FIFA 13 – Be A Referee Mode

FIFA 13 Referee

Be A Ref mode has been always one of the FIFA fans wishes since last year. If you go through our FIFA 12 Wishlist, you will see that many people have asked EA to put this feature in to the FIFA 12 game.

However FIFA 13 Be A Referee Mode feature has not been officially announced yet, David Rutter (FIFA 13 Producer) has mentioned in an interview just before FIFA 12 release day last year that EA Sports has been considering to add a Referee Mode in FIFA 12 but they couldn’t make it for the previous FIFA game. He also mentioned that refereeing might be a mode along with Goalkeeper mode in FIFA 13.

According to some unconfirmed news, FIFA 13 will have “Be A Referee” mode playable in the game, where gamers will be able to control the referee on the pitch and decide on free kicks, showing cards, offsides and penalties as a ref.

Any further news on this feature will be available here once we get the latest … Until then you can play Football Referee game here:

Play Football Referee game.

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80 thoughts on “FIFA 13 – Be A Referee Mode

  1. ppl i wanna say to you can download these leagues from the creation center its easy,and to fifplay plz make fifa 13 national teams like in pes and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz add the refmode if u can

  2. should add the 2010 world cup south africa stadiums. Awesome stadiums such as Soccer City and Moses Mabhida Stadium need to be there and not only in the world cup game.

  3. I think there should be all of the stadium from every team on fifa or at least all england, italy, spain and all the international teams and you should be able to send the e-mails to the other team instead of it doing ortmaticly an you should be able to see the FA Cup and the capital one cup also why dont you call it the capital one cup its always called the league cup?

    1. THe capital one cup is actually called the league cup, capital one is only the sponsor,
      So it is really the league cup, ea
      Don’t have license to call It by its sponsor name

  4. I think Wales should be in it , and more leagues like Turkish league, ukranian league, and put rangers in, maybe rest of world with shanghai shenui where drogba n anelka play.

  5. it would be amazing and it will hit the town and gonna give red cards and yellow fifa 13 rocksssssssssssssssss cant wait for it

  6. Add the Liga 1, the Romanian league to fifa, they deserve to be there, there are more teams now that can make a difference even in Europe, if a few years ago there was only Steaua Bucharest, Dinamo Bucharest and Rapid Bucharest, there are now teams such as CFR Cluj, FC Vaslui, Unirea Urziceni, that have been in Europe and the Romanian championship deserves to be in the next Fifa

  7. u guys can also have the UEFA champions league…….it will be interesting to play that on fifa…..plsss change the scoreboard…..can u pls put the indian international team in fifa??????

  8. omg why dont u guys,fifa team, put liga 1 from romania in fifa? its frustrating that i cant play with my favorite teams from my
    and put back the option to be called to ur national team in career mode.
    and the talk to press stuf… and yeah i like the ideea beeing a referee.
    but in career mode it would be nice if u can be a player for more years,not only 8..
    sry for bad english …. 🙂

  9. Look, I think there should be the top leagues of each country (eg china’s first division blah blah blah…) an du think there should be a mode where u can buy teams that aren’t good and make them rich and the you could add some AMAZInG players!!! Btw referee mode? Epiccc!!, I m gonna give red cards for no reason!!! Lol 😀

  10. you should make a mode u r a manager and u start from like 2003 and go up each year changing kits and aging the players creating talent for 4 younger players that r good now and u say what u want to say to the press and also relegate teams and put zim teams in as we beat south africa 4-0

    1. Yes put in the manager mode that you can like sit on the bench an JUST watch the game instead of controlling them. And you can decide which one you want before you start the game. Like at the menu before you start the match.

  11. International call ups will be great in the career mode! Also a international tournament is a great idea… Come on fifa producers, make it happen…every loyal abd faithful fifa players really needs it..

  12. Bring back the option to answer media questions before and after the game and at key moments within a season e.g. when someone is injured or an award cup is won/lost. Depending on your response it will effect teammates, fans, the press, managers and other clubs impression of you. And one more thing, the ability to chose boots,shirt,sock options before game

  13. I Think that more leagues should be in fifa 13 like China because they have Shanhai Shenquai or something and Anelka and Drogba play for them and you should improve the player faces and get more stadiums for the improving clubs, swansea have been in the prem for 2 seasons and in december there stadium will rise and and inprove the player overall like beckham should be 80 dani alves should be 88 thiago silva should be 90 and a few more.

  14. on fut you search for match and it pairs you up against the nearest rank team to yours. But people quit because they hope to find teams lower start rating so they have the upper hand.I think those people should lose coins or the team that wants to play the match should get a amount of coins to compansate having to through the waiting again till they find a team that does what to play.

  15. You have to make that players with speed able to outrun players with low speed. A 96 speed acc combo should be able to catch and outrun with and without the ball a player with 75 speed and acc. C Ronaldo, is both strong and fast but in 12 gets caught far to often by lesser players and gets knocked off the ball by weeker players. My only real complaint from 12 is the fact that speed plays no part in the game on legendary, every guy is fast regardless of actual ability.

  16. In South Africa we have one of the best leauges here… And most people support EA… If EA doesn’t add the leauge then could they atleast try and say the players names right on the Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates teams which have been in the rest of world league since 2006.. I thought the world cup would make a difference..

  17. I find the virtual pro mode quite entertaining…but maybe add something like your player gets substituted during the game or come on to the field later during play with a warm welcome or departure from the crowd…I know there is a lot of people who will disagree with me but it is logically realistic. Plus your player won’t be exhausted all the time…

  18. You should be able to create your own kit and badge in UT. This would make it more personalised and as a result more enjoyable for the average gamer.

  19. Its ment to be a football game lmao, not a life scenario on what goes on around football???? y wouldnt u ask for things that would better the gameplay, like the refs line of vision seeing some foulsd and not others etc tralistic football on the pitch to do with the 22 players and the ref and lines mans. if you want to see football fans fighting and stuff go play hooligans on pc.

  20. be a pro on fifa 10 or 11 was where you could get called up for your national squad and play in matches for them. why was this taken out? surely as a “pro” you want to be playing for your country in qualifiers and competitions. Also add the ability to manage national sides in career mode. Career mode needs to be more interactive after 2/3 season it gets so boring and i just end up simming most of the games.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Also bring back the option to answer media questions before and after the game and at key moments within a season e.g. when someone is injured or an award is won/lost. Depending on your response it will effect teammates, fans, the press, managers and other clubs impression of you. And one more thing, the ability to chose boots,shirt,sock options before game

  21. Japan national team grat team inside top 20 in world add them please lots of japanese people love playstation and soccer

  22. please add the Asian clubs or at least 3 Clubs from each asian countries like Iran ,saudies,Iraq,uzbekistan,japan,qatar,,,,so we can have compatition

  23. I think FIFA has discriminated against the Colombian league. As we all know, many Colombian players play in the more known leagues around the world. Also, having the Colombian national team would be great.

  24. I would like attendances for each game that fluctuates depending on the league,form or occasion. Also more injuries, get about 3 a season which seems pretty unlikely..European and world cup Tournaments or being a manager of a national teams so we don’t consider pissing are way on a rip off game like the Euro saga!

  25. In FIFA 13. In Career Mode you should be able to play European football in the first season as it would be more entertaining. Add more leagues I see Galatasaray are in rest of the world but you can’t play with them on career mode. Also in the World 11 team put better players as C.Ronaldo Rooney ect was not in it and I thought that was really weird. Also create a mode where after every season of career mode you can make new kits. Also add more 2nd league as-well as Scottish league ect only have 1 League so no one gets relegated what’s boring. Add more International teams and a World Cup mode. Also create Managers so real Managers are on the game, create pitch invaders, fights and much more I can think of a lot more things but I will let other people tell there ideas as there are lots of different ideas peace. 🙂

    1. When u edit some1 appearnce when u next see them plyin in rain or snow u see that they lost there undershirt and people like rooney should be wearin 1 all the time for example ur vitual pro can wear it all the time but players like rooney cant why ?

    2. the thing about the kits is that there are MASSIVE licensing issues with that, I know why you thought it cos of pes but if you actually go on the teams that PES actually has a license for i.e in the dutch league, you can’t edit those kits. Also thats why they give them strange team names…

    3. My understanding of the World XI is that every year FIFA has professional players (footballers) vote for who they think are the best players of that year. EA then puts those players in the game as World XI. That is what I thought, but I could be misinformed.

  26. no matter what you do, Turkish league has to be in the game, turkish league is one of the top leagues in europe and alot of people use it in career mode too, as you can see in reality alot of famous players play in the turkish league…

        1. Turkey has a pretty good league though… probably Top 10… Galatasary and a lot more teams are champions league quality

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