont get me started on the marking. its crap on PC. The sliding tackles are way off

  4. Where to begin? Firstly I love Fifa, always have but its so frustrating this year. Scripting is awful, losing 94th min goals to useless players is annoying once or twice but its 2-3 games per 10 game season sometimes more. Gameplay is awful, why when the ball is running out of play can I not choose to leave it. I’m forced to chase it finally getting a touch on the line so I can knock it out for their corner or throw. AI must bevan ironic name because CPU teammates are incredibly dumb and forever make stupid decisions while switching even though switching is set to manual and I haven’t asked it to switch. Finally, the refereeing, my god the refereeing. How many times a game do I intercept an attempted through ball to an offside opponent, break forward only to be pulled back for the offside which is isn’t an advantage as defensive fk’s are so easy to put pressure on. How long exactly can an opponent pull your sleeve before a fk or penalty(god forbid a penalty) is given? Its a useful addition to the game but ref’s should be penalising it, you can’t make it legal to persistently foul.Why does it always feel like I do something and it goes wrong, lose ball, doesn’t score, gets penalised but the same actions work like a charm for my opponents? EA get it wrong, ppl complain and they put in a patch which instead of evening up things it goes completely the other way and becomes impossible to do whatever was deemed too easy.
    Huge improvement needed for 15 and EA season ticket discount needs to be applied to xbox one because I will never waste money on one again.

  5. Honestly the worst game in a long time. Playing against computer used to be fun and fair. If I play now it’s like my defense does not matter seriously every game I have played would be killed because the ball would freakishly bounce out of bounds or to my opponent. Heck my players most often would just watch the ball rolling and if I switch I get beat to the ball anyways. Players either make runs at the wrong spot or sometimes do not make any runs when attacking out of the midfield. The goalies wow make some incredible and impossible saves sometimes just yesterday I had a goalie kick save a shot and catch with one hand when I was heading the ball after it deflected towards my player. I bugged out seeing this and stop playing. Why the hell does every defender make acrobatic clearances only a few would attempt it but heck even low league players do it. Passing games gotta improve big time, I lose the ball far to easily to comp, referees make no calls for 8th players I feel like it’s all meant for me to lose. Like the comp paid the ref off to call fouls on nothing while comp literally would destroy you before a foul is called. Improve commentary it’s bad they keep talking about nothing sometimes or wrong person during career mode. Well actually ea utilize your ESPN deal and improve career mode overall I like where it’s going but bring that soccer/football drama into a bit or far more. Step your game up with the next fifa game. Oh yeah why does my controlled player stay falling on idiotic contacts.

    Also many of the previous comments are dead on. Please work hard on this next fifa and look for all these bugs that kills the game for me personally.

  6. I feel like Fifa 14 was just an experiment and a complete waste of time and money, so many features were worse off than 13, the squads were not up to date and so many other features seemed like it was a downgrade rather than an upgrade of 13. so pathetic for such an amazing game that I was looking forward to. Thats My opinion EA, please do better in 15 and try to take people’s suggestions rather than do your own experiments. Thank you!!!

    1. I agree bcuz when i have the fifa it was all update season 2012-2013
      Can u stop thinking about world cup and make the game better?

  7. Fifa 14 was a complete waste of money, I hate that it takes a couple of seconds for the player your controlling to move were you want. By then they had already passed you. Way to hard to get a shot out cause someone is always there or you own player is running the same direction as you blocking your shot. Most pet peeve is when you take the ball from the computer it always goes back to them and when they do the same tackle to take it from you they still keep it. WTF!!! The defense really sucks, they always open a gap for the computer to shoot. They never pressure or try to take the ball they only watch them. The switching of players really sucks, it always switch me to the person behind the ball or farthest Away from the ball. They said the switching would be who the nearest to the ball, my ass that bulls#!$. I also have it to manual switching, I hate it when the computer switches for me. But even with manual switching it still switches me, Wtf!!! Why? I’m very unhappy with this game that you lost me as a customer. Fifa 13 was way better then this garbage.

  8. I would like for The PS VITA’S Version, real fans, I mean, those fans doesn’t move, realistic graphics, more leagues and stadiums like for example Turkish league, Ukrainian and Greece league, and Please !! exotics leagues like UAE and China !! and team updates, this version (FIFA 14) It’s a shame, they don’t make any changes, it’s a remake from old versions, and National Teams like Costa Rica,Honduras and Ukraine !!
    More tournaments, the users could play Champions or Europe League (like old versions), Cops America and World Cup too !!

  9. In 2014 the question is not which is the best football/soccer game but Which football title sucks the least. Did Konami and EA both get molested by their uncles this year? Just absolute garbage from both camps. Atleast in FIFA 13 I had some joy in FUT but the lag (and f*** you its not coming from our end, fifa) has made playing FUT online comparable to a prostate exam Janet Neapolitan. I kid you not, I browse on average about 4 pages of the transfer market before I get the ‘unable to connect to server message’

    The game play itself is just more s*** on top of older piles of s***. Luckily I have the PC version so I can mod files and tweak this and that just to get it remotely playable. Can you guys just come clean about the scripting. A first grader could tell you theirs a AI script loaded in the game play.

    Just be thankful you have a legion of brain dead f***tards that will buy your garbage year after year no matter how s*** the quality is cause I’m just dumbfounded how your company has lasted this long.

    1. completely agree with this. football games have got too complicated with this little extra features that mess up the football itself. EA, KONAMI — lets keep its simple from now on and focus on the football, team, leagues, cups etc not silly news conferences and scouting networks that are bull s*** !

  10. I’ve played Fifa every year for the last 5-6 years. Fifa 14 is the best yet, but still several things are huge issues and very much NEED to change for Fifa 15. I will list them by order of importance:

    Too often, players use their weaker foot mostly in various different passes, even when you try to get them to play it with their stronger foot, they often will even use THE OUTSIDE OF THEIR WEAKER FOOT. This is beyond idiotic and very frustrating, especially when you are an intelligent player and know which is their stronger foot and they still insist on their weaker one. This must change.

    Too often, players will come back from being flagrantly offside, and go for a ball that could be for an on running player,spoiling the play and forcing an offside. Sometimes you can’t even change to the on running player to make sure the offside one doesn’t get the ball. This is also ridiculous and NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.

    Corners are too easy to score from.

    Headers are WAY OVERPOWERED.

    Manual players need to be rewarded more. I play manual. More options need to be included than just manual (where you can’t find a game) semi (where you might want a few manual settings, but in this mode can’t use them) and any (where you get players with NO SKILL, able to lob in ridiculous balls perfectly, and get overpowered headers to score every time perfectly. This needs to change. You should have the option to lock various controls to semi or manual at the start of the game. You should be able to see the other person’s control setup, and you should get extra rewards for using manual, and semi (less so.)

    Fifa 14 is an admirable effort, but these things listed, simply MUST CHANGE. They all contribute to ruining the game quite often, if they were fixed, it would be a very pure intelligent and fun game.

    Last thing. AI in general needs to improve more, and more simple options need to be there to change your setup. I.e. It needs to be easier to alter your teams style of play, I.e. make your striker actually check back to you instead of running away all the time etc.


  11. Been getting fifa every year since 2006 and for me fifa is one of the worst , I understand you have had complainants about 90 min goals but now you have completely ruined any chance of them , never in my life watching football have I ever seen a referee blow the whistle for full team when the offensive team has the ball edge of the box. In fifa 13 the game dragged till there was a goal now you don’t even get chance to attack . Another point has to be career mode for me the scouting network thing is terrible , career mode was my favourite thing in past fifas but now it’s shocking , every time I want to sign a player I have to go back and look on the menu to see what a players stats are like . I believe to resolve this issue there should be two types of career modes the original used in all the other fifas and the current one , that way everybody is happy with career mode . Another problem I have found in fifa career mode is many times when I have bought a financial takeover it hasn’t worked in fact every time I’ve done it it hasn’t worked , this really needs sorting as I thought it was a really good idea. It worked perfectly on fifa 13. Also the world 11 needs sorting players like Ellia and bony are good players but not ones that should be getting in ahead of ibrahimovic and ribery the world 11 should be the world team of the year from 2013 . We’ll 2012 seen as though it’s released in September . In addition to this the classic 11 needs improving players like Moore, maradona, best, pele , zidane, beckham and shearer should definitely be in there certainly the first 3. Connection also needs to be sorted I have the best internet connection yet many times the connection is poor . Often it disconnects from the ea servers after the match on ultimate team on game I’ve won two of those when I would of got promotion. Another thing that should change in ultimate team is the boost cards such as + 10 shooting they ruin the skill in the game and are totally unfair to the opponent. When you lose to someone you cannot tell if they were a good player or just a booster. Contracts are also something I would take away from ultimate team . You can lose connection some games lose the game and be stuck with several players out of contract.

  12. Definitely the worse fifa in years, it is impossible to defend, the players just bundle up and down the pitch, playing against computer, the fastest players (neymar, messi, etc) run like (mikel, lampard, etc) and give away possession cheaply, the passing is awful, Fifa 14 is just awful

  13. Not a big fifa fan but as it came with the X1 gave it a go, right from the start could tell it was really bad & looked like it was developed by someone that has no clue about football or the rules, several patches later & yes the game has got better but still way off a good game, so many stupid & annoying things still present, things such as the amount of times cpu team mates run offside, cpu team mates stealing the ball from you or decide to run in your way as you’re about to shoot, defenders doing overhead clearances, cpu fouling all over the place & getting away with it yet you can’t touch them without giving away a foul & what I find the most annoying is the delay in actions such as shooting or simple passing, even when you call for the ball the cpu always takes it’s time to pass or passses it the other way.

  14. I used to play FIFA games since FIFA 94,FIFA 14 is dissapointing! This new engine is horrible. FIFA 12 was the best FIFA game, I prefer to play FIFA 12 because you can actually feel the players weight, you can also feel weight behind the ball in every shots and passes, the players actually run not glide!, FIFA should go back to the FIFA 12 engine and implement all these new AI and what not better presentation etc. I’m not happy with this new engine! the players are always gliding in the air and not running! at least it looks and feels that way. You really can not build a play, its not about slowing down the pace or controlling the pace! its about changing the Engine!

  15. “Fifa 14” the name says it all. Every game has it’s own positive side and negative side. Firstly, the positive side of “Fifa 14” is it’s improved quality and a few features. Now the disappointment was it’s system requirements and the crack. I believe that many people have problems with their internet, and those who do can’t play the game. For “Fifa 15” I would really like it if the programmer put the crack file in the CD along with the game for PC.

    Anyway I can’t say much more than this. Playing the game on the internet was a honour and privilege.

  16. Improve the refereeing.
    some of the calls make absolutely no sense. And a hand ball should be a hand ball regardless of whether it is intentional or not.
    And the linesmen.
    At the moment the offside is way too sensitive calling offsides on payers that are not. I can remember several times where the lines for the last defender and the “offside player” were exactly the same. I.E. in-line. Also known as ONSIDE!
    Fix the AI. The defending ai is crap! and the attacking ai for that matter. or just fix it all. Players should be looking to get into space.

  17. Online they need to make the game more rewarding. At the moment it is just a bit of a mess really. It doesn’t seem to be about skill at all and playing good football and keeping possession is actually a disadvantage.

    The two best tactics for winning is to set your players to press as high up the pitch as possible to steal the ball from your opponents defenders or to press L1 and traingle as soon as you recieve the ball. The off the ball player movement seems to be designed like an American football game in that your front players all just sprint past the opposition defence looking for a long looped pass from a quarterback. It doesn’t simulate football at all.

  18. You really need to sort the match highlights out! When I score a great goal and want to upload it I go to the match highlights and it shows me 7 saves and 4 misses? no goals. surely you can code it to show goals above anything else?

  19. I’m a huge fan of fifa, after playing 12, 13 and 14 in that row, i would say fifa 12 is still the best franchise out of the three. Now talking about fifa 14 loopholes, i think
    1. they should revise awarding of cards in career mode
    2. they advertised changing weather conditions but we can’t see that
    3. Some teams are not featuring in the game, eg Nigeria hasn’t be featuring since 2013, why?

  20. Could be the best in PS4 and Xbox One… but terrible at X360 and PS3… I regret this old generation release. These consoles are still so popular… Players like Ibrahimovic e C.Ronaldo don’t miss a air ball dispute…Defenders are worse than a THE WALKING DEAD ZOMBIE…air deep passes always put the forward in front of the Goal… Honestly EA has abandoned the game for the old consoles…Regrettably

  21. I cant believe that this game was approved to be released.. Totally unacceptable game playing, EA goes many steps behind with this title of Fifa. I dont know what i must mention first. The players are slower than my cripple grandma, the controls of any player are like an amateur who touches for first time a football ball, the online features like pro ranked is awful, even the menus are so unconvinient, the ultimate team is laughable: lags, errors, childish and limited options. The players can tyrn! Is that possible??? Villa for example turns and reacts worse than myself! Im mad for being fooled from all the creditors of this title and Im thinking of not playing again any Fifa after 12 which in my opinion was the best of all Fifa titles until today unless you develop a much much better title for next year. I think that because of the fact that you dont have any serious opponent to compete Fifa, the only thing you do is to fool the consumers with “supposed” new characteristics which in fact is nothing more a lie. Shame on you EA.

      1. i agree.i currently playing FIFA13..borrowed FIFA14 from a friend.considered not buying the FIFA14.waiting further improvement in career mode.i already gave my wishlist.

    1. I agree, this was a complete scam and it should stop ea, so disappointed in your production.

  22. I am a big fan of the FIFA series but their are aspects of FIFA 14 that I don’t overly like. I think the game play in parts are very good, for example bycicle kicks, overhead kicks and general shooting.. However there are a number of areas that could be improved for hopefully 2015. I appreciate these are more of a personal improvement, but something that would add I feel more realism to the game.

    I feel that tackling seems to air on the side of the computer. Every time they attempt a tackle, they achieve recovering possession. This can not be said on my tackles. Maybe it’s me, but the tackles I make either don’t recover possession or the ball richechaet to the opposition.

    Passes can go a miss, but this rarely seems to happy to the opposition

    Free Kicks
    I can’t seem to master any kind of fast pace to a free kick. I get it on target, but seemed to lack that zippyness that I need to beat the keeper.

    Game Mode
    I would like to see the weather conditions change mid match and the light dim on a autum evening kick off to dusk. I’d also like to see players booked for dissent and rash challengers when a team is losing. I think tricks should be slightly easier to monouvre and your England stats should be counted separately to your club stats. There should be an option to interact with other players, press and the manager. In career mode you should be able to negotiate the contract offer and length . The introduction of being brought on as a sub and varying weather degrees such as the wind strength should also be included. You should see player retaliation which is unfortunately sometimes part of the real game. I think the ref should sometimes get offsides right and wrong and the same with fouls. Balls that have and haven’t crossed the line should also be introduced, just yo add more realism. Also if you win a competition and you’ve been subbed, you don’t feature in the celebrations. Records should be set like the Shearer premiership record and Charlton’s England record. Supporters behind the goal should be doing different things and interaction with the crowd should be added. I feel it’s too easy to be muscles off the ball, yet hard to recover it too.

    All in all it is good, but I do feel it lacks enough to warrant paying out again and again. And why not charge half the fee to just upgrade your current version to the new version. All be it losing on price in one respect, I think it could sell really well.

    1. I totally agree with you Jon whereas the tackling concerned because if you’re tackled and you fall to the ground there’s no reason you can win back that ball; EA Sports should fix this issue for the upcoming releases.

  23. Fifa 14 Ultimate is quite probably the worst football computer game ever developed. Putting to one side for a moment the plethora of bugs, glitches, lagging, freezes, lost coins, erratic ball physics etc the one thing statement that encompasses how broken and fruitless this game is would be: The outcome of the game is in no way a reflection of either the quality of players on the pitch, nor the quality of the people operating the controllers in front of the screen.

    EA will ban any discussion of ‘scripting’ (a term used for inherent coding which orchestrates the game outwit what the human players are doing) and deny it’s existence. But anyone playing the game knows it exists and even in their new marketing blurb, EA talk about how the computer behaviour of players will be affected by the standing of the game at any given time and that if team seems to be playing for time, the coding will automatically trigger a response in player behaviour that the human opponent hasn’t instigated.

    When the widely reputed best performing gold striker on the game is a 77 rated donkey from Serie A, and in most games goals are scored in the 45th and 90th minutes from either headers or long lobbed balls, you know there is something badly and fundamentally wrong with this product. That EA themselves will not allow free discussion of this subject on their forums speaks volumes about their willingness to listen.

    I spoke with Matt from EA customer service (0870-243-2435) who flatly denied FIFA 14 was anything other than a tremendous success, receiving rave reviews. When I pointed out that EA had received the honour of being voted “Worst Company 2013” (they also won this for 2012) he stated that the award was not a reflection of the quality of their products. Seriously Matt?

    We can put a droid on Mars but EA games cannot fix a broken product…

  24. hey,

    there is a tremendous amount of delay in the passing game. Whenever you hit the pass button no matter how open you and the passer are there is a one to two second delay. It is miserable. Also, the ball being taken away when it is on the opposite side that the defender is one. Example: I was on a breakaway, ball on my right foot, defender slightly behind and on my left. I wound up to take a shot and somehow (magically perhaps) the ball was taken away by the defender even though the ball was in front on my right side. truly infuriating.

  25. Fifa 14 is a great game i love it! The only thing i ask for is for you guys to bring back the ORIGINAL Mexican commentators with Enrique “El Perro” Bermรบdez. Maybe you guys could add it as a DLC for PS and XBOX systems soon. Many thanks for listening! Looking forward to getting the future DLC’s

  26. Fifa 14 is a really good game .Everything’s fine but the thing that u people should add is a random mode for choosing teams.U know it gets a bit boring to play with the same teams.I always get confused in choosing the opposition team as there are many teams to play and I end up in choosing the same one again and again.
    So please try to listen to my request

  27. please fix/add/update:

    1. player face
    2. goal keeper 2nd/away
    3. licenses for:
    a) existing previous stadiums
    b) existing previous jerseys
    4. try to get UEFA champion league license like PES
    5. game interface
    6. try to make supporters more realistic.

    note: try to fulfill at least 1 on my request.

  28. I am disappointed with EA
    I have given my opinion & ideas for FIFA 15
    Look out for that..
    Including those things will make the game better..
    But as of now, it’s boring ๐Ÿ™

  29. the career mode is slightly a bulls*** mode,the youth team are complete bulls*** as they will have no match for them and when you promote them in ur 1st team,they immediately request to play many match which is bulls***,they should do for like youth club league like in real life,plus the player that are old are bulls*** for requesting to play every the board are bulls*** if you play a small club team and win something and then the transfer budget will be low as f*** as you move on to next season.

  30. FIFA after FIFA, year after year you lose the license of Stadiums, what happened with the Portuguese beautiful stadiums?!?! Every year you lose more German stadiums!!! The goalkeeper standard costumes are ugly. Every year worst. Another problem, you are losing licenses of the Portuguese leagues, wtf with you?!?! And the Italian Serie B is an insult, no one team is licensed. Why you include the Serie B if you haven’t licensed teams.

    1. your very right..estadio da luz is amazing and is hosting the 2014 champions league final and its not in the game..its a pitty they dont appreciate the portuguese league in this game..our 2nd div should be considered if your going to put in a 3rd and 4th div england

  31. I have played FIFA since 1997 and…..

    The gameplay is slow and clumsy, my players constantly run out of play with the ball, they are nearly always offside, and through balls never come off. I have to pass to feet always on FIFA 14. THe menu is worse, NOT BETTER, slow and clunky.

    I focus on career mode always….

    — SCOUTING NETWORK, pointless waste of my time! I scout for 30+ days and still no overall rating. absolute pants

    — YOUTH TEAM, still pointless

    — NEWS REELS AND PLAYER FEEDBACK, still pointless and irrelevant

    — NEW DASHBOARD, where are the rotating tables, fixtures, results, top scorers gone????? a very important part of feeling engaged in the football world. half of my dashboard is taken up by the blank scouting network!!

    — I played the FIFA for 4 days and got that irritated by it I wanted to SMASH the game and throw it out of my window.


    What has happened to football games? FIFA and PES are both boring and rubbish nowadays. back in the day games were enjoyable, quick, not necessarily realistic but fun…..THIS ETHOS HAS BEEN LOST


    thanks for letting me vent….phewwww

  32. To me i think fifa 14 is s***, fifa 13 is much better and i think it was a waste of my money. Sometimes when you pass it goes in to the wrong direction, and also the players just stand there.However the shooting is good but then the goalkeepers let the goal in the same shot. i even had to sell fifa 14 because its just frickin boring

  33. Please fix this problem. Every cross can be goal and defenders not block. It’s very boring. The dribblers when turn other way ball goes to far from him foot. Sometimes passes goes to wrong way.

  34. Is fifa all about ultimate team or what?! Because I’m a fan of be a pro, and what a load of old tripe that is!! All you do is watch the computer play. The passing for my team is terrible. You hardly touch the ball and never get a chance to get a good rating. There’s nothin you can do which is so frustrating. I’m well pissed off with this. Just hope the ps4 version is better because wont be worth buying if it is. Sorry EA but think your ripping everyone off. Don’t know how you can get it so wrong..

  35. To me Fifa 14 was a waste of money! The new engine sucks big time and is very slugish!

    I have all ways been a fan of Fifa but this time you guys at EA messed this one up REALY FREAKN BAD!

    The passing is horrible the players pause or stand still for to long time before they even react or realize they have the ball and directional passing is horrible!

    Plane and simple i traded my inn because it’s not even woth the time to play and it’s not even fun for me anymore because of the horrible game play!

    As musch as i hate PES i had no choice to pick up a copy to get my fix!At least it’s fun not like Fifa 14 where all the fun of the game has been stripped out! Sorry EA but you guys really screwed this one up so much that I even canceled the Pre order copy for my Xbox One!

  36. For some reason when I signed a pre-contract agreement with Lewandowski, he ended up with another team but I could still see him in my roster without being able to sell or play him. So sometimes that feature doesn’t work perfectly.

    Many thanks for reading

  37. Hi Fifa staff! Congrats for the amazing work you’ve made for this new FIFA 14, always getting better and it’s neat!
    I would like to ask you a “favor” if I may. I’m a big fan of Sporting (Portugal) and like to play with them on FIFA because I’m part of the ones who think playing with a 4 or 4 1/2 stars team it’s better. Nevertheless, I found the rating striker (Fredy Montero) a bit low (75) in comparison of what he is doing right in real life and I’m sure he could easily be upgraded to let’s say 80-ish. I know that he is not really famous since he used to play in Colombia and USA but since he scored 9 times in 7 games recently and can’t help but think he deserves more, so if you can take a closer look of what he does on the pitch, I’ll appreciate.
    Anyway, keep making great games! Thanks in advance.

  38. Still keepers let in the same shots over and over again look at pes keepers they are much more better then your on fifa they are always the same saves.

  39. Hey EA Sports staff. The gameplay is actually pretty fun, but there are a few things that should be fixed. For example, I personally think that the headers are very OP, also you can’t take over a player with speed even with CR7, the celebrations when you win a cup or the league have been the same for years and its not realistic and its boring.

    I would love if FIFA 15 could fix those errors and maybe some other things would make the game more like real life. I would also love that when you play a match the actual managers of the teams could appear. These are some of my opinions. Thank you guys!

  40. I appreciate all of the improvements in FIFA 14, however there are still a few things bugging me. First of all the celebrations post match if you have won a trophy, they are dire and have been the same for years. They are different for World Cup or Euro games so it can’t be that difficult to brighten that aspect up. When you play every single game in a season and potentially win something I want to feel like it was a real achievement.

    Id also like to see more interactivity outside of the gameplay to keep us interested in manager mode. A more realistic press conference, other players or managers commenting on my ability, players suggesting they would play for my team, even having options to help team morale.

    I am unsure of the global network system. Some managers don’t rely heavily on scouts to pick up players, and I enjoy being able to pick and choose myself which can be frustrating.

    Gameplay is good, however some players that should be agile and able to turn quickly don’t, or else they take an extra 2 seconds to hit a crucial through ball unlike fifa 13.


  41. Well done EA! things I like:

    When your player is injured, there is the option to sim, play or watch the game.

    Requesting to be substituted and simulating the rest of the match.

    The HUD is gorgeous! the pictures and how the description shows only when highlighted, good job.

    The email structure, message archives, works well for me.

    Motion capturing of Gareth Bale and Ronaldo when taking a FK, that is fantastic!

    The game play is good!

    I like how the defenders mark opponents.

    The skill games are all different and fun, kind of.

    Things I DONT like:

    The accomplishments for the Pro is still the same which disappointed me greatly.

    Selecting “CONTINUE CAREER” don’t function properly.

    The announcer before commentary begins always says ” FCB-B don’t have a single win” even after Ive won a few games, its irritating.

    There are a few free downloadable content, I’d like to see a lot more.

    The replay theatre screen is small.

  42. Match highlights in FIFA 14 does not show all the highlights and goals. FIFA 13 used to have same issue. Please fix this issue with a patch.

  43. ok… i won the ea shild cup and i didn’t see any celebrations!!!
    the players acted like they won a friendly match. shaked hands and left!!
    no confetti, no scenes with the players rising the cup no nothing!! that sucked…

  44. FIFA 14 gameplay is much better than fifa 13s, its quiet dynamic and less scripted – however it still is sometimes. I would give 9 out of 10 points for my FIFA 14 user review. I was expecting EA SPorts to include more leagues in the game. I think ea still needs to learn from PES especially on ball physics and movements. The price for fifa 14 is still high hope EA will reduce it for next products.

  45. FIFA 14 for mobile seems to be using fifa 09 engine, it could be way better EA could write a new engine for it. The new touch control looks interesting but I didnt like it as for a football game.

  46. I bought fifa first time in 1998 to 2013, now i boycot fifa for ever, NO MORE FIFA if EA sucks wth no icluding FENERBAHCE!!!

  47. If you could update the pictures of the players transferred in the last Mercato. Example: Ozil is playing for Arsenal, but stil has a Real shirt in his picture. It’s not realistic at all.

  48. Hey Fifa staff. In career mode when u buy players u got to add the searchfunctions with players total attribute. In fifa 14 you could find 150 players matching my attribute criteria and from all the leagues but now it takes a week to scout 1 players total attribute? Not even his total sometimes….. You MUST fix this. Games shoul be enjoyable, it doset have to be realistic in all functions. At least the alternative should be there. Ty

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