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Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 13

Have you had a chance to play FIFA 12? What was missing in the game? Do you have any ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 13. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 13 wish-list here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 13 be like?

Tell us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 13 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. Make the ball sound effect louder or at least make it optional. This will give an illusion that players are kicking a football not a balloon!! This was done brilliantly in 2010 FIFA world cup game. Why did you tune it down?
    Also , resources/ memory allowed, cutscenes of managers reactions after scoring/conceding a goal.

  2. player locking system like NBA2k

    i’m not talking about the pro mode, i want i’ll able to lock a player anytime i want even in career mode, I want me and my friends were able to play different players as teammates against AI or other friends on the same xbox or pc. just like NBA2k , pls learn stuff from NBA2k. its some easy program.

  3. Please make sure fifa 13 is “3D READY”!Please let us be able to play fifa 13 in 3d vision mode on PC. Fifa 12 is amazing in 3d on 3 monitors, but you won´t see the menus, and you will have to guess where in the menu you are, that is very annoying.

  4. Please add in a feature where we players can personally appeal for a foul !! Add net colors too (Ex red net fr LFC and black fr MCFC )

  5. Please add at least one cypriot team (e.x. APOEL FC) APOEL FC came first last year in champions league Knocking out PORTO FC and SHACHTAR DONESK. It also won Zenit, Knocked out Lyon in th stage of 16 and reached the stage of 8 best teams of Champions League playing with Real Madrid FC!!! APOEL FC proved that deserves a place in FIFA 13!!

  6. when u play as a player in carear mode make it more realistic! like we can be sub in a match! and we can change club in the winter transfer market. and have a chance to communicate with the maneger somehow!

  7. Ive said this every time.. Its ‘Champions League’ not ‘Champions Cup’ petty but thats not what they call it in real life football. I’d like to see more from the crowed, in the last well ALL of em the crowed might of well been silent! More Stuff: Mud on the players kits, – More transfer negotiations make it more realistic (CM) – More on Pro Clubs, IE: Injuries depending on how bad it is you have to miss a few games same goes with red cards. Contracts (Manager) – After every season (Month) You have XP from Club games you offer them so much XP and set standards. If your clubs going down hill and dont have the XP to play them they have a choice to leave …. Never happen but makes it more interesting.

  8. The chilean league is obviously wanted but how about the argentine league and uniform updates and cleat updates so we stay in style 🙂

  9. man u player ratings anderson 81 bebe 78 buttner 76 carrick 83 herdenez 84
    cleverly 81 de gea 84 evans 82 evra 84 ferdinad 84 fletcher 82 giggs 82 kagawa 82 lindergard 80 nani 84 rafael 82 rooney 89 scholes 82 smalling 81 valencia 82 van persie 89 vidic 88 welbeck 84 young 87

  10. I think EA should add a few sliders:

    1. Slider for ball weight. (This will affect the bounciness of the ball and first touches)

    2. Slider for players reaction. (This affects the quickness to which players react to loose balls and other scenarios on the pitch.)

    Thanks EA and wish you the best in FIFA 13.

  11. Add Bosnian National Squad..they have Dzeko, Pjanic, Misimovic, Salihovic, Spahic, Ibisevic (all good players and they play in Man.City, AS Rom, Hoffenheim, Dynamo, Sevilla, Stuttgart), all good rated players on Fifa.

  12. Please include the chilean teams, i love to play FIFA and i like to play more with my teams, please INCLUDE THEM!. Peace

  13. Too late considering the game is made but make it better than those last two pieces of pure and utter dort you released and i’ll be happy.

  14. Please put Turkish league there’s allot of big names in the teams that I’d love to use and it’ll make the game wayyy better

  15. multiplayer career mode. and fifa must have unambigous passing. also put mamelodi sundowns in the international clubs coz it is big. and do we have fifa for android yet?

  16. gramados mais verdes mais realistas,
    mudar o jeito do futebol europeu com o do futebol brasileiro colocando o futebol europeu nais valorizado com campos mais realistas o jogo fluindo mais rapido e o futebol brasileiro seja mais cadenciado e com menas tecnica
    campos inregulares igual a vida real,
    libertadores nao pode faltar nesse game,faces de todos os jogadores brasileiros,torcida mais participativa,modo carreira mais bem elaborado
    lançamentos mais manuais e os jogadores batendo bonito na bola igual na vida real porque nos fifa anteriores os jogadores bati na bola para dar o lançamento muito feio.
    obrigado espero que leiam e usem nossas ideias no fifa 13.

  17. Heelo im a big fan if fifa since 8 years ago but i ve seen how you classificate Chelsea FC in the lowest ranking ever. I dont think this is fair cos we are the champions of europe and we deserve to have more skills. We hope you reevalute the caificarions of the players from chelsea and the team thanks

  18. Champion’s League. And stadiums for all the teams. I understand its likely difficult to incorporate like Shresbury and the like, but maybe some. Mainly Champion’s League. Please.

  19. there should be a referee mode be the ref and maybe even referee in carrer mode
    i realy want to play be the ref in fifa 14

  20. I would like to see NEPAL on asian teams. I have heard the news that INDIAN national team will be included in FIFA13. But the fact is that Nepal ranks 166th where as India ranks 169 officially on FIFA.

    1. no man! India is way better then nepal. Nepal cant even beat india’s 2nd team. and ranking doesnt matter. japan is ranked 26 and croetia is ranked 12 in fifa ranking. did u see them in fifa? no! because ranking is not everything!

  21. turkish league and managing national teams in career mode also simulations to be more realistic, managing your team while simulating like in fifa manager. also in fifa 12 while simulating as manchester city, even tough i have a great squad. i usually lose when i am in away.

  22. Why isn’t the Wales nation squad on FIFA 13?? Is it really that hard to add Wales to the new FIFA? Thought it would be on here by now, im gutted! Please sort it out!

  23. Please,Try other music like rock or metal(i´m not saying like heavy heavy sound ..i think a more acceptable sound …….The music of fifa12 like salsa or tecno/disco is good but it is so sstresing…..from other side the music like rock or heavy metl is good for anyone really please if you decide the setlist okey but please jsut 1 song of rock or heavy.


  25. I would love to see the Amex Stadium in FIFA as it is the newest stadium in England and also some real chants for all of the teams instead of the singing ole ole ole all the time. Celtic’s stadium because they won the SPL and the the Etihad which I’m guessing should be in FIFA 13. come on FIFA you can make the game so realistic if you try harder and do some new stuff

  26. Add chilean teams!! Its a really competitive ligue and many good players came from here Alexis Sanchez (ColoColo), Humberto Suazo (ColoColo), Eduardo Vargas (Universidad de Chile) and many more. Chile had become a really important part of the international soccer (Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel, Claudio Bravo, Matias Fernandez, Jorge Valdivia) so it will be awesone that Chilean teams appear in FIFA 13.

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