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FIFA 13 PC, PS3 and X360
FIFA 13 Wii U
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FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club
FIFA 13 at E3 2012
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FIFA 13 PC, PS3 and Xbox360

FIFA 13 Wii U
FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U FIFA 13 Wii U

FIFA 13 for iOS (iPhone / iPad)
FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3

FIFA 13 – EA Sports Football Club
FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club FIFA 13 EA Sports Football Club

FIFA 13 at E3 (FIFA 13 Stand)
FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3 FIFA 13 E3

FIFA 13 FIFA 13 FIFA 13 Logo FIFA Street

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  1. i would like to say that they should add international dutyies just like fifa 07 and they should also put in euro 2012 2016 2020 etc and world cup 2014 2018 2022 etc in manager mode and also i ask that you puty in the manager cut scenes like in world cup south africa 2010 because that would be good and i also ask that in fifa be a pro mode you should allow the player to buy his own house, have training sessions go out drinking partying etc just like i am playr on facebook thanks :)like if u agree and they will notice this 🙂

  2. I think this year they should make players like suso and raheem sterling reach a good level through manager. also make them look like them in real life, and stop being bias and making the arsenal youngster look like themselves in the game while other youngster look like *poop* one other thing make maradonna and pele be in the classic xl


  3. Dont put any music, I think fans customize it from their library. Use the freed up “mbs” to do the following:

    Really nice if the managers were on their technical area during game play where they shout and stuff. World team should have only the best players; messi, ronaldo, ronney …..

    IMPORTANT: work on celebration after cup win, something like pro evolution–> fifa celebration is ridiculous

    In manager mode let new owners takeover with new budget & stuff.

    work on the grounds, put mud & water patches on low profile grounds, should be visible on player jesseys when they fall down.

    more reaction when player gets angry ( swear on camera, punch, attitude, stuff)–> rooney, bolatelli

    Add the Pacific teams, Fiji, Solomon, PNG etc

  4. it would be good if you could swap players and it would be better with more league e.g welsh premier league and hopeful there will be better songs in fifa 13 than 12

  5. sort out player impact engine, give the referee a whistle, make sure defenders are goal side of the strikers, have a couple of scottish stadiums added (i.e. hampden, park head), give the goalkeepers home AND away kits, try and sort out head to head seasons so i’m not playing a person who’s the same team as me and try to have club vs club and international vs international, make the dug out area realistic like being able to see your managers and players warming up plus things that happen amongst the supporters like pitch invasions, spirals, smoke bombs etc. would be pretty cool. plus if Dundee United’s Gary Mackay-Stevens still has 2 star skill moves that’s shocking.

  6. Ive just been bought major league baseball 2012: THE SHOW, and theres a mode on it called ‘ franchise’ where you control ticket prices in areas of the stadium and how much merchandise is and its dead good so i reckon it shud be given a thought for fifa 13
    it lets you do every thing but play, which is good for the rubbish players, so put it on!

  7. 1 – Add that mario balotelli’s celebration lol
    2 – Can we please have African leagues like the psl in SA
    3 – Some players can’t be bought in fifa 12 so please improve that

  8. i hate ultimate team because of contracts and upgrades like you improve the player like he is doing in real life not buy cards to improve and not coins budget like career mode but online

    and career mode i would love creating the manager myself and be shown in the pitch like fifa south africa world cup and buying would be allowed trading players at least 2 players for 1 not money and would loves dives for fouls and would love more leagues ukrainian , argentine , japanese , african and more national teams like ghana japan serbia slovakia and good updates to national team and career mode we would love to manage a national teamLike

  9. all international teams shd be included.
    even regional taurnaments like the CECAFA in EAST AFRICA

  10. ea sports need to sort out the ref mistakes in the game. too many times you get red cards for making perfectly good challenge. ive also made bad challenges and seen the other team booked for it. the impact engine and ref decesions needs addressing.

  11. The biggest thing ever is the boot update and the nike boots , that will make the game better.
    The second biggest thing ever is that the youth academy or the bad players should wear better boots like ADIzero`s or nike boots not Ea Sport boots they are ugly no offence!

  12. Well, what I think it’s necessary for the next FIFA game are some of the following ideas:
    -At least in the spanish version, the commenter should be more passionate
    -Include some more leagues, specially the South American ones like the Chilean. I mean, Universidad de Chile is the second greater team of the whole world according to the IFFHS
    -More tournament types, like international cups, UEFA champions league, UEFA europa league, South American Cup, etc.
    -More options for the carreer mode, as well as for the players as for the TDs. Like in the transfer process, modifying stadiums, etc.
    -Fix some fails such as the commenter saying a team is winning by two consecutive goals and the marker goes 1-0
    -When playing carreer mode as a player, have the possibility of receiving instructions or listening to speeches from the TD, be able to CHECK the formation without having to enter de qualifications menu, and having training sessions on which you can learn how to defend the way your team requires or the TD wants
    -About the gameplay, I just think that you should correct the collapsing of the players when fighting for the ball, and they should also be able to struggle more for it. Perhaps you could even add a function to try to fake a foul, but carefully of course to avoid bugs.
    That’s what I can now remember.
    Thank you

  13. i want that there are more Mercurial boots.

    a Ukrain league, Chilean, Argentin, Greece, dutch Jupiler league. all these leagues use to be in Fifa 13

    more International Teams. i should do all international teams.

    be a Manager of a international team

    more realistic Transfer negotiation. like tell a price for a player.

    better talent grows. no one is following up Messi. only Neymar and Eriksen become really world players. some players like Iker muniain should become 91, also players as morata from RM, and players as Oxlade Chamberlain, Welbeck and Hernandez should become much better players.

    they also have to inprove the more little leagues. such as the Dutch league. there are really big talents around here, but they don’t grow as world player.
    players as Stefano Denswil, Viktor Fischer should become the top of the top.

    also i think they are over rating Barcelona a bit worse.

    players as Pedro and Busquets are very, very good. but when they come with a other club they are going to be bad. also i thing its weird that Messi is 94, but Ronaldo is only 92? ????? that cant be true. Cristiano Ronaldo is a much batter player than that little argentina.

    1. “also i thing its weird that Messi is 94, but Ronaldo is only 92? ????? that cant be true. Cristiano Ronaldo is a much batter player than that little argentina” lol what world r u living in dude? Hello messi Balon Do Oro. 50 goals in la liga. LOL funny man.

  14. since theres like 5 english divisions there should be atleast another scottish league in it. and should have white socks as part of the kit to unlock.

  15. The Dutch Jupiler League has to be in fifa 13 otherwise you can delegate or be promoted it makes it more interesting for the dutch youth!!

  16. South America should be noted much more. They need to import the Chilean League, Argentinian League, and Uruguay League. These are the next 3 most powerful leagues next to the Brazilian League. Also National Team Kits Like Chile & Italy for example should have there Puma Kits imported instead of those weird looking EA Kits. In General South America should be included entirely with every team and league included but those 3 I stated would be the first to be considered due to there teams always being in the strongest competitions in South America and the world.

  17. When playing Manager Mode..I would like to see International teams Bidding for you as a manager to manage Their International Team..

  18. The Ukrainian Premier League needs to be in FIFA 13
    Ukraine needs to be included as a national squad!
    Shevchenko, Shaktar, Kiev, UKRAINE!

    1. it would be good if when they show the team at the start of the match they should include the players pictures

  19. I believe that they should bet for incorporating mas equipments or South American important leagues as the Chilean league that they have the current champion of the South American glass, the Argentine league or other mas since here it is played very much to fifa thank you

  20. i think we should hear fans on the commentry mode before and after games.i.e sayin how exited they are about goin to watch there team give the opposition a goin over. then after bragin about a win or moaning and bitchin about a poor performance ect. also bring back managers on the touchline like fergie goin of his nut at a bizzmo of a reff decition.

  21. i like the gameplay but i dont think theres enough midfield play when u get the ball i find it easy to get from one end of the pitch to the other and when the computer gets it its the same. its not easy to score wich i like but it can be bit like a basketball sim sometimes up and down. up and down.

  22. There should be a mode where you do somethin like jumpers for goalposts e.g buy houses cars have friendships with team mates and fans maybe even get money for doing adverts for nike or addidas or puma and so on also be able to request for a transfer.
    have a more in depth commentary talk about team history how they did last season a bit like 2ksports commentary

  23. I would like to see a chance to manage international teams so that between seasons you could go to tournaments and have to deal with call ups etc during the season. FIFA 2004 had international call ups and it meant you were at a disadvantage if you had too many internationals in your squad.

    I would also like to see the sleeve badges change depending on the competition. At the moment all matches look pretty much the same whether in League 2 or Champions League. Surely it can’t be hard to do as the names on shirts can change so why not the sleeve badge.

    In the same way, more could be done to stadium advertising and match build up to show that the game is in a certain competition. Even just having the competition branding placed around a little so that cup games feel a little different. During a League 2 season everything can just become a bit dull as every game looks similar. Maybe putting the competition logo and branding on the information bars that pop up could help with this. On this point another simple adjustment would be to put games at realistic times. Most Carling Cup and Champions League games are at night yet on FIFA I always seem to play them in bright sunshine.

    It would be nice to earn a little extra money from ticket sales and merchandising during the season so that form could be rewarded. Buying a marquee player would give a boost in merchandise sales similar to the Beckham impact at Madrid. This could also work with a stadium upgrade system.

    A final thing I would like would be to retrain a player to another position. If I have a speedy skilful winger and want to play without wingers why should I sell? Why not select a retrain option where I play them for example as a Striker and their growth will focus on areas needed to be a striker. I have had to sell many of my quality scouted players because they don’t fit into my preferred formations. Why not allow me to mould players into my team.

  24. Download the arabs league make the graphics batter show the fainle cup cilbriton will god make the finals of Ufea in night and in the studim the fifa chosed the powers for italian times is not high an its not same the antoer clubs

  25. Edit kits every year in career mode,
    Accurate player ratings that are updated based on real-life performance eg. Fernando Torres,
    Greek league, CIV league, Blue square premier,
    Real youth players – NOT JOHN SMITH.

  26. I hope EA will improve the career mode. especially with young players. It must be more realstic. and some things in selling or buying players are bad, for example: 100 Mio. for Messi, but you only sell him for 110 Mio. and so you must receive a sum of money and the computer can say yes or no..

  27. i like how you brought back the youth acadamy but it could do with more refinements and make it more realistic like employing a youth coach so that you can have a team that plays in the youth leagues against teams like chelsea, barcelona, inter milan etc and track their progress. also being able to scout through other teams’ youth acadamies and buy players like how Fabregas went to arsenal from barcelona’s youth acadamy. and having the youth players more promise, and with the right coaches and the right training plan you should be able to bring a new messi or rooney through the ranks with true measurements of skill growth – like have a tally of what they were when you bought or promoted a player and compare that to what they are at that point in your career.

    also the manager mode needs more refinement. like being able to employ your own staff and take them to new clubs with you and gain chemistry with the staff and players. the coaches should be in different classes depending on how much they cost etc, and with the training coaches be able to assign players with specific routines to make them better including youth coaches for the same reason.

    another thing is that there should be some aging in the teams. like when a youth player gets to late 20’s he looks exactly like he did when you promoted him. having players who grow in height and weight as well as proper skill growth is a must.

    you also need to be able to make trades for players – either player for player or player + money for a player.

    this is all to go with more leagues, and being able to promote 15 year olds if they are really good. along with more fluid movement of players while passing and shooting

    1. this is exactly what i want to see in the new manager mode. The manager mode needs to be more realistic with advertising and sponsorships to generate money. not just having the board say you have X amount of money this year have fun. Too boring.

      Being able to control parts of the youth program and the reserve team would be a great option. Right now it seems that the reserve players don’t get any playing time and they don’t grow like they should and all they do is complain and it annoying. Yes if they think they deserve to play then they should complain but in the meantime have them play games on the reserve team so they can still get game experience just like in real life.

  28. players personal life should be involved like i m playr game on fb,,it will addd more reality..and it will be super fun..
    doing clubbing,hitting on chicks,coming in news. managing reputation..etc
    do consider dis

  29. I think that there are a few things that can be improved on the next fifa i play the game alot with my friends and i do play the career mode quite alot i cant see why u cant save the team when its at its peake ti be able to use them in exhibition matches and play against my friends you can even do this on the old pes games so its really frustrating.
    Next i would like to mention the realism of the linesman and the fans it sometimes feels likethe players are the only human beings on the field.
    Why is there no international cups?
    Apart from that the gameplay is spot on.

      1. agree on the fan thing and cups so much true that even madden has realistic fans . Theres more soccer fans than football.

  30. i think fifa 13 should have an online career mode where you have season where its like normal career mode offline but with friends and if someone buys a player for there club you cant and in the season you play there team as well as the computer.
    i think you should be able to transfer your fifa 12 ultimate team to fifa 13 and have some money to start with.
    also have proper chants from the crowd and have all the new stadiums and stadiums from teams that haven’t got there proper stadium on at the moment like the B2Net (chesterfield fc stadium), and you should be able to upgrade your stadium , like add another tear or increase the capacity or increase the pitch size if you get into higher leagues.

    also proper referees.

  31. i do like fifa 12 but iam expecting important improvements to Fifa 13 must have tactics that can be used, changed etc in head to head games online. not just using quick tactics. tactics should work better aswell and be explained how changing passing, speed ect will affect your players game. must improve the refs it spoils fifa 12 getting pens and free kicks for nothing.
    online clubs is good but fifa 13 must have it so if 2players on 1 team the computer player must be better quality they are worse than league 2 players.
    and finally the most important of all!! please please change the way that if a player is fast and tall they must better than the real best players xavi, iniesta, messi etc. ronaldo on fifa 12 is unplayable at time which is true to life but messi isnt anywhere near as good as ronaldo on fifa 12 he should the same if not better hes rating say he is but in gameplay he isnt, xavi, iniesta are slow on the game which is true in really life but it makes the largely ineffective in fifa 12 there movement and knowledge to find space and to pick out that world class pass should been shown but it isnt because they are small and slow on fifa 12. the players size shouldnt matter the ability should stand out. wayne rooney is a world class player in real life but on fifa 12 he has a gud shot and thats it, he makes man utd tick but hes not fast and tall this is a must must change if not a rival company could see this and show ea sports how its done!

  32. Player story mode with multiple endings that are linked into cup matches!! and also more advanced individual reactions for the crowed so it doesn’t look like they are all doing some kind of synchronized swimming routine in the stands…..flares where needed, such as spanish and italian football stadiums would be great and instead of the home supporters being quiet when the opposing team has possesion of the ball….let them boo a little bit, last thing, allow upto 2 – 4 people to play in 1 team from 1 computer. PS I WANT PAYING IF YOU ISE ANY OF THE ABOVE LOL!!

  33. better fan graffix, it looks daft when theres 5 to 10 fans dressed same and doing same thing. looks cheap and tacky

  34. FIFA 13 should have editing boots.
    You could have samples of boots e.g. Nike CTR
    You then could edit the colours.

    You could have association mode where you choose a league and be every team e.g Barclays Premier League
    They have a budget which suits how good they are or finacially.
    They choose their owners e.g. Aon or Fly Emirates or Samsung
    You create their kits
    You also have to choose a 23 man squad for the season.
    You then have to look for a manager in the country’s league and assitant managers e.g Alex Ferguson for England Jose Mourinho Spain
    You choose your stadium
    You then set where you expect your team to finish or achieve.
    You then choose pre-season fixtures and then start the season.
    During the season, the club have to pay bills and if you dont, you go into adminstration.

    I hope you take my idea.
    Try to say ‘Luther came up with it’

    1. hey man. I would def say thats a bad idea because thats what makes it exciting to get it every year is to showcase that you can show your talent again and again and again. If you get to carry things over from game to game then whats the point of even playing anymore? but the main thing is that guys like me, who dont play ultimate a lot, would be extremely discouraged to ever advance our own ultimate team if we unfortunately got put in a game against guys with insane ratings. i know it puts you against similar talent but if eventually everyone is amazing then no one will ever want to start ultimate teams in future years bc theyll never win.

    2. i disagree, that means the people who have hacked an bought coins with their insane teams and players will have it easy starting off fut13!!! i like being challenged at the start and building my club from the ground up!

  35. Player A.I should be massively improved controls still need twee king and improve passes and
    Through balls improved. The tricks are over complicated by the time you performed them you lose the ball

  36. If there is another FUT which there should i think you should be able to receive some coins E.G £1000 just to get started

    1. should put all the tops of each league and tournaments to juguar also important to the narrative selections from mexico deveria be Chistian Martinoli and luis garcia and that when they win a cup pass all such as medal and trophy one one as being a final deve also try to put all the stadion of the most important liguas more arbitrators, batons, flags and pass at each juguada important as technical director in the world’s most celebrations jueguo further improve over the defenses and make it better the greetings proevoluccion

  37. I think fifa 13 should have a mode called be the player where you walk out onto the pitch have a match then control your player around the stadium

  38. 1: i think that all the football teams should have all there stadium such as, hull city kc stadium
    2:they should have real referee such as, howard webb and mike dean
    3.the fans should be better graphics
    4. they should include the blue square confrence on fifa 13

  39. Our idea to improve the FIFA 13 is the following:
    The offline carrier mode should be extended to allow multiple players playing with multiple teams.

  40. im an RSL fan (Real Salt Lake), and i think that ya’ll should improve the MLS!
    -real stadiums (Rio Tinto, LA, KC, Portland,Seattle, etc.)
    -Concacaf Champs league
    -better ratings for MLS clubs (ik we’re not the BPL but dam, we’re not all 50’s and lower! thats bs!)
    – player faces for the MLS clubs
    – include the clubs for the clubs in North America not just Brazil.
    – More cleat options (color customization etc.) and more choices. i like my NIKE Mericruials lol
    -be able to dwnload chant and goal celebrations!
    -download more comentary languages, makes it more realistic obvioulsy!
    -more stadiums for the other leagues as well, (Craven cottage, White Heart lane, goddison park etc..)
    -more african leagues too.

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