FIFA 14 Demo

FIFA 14 Demo

FIFA 14 Demo for PC
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FIFA 14 Demo for PS3 and Xbox 360
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FIFA 14 Demo Teams
– Borussia Dortmund
– AC Milan
– Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
– FC Barcelona
– Boca Juniors
– Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
– Manchester City FC
– New York Red Bulls

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FIFA 14 Demo Live @ E3

IGN had a live streaming showing FIFA 14 next-gen demo from E3 2013. A FIFA 14 producer was representing the demo and talking about FIFA 14 main features. Here are some screenshot from the show:

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87 thoughts on “FIFA 14 Demo

  1. Please add this:
    When you are playing “be a pro”, you should be able to start at the bench, and be a super-sub. That’s how they do it in real life, when you are a young talent. That’s more realistic.

  2. Please add the Swedish 2nd league called Superettan. And dont make the players that play in lower divisions completely useless!(slow,cant shoot ar all). It would be nice with a Ballon D´or thing every year in carrer mode to.

    1. In every FIFA game I’ve played (since ’06) I’m always starting career mode with the lowest rated team in the nPower 2 and the players are not useless! 😉 (on “professional” difficulty level by the way)

  3. You should be able to play and build up your virtual pro offline as well as online like it used to be in Fifa 12.

  4. Have a button combination that allows you to chest the ball down, instead of standing there like a dope waiting on the ball to get to you for a 50/50 opportunity. 2. Have more control over ball flight path with joystick (curve). 3. Actually call handballs when they occur in the box for online play.

  5. I wish they would be like Pro Evolution Soccer and have tons of countries even if they aren’t licensed.

  6. this got to be awesome by the way add the Fifa Update on players for example Facebook and twitter to tell the special offer they’d be making in the Fifa games.

  7. I hope they just add all international teams… i would like to play with japan for example cause they have pretty good players as you could see in the confederations cup. Maybe just add some asian leagues too you know .. i mean s*** David Beckham is now ambassador of the Chinese leagues haha. And add keep Hair features up to date cause when you create a player trough FIFA creation centre you have more options of hair.. Being able to create a club and be a real manager exstend the stadion etc become a big club schedule trainings & maybe even be able to play in a training mode so you have more influence on improving players. And do something with the Form because i never saw a player thats 100% in form all season.. because now if i start a match with another player the main XI player is going to b*** around that i dont give him enough play time while he play 30 of the 40 games -.-.. i doubt they would add all this but would be nice to see in the future tho.

    1. i think that having training sesions sort of thing would be good to improve your players stats and if it told you who was in form and stuff. if training sessions ever do happen then i think they should make it fun by doing things like that passing game on the skill games where theres two people in the middle and you have to keep the ball away from them and simple things like shooting and set peices. i thinks it would work the best on a be a pro career cause you could have a pro camera angle and it would look good if they had to wear the real training kits and if you reach say a certain level for doing good in training you get picked in the side and you can improve and it would make fifa more than just playing matches

  8. please have an option on pro clubs to buy real life players (cr7,messi, fabregas) into your pro club kinda like FUT…….if i play with 3 of my friends on pro clubs, i could have the option to have real life players as the other team mates…….and also have a way to balance it as only good clubs who earn points can keep hold of these real life players……….its boring to play with cpu controlled unreal players…it would be exciting to ask for a pass from some like cesc and score rather than from a unknow cpu guy……..

  9. Should add a ‘Be A Ref’ mode (similar to be a pro) where you can be the referee in games!
    However, this should only be an offline mode/single player so that if you purposely make the wrong decision, it only affects the computer AI and not any online gamers

    1. This would be sick! And by sick, I mean it would be awesome! I hope someone is reading this and seriously taking it into consideration!

    1. Allsvenskan you mean? There is also the Superettan too which is the league below the Allsvenskan.

  10. AS Monaco in the demo Please!!

    -Radamel Falcao (Atletico Madrid)
    -James Rodriguez (FC Porto)
    -João Moutinho (FC Porto)
    -Ricardo Carvalho (Real Madrid)

    AND MAYBE!!!
    -Fabio Coentrão (Real Madrid)
    -Eric Abidal (FC Barcelona)
    -Nene (Al-Gharafa)
    -Hugo Lloris (Tottenham)

  11. 1) UEFA Champion League and Europa League
    2) We should keep the Manager and Player Careers as normal but add REF Mode where we can play as a real life ref or we could start as a young ref and build up to be one of the best.
    3) You know how you choose the kits for the players, you should be able to do that with the goalkeepers as well. Choosing the Home, Away and the Alternative kits. Having the Goalkeepers standing next to the outfield players representing their teams.
    4) World Cup!!!!

  12. Start a function by which we can make the players dive.And if the refree sees the dive, he gives a card…

      1. diving has nothing to do with soccer? are you f***ing kidding me? Goalkeepers do it all the time 😛

    1. i think if you were allowed to dive it would ruin the game because people would do it all the time and diving is a bad thing in football.

  13. For pro clubs seasons when a team mate isn’t in the game and they are on the bench the captain can bring them on in replacement for a member of the team. Also please please please have the conference premier league I’ve heard rumours but please confirm that as it would attract more gamers. And also include some championship stadiums like charltons the valley and millwall’s ‘the den’. And lastly be able to play as the referee even in an online friendlies match between two people of your friends list. Would be appreciated if this was included and I’m speaking for hundreds if not thousands of gamers who would enjoy having these put into the game.

    Thank you

  14. more reality when injury occurs . .players often walk out from a broken leg ..would like to see a strecher coming in and medical team running in the pitch when injury is sustain by a player , ,

  15. ·Greek League instead of Polish League
    ·Turkish League
    ·More reality in the player’s faces when scoring or in a foul.
    ·Updating of players hairstyle.
    ·Make a scene where they are training before the match and some scenes showing DTs.
    ·Some more stadiums
    ·Some more teams in rest of the world
    ·Licensed national teams (Ivory Coast, Brazil, Uruguay, CHILE, Cameroon, Switzerland)

    1. leave polish league alone how bout they just add leagues instead of removing one for another

  16. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  17. If they add the iranian league instead of Arabic lageu it will be good(Evrey is better than Arabic legue!)

  18. thay need to improve the server as am sick of getting kicked out all the time costing me match’s and coins and make rise the coins for winning

  19. Add the South African league (psl) and would also like to see the managers and fans like in fifa 2010 world cup also add teams like shanghai and get the propper kits for brazil and South Africa

  20. A training mode, would be a great addition, either as part of the be a pro career, or as individual options to help new ( or lesser) players learn and improve their game

  21. on fifa 14 unlike fifa 13 they need to add wales to the international teams and they also need to add more leagues like the Ukraine league and some more African teams. Also I would like to see the blue square premier added to fifa 14 as it would be fun playing with teams like Kidderminster Harriers and Luton Town.

  22. I think with ultimate team contracts expire less inbplaats one of only 10 games because if you can not get as good team
    and that if you win a tournament you also get a packet


  24. Bring back the Camp Nou, and modern football is played in wet pitches even in clear weather conditions the pitch should be wet. bring back the fifa 11 shielding skills, it was more realistitic shielding using your hands,

  25. I think they should add more modern music for the soundtrack
    bcoz who knows any of the music they have on the other FIFA’s??

    1. Most of the music on Fifa is “modern”, furthermore that is part of the charm of the game is that it has a less than common playlist. If anything they need more tracks of this great music!
      A caveat to that is that the lil jon or lil wayne song should be removed…

  26. i think you should make it easier to get good players on ultimate team and other clubs on manager mode should offer players to transfer

  27. It should improve on ultimate team they should put pound as money not coins bcuz it’s hard to earn coin

  28. I’ve got all fifa and when they run the players they dont run real like real players

  29. Should make ultimate team more realistic like traning players improving and make be able to train the team in the season

  30. I hope its great need to see abit of the managers thou moving about and hear players shout