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Tell us how would you improve EA Sports FIFA 12

Have you played FIFA 11? What was missing in the game? Do you have any ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 12. Share your ideas and suggestions and write down your FIFA 11 wish-list here at FIFPlay.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What are the unnecessary features? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 12 be like?

What were the bugs in FIFA 11? Which version of FIFA Series was the best in your opinion? Tell us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 12 in the form given below.

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  1. 1 – Have a ball boys
    2 – Have a field Crasher
    3 – Can Be a Referee/Goalkeeper/Player/LinesMan
    4 – If the a serious injury,lets call the Ambulance! (Have an Ambulance Car)
    5 – Have a Fighting Player
    6 – Have a Flare
    7 – Have a Fighting Fans
    8 – Have a Realistic Diver Like Sergio Busquet , C.Ronaldo and so on
    9 – That all!..Hope You All Like!

  2. to create you own manger and you can play with him in the fieald by moving him making to shout at players

  3. 1st. Combine all the great football games that E.A Sport made in the past
    Put a world cup mode in like Fifa 10 but better also hope that E.A Spotrs win. The rights and put the UEFA champions league in the next one aswell as
    ABSA premiere cup as well as other great african leagues too
    Fifa street games too mix it up because all Fifa games are little bit
    Monotonous after you play it player only grows so much and don’t have the ability to play for the countries like in the Afcon or Euro leagues really wish that the team that brings makes these game can reflect and analyze what
    all the fellow gamers said to bring us the best football game imaginable

  4. There really needs to be a reserve grade team for manager mode, this would be ideal for scouted youth players in assisting them reach their full potential. As well as an opportunity for returning from injury or fringe players match fitness

  5. I had a few ideas for possible new additions or improvements to the game, if they were any good:
    1) A classic edition of the teams to be downloaded (perhaps similar to the ultimate team) where you can assemble the players of the golden age of the team, for example; being a Stoke City fan, I could sign Gordan Banks, Pejic, Thorne, Greenhoff etc from different era’s, and compete in the league today.
    2) Every team seems to be different, in the same way that players have traits and specialties. Again, using Stoke as an example, Stoke are formidable at home and work excessively hard due to good fitness training. Maybe there could be a team trait for fitness like the second wind trait, or something that when playing at home certain stats are increased. Using Manchester Utd as an example, they have the unique ability to win games even when they are playing bad, maybe like clinical finishing attribute, even though they conceded many goals. Liverpool’s away form is similar to Stoke’s home form, likewise home form to Stoke’s away form.
    3) HATE the fact that if you play a career mode with your virtual pro, if you moved teams he would cease to exist and you couldn’t sign him.
    4) Players who were benched or in the reserves would never improve, yes they need game time but in real life they would still be training on most likely in a reserve team and would still improve with age. Similar to the youth setup.

  6. PLEASE make a mid season Cleats/Boots update like in real life, once the new year starts new colors and styles change..maybe make it an add-on through psn/xbox live..PLEASE PLEASE..and allow to edit a any player or vitural pro in your carrer mode..

  7. One thing to make fifa more realistic is to change the way tricks are made. Many players play in a way ” do 273292 trick through the field and score.” I have never seen ronaldo, neymar or robinho to do more than 2 tricks at a time. I admit, it takes a lot of practise to master the tricks, but gets really annoying after a couple of matches. I personally try to play realistically, but with opponents doing tricks every single time they have the ball just takes the realism experience far away. That is not the way soccer/football is played. Fifa street is designed for that, fifa 12/13 should not be.

    Another issue to solve are the through balls. They are way too overpowered. 90% of such passes are perfectly timed, perfectly placed and are a sure goal scorer – defenders run away leaving the attacker with an open goal, just for himself.

    The personality plus feature doesnt seem to be workibg properly. It happens quite often that a much taller and stronger defender is pushed by a short and weak midfielder or attacker. example, distin from everton ( a rock) is pushed by borges from santos. How is that real?

    Frankly, i feel that fifa soccer 12 was made by programmers who never actively played football. It would be musch more productive if they would include a team of mediocer soccer players who would help them show and demontrate how the real football is played. I am honestly dissapointed by this game, but today due to little competition, fifa is tbe only playable football/soccer game

  8. FIFA 12 Great game. I’m really enjoying it Currently AFC Wimbledon and im going to stick them out & try and get as high as i can with them . The only fault is the referee’s & Some of the challenges. Like if i make a perfect sliding tackle the referee will send me off some times & give them a free kick when the challenge was perfectly timed. Great game other than that love the passing & moving :)The tactical defending is really good aswell 🙂 cant beat a challenge

  9. PROMOTION BUDGET: This has to be improved. I got Yeovil into the BPL in World Class and only got 6 million! When teams get promoted to the BPL they get way loads more than that!

  10. I think u should be able to play with your friends in the arena just u your friends and the keeper would be so fun

    for FIFA 13 !!!

    C’MON EEEAAAA !!! damn, how long it takes…

  12. Get ride of the constant back heel shot that misses every time from easy positions. The long distant shot was better in FIFA 11.

  13. Fix the transfers where players who just join the club leave mid season, its unrealistic and how some of the lower epl sides pick up Hernandez from man u. It would never happen

  14. – Ukrainian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Argentina league
    – licensed UEFA champions league and Europa league
    – licensed CArling cup
    – international friendlies in virtual pro
    – more national teams
    – youth teams for every club like in fifa 10
    – the players in real life can play on the weekend and during the week still being around 100% fit while in fifa they are 50% fit which means there too tired to play

    Greatly appreciated if you could make this changes.

  15. I’m disappointed when I play with computer the way they shoot even in an impossible angle they can finish well and very hard to tackle them when they’re dribbling even if I’m playing with a very bad team they’re still good in dribbling and it’s not what it’s say on the stats.
    Another thing, the defenders in a very bad team are not what I expected based on their stats. Another thing, the goalkeepers; when I’m on a breakaway I cannot make fool of them by simply doing the basic dribbling where in when I play in the arena I can make fool of the goalkeepers using the basic dribbling. The goalkeepers is just not that realistic, they’re too good.

    And I suggest FIFA 13 should have an international games in career mode become a player, manager and player manager. I think it would be more exciting to play. And in editing virtual pro I hope there will be more options like appearance, tatoos, shoes, hair etc. Looking forward for better gaming on FIFA13

  16. i would like to be able to edit your own cleats like in PES because some of the cleats are just useless and it would be a better experience if you could unlock the ability to be able to edit cleats as a virtual pro

  17. Id love to be a ref in the game plus in manager mode it would be good if you could have the option to stay as a manager on the touch line or play like normal

  18. Again waiting for that update. Chose any English team and play non Engliimsh teams and vice versa tell me seriously what you notice. The game is not fair. Also would like more camera settings options. Fifa developers please make the game fair. I know you have a thing for English teams but we are spending dollars here!!!!

  19. Okay, I really enjoy fifa and many improvrments were made from fifa 11. But a few things that i would love to be included for next year:

    A new game mode whereby you can choose any players and put them all into one team. Similar but not the same as ultimate team. No prices, fitness, contracts etc so it would be a relaxed sort of lounge to play online and offline. Yes i understand that most people will choose the same players, Ronaldo, Messi, etc but you could maybe include chemistry or have challenges. For example: Create a Second division English league team and beat any 5 star team. This game mode could have extreme potential for being a fun yet easy going game mode.

    The arena could be held in stadiums like if i choose Steven Gerrard for my arena personel i could be playing in the one half of anfield just like before a match in fifa 12.

    Also there could be an enhancement of the current challenges in ‘my fifa 12’. Instead of just being matches though you maybe could have to complete a match fragment. E.g you need to go on a dribbling run with messi and score the winning goal of a match in just 10 seconds. When focusing on a match fragment like this, you could include slow motion after each skill move and even give points for more advanced moves.

  20. Here’s a list of problems with fifa12. VERRY dissapointed…

    The defenders is ALWAYS faster than the attacker, regardless what the top-speed number says.

    EVERYBODY can to the mot perfect tackels in top-speed, even the attackers.

    The defenders are exaggerated and much better in the field than their number says.

    Pushing the square near own 16. m is the same as clearing?? even when I try to make a pass they shoot tha ball out.


    They lose their ball-abilitys within the 16. meter. Even Ronaldo, and Messi..

    When the attacker is about to shoot, he often holds his shot so the keeper or the defender makes it to tackel or take the ball.

    The shooting generally sucks.. Attackers that in real life always hits goal, shoots it miles over.

    When the attackers reach 16m, they start to kick the ball a little further ahead sot he keeper can take it. When they in reality don’t kick it far because they know the keeper will come out to take it..

    Lobbs automaticly when its a open goal, often resulting in lobbing it over the goal.. if we want to lobb, we puch the lobb button.

    The judge is not strich enough! To much holding, obstructions, tackels etc that not gets blown on..

    Some players are exaggerated. Like Messi, he even wins airduels with the highest fedenders.

    It’s impossible to play onetouch-football, they always want atleast one touch before the can pass the ball..

    Not enough choices. You should choose what weather in ANY onlinemode. or 1-3 teams you dont want to meet. No-one wants to meet barca cause we know you made them better, so it’s impossible to win.

    The players falls ALOT! Much more in one mach in fifa than i a whole season in real life.

    When a player gets tackled its like hi gets paralysed for some seconds. Just as many seconds it takes for the tackler to get the ball. Alot of the times the one who gets tackled could have gotten the ball after tha bad tackle.

    The passes is only as good as the nearest defender is at breaking attacks. So its not the defender thats good, it’s that you have made it so that the passes go to the defender instead..

    SAme with the shots. the keeper is only as good as the shooter. the shot can be terrible an bad, but if the shooter has a good finish-number, the keeper doesnt make it. The exactly same shot can be made by another, not as good player, and the keeper easily saves it, and holdes it. So make the shots better, not the keeper worse.

    In many tackels they kick the ball verry far away and often over the sideline.

    The allways prefern to pass/run THROUGH other players. In real life the pass, and run around the players.

    Alot of passes go to the wrong destination.

    Obstruction happens all the time. you havent let the fast players be able to use their speed.

    Thats my list so far! I’m Verry dissapointed in this fifa.. I’f it’s not fixed to the next game i’m gonna start playing another footballgame. And make sure that you gonna get bad rewieves in media..

    To me it seems the game is made this way to cover up things. Or maybe try to make the score relistic. You dont want it to be easy to score, so you make som things to stop chances. Like when the attacker holds his shot, or that the defenders are faster than the attacker, or the way the attackers gets paralysed when tackled. are you fifa-makers really in to football? Cause it doesent seems like it..

    “Fifa12, all you need is luck” Should be your saying. Cause it all boils down to luck in a bad game like this..

    Looking forward to fifa13! It better be good…

  21. I think fifa is a fraud it’s not worth the dollars you pay for it. It favors English and Scottish teams. Everything you do against them goes wrong. It’s one thing if it was slightly noticeable it’s another when it’s clear. Dang fifa!!! I have been a fan like forever! How can one really tell his real level when teams with lower quality players outdo you because of the crap in fifa 12! An update to bring in some changes and make the game fair would be greatly appreciated.

  22. I would like to be able to set (in online modes) that i never want to play against the same club i am playing with myself, and also i would like to be able to set that when i play with a club i dont want to play against countries and vice versa.

  23. The refs and linesman because I’m getting offsides and freekicks against me when they are actually not and the ligabbva players are way over rated eg Messi, kaka, ronaldo and expensive

  24. Can’t wait for FIFA 13 cos FIFA 12 sux!
    But as you can’t predict the makers of the game may come out with something worse. It is just so unrealistic, and I’m surprised at how many people just “make do” with this. South Africa 2010 was great. Now you can’t even move player in a direction you want; then there is the non-existent pass assist which is better switched off. I only hope the makers of the game make improvements soon.

  25. FIFA 12 is easily the best sports game on the market. That being said, there are some AWFUL aspects to the game.

    1) Why, when I score in the first few minutes of a game, can the guy I’m playing just quit, and there is no decision on the game? In a game like soccer, where one goal is so huge, how can this possibly be considered okay by the makers of the game?

    2) Let’s be honest, if it’s 2012 and you don’t have a fast enough internet connection to play without lag, you shouldn’t be allowed to play at all. Why should I get a loss because the guy I’m playing has s***ty internet that starts lagging half way through? It’s easy to check someones speed and bar them from playing if it’s too slow.

    3) It’s painfully obvious that the AI defenders make their decisions almost totally based on what the ball is doing. For instance, if someone throws a lead pass in the air across the field, my defender will run in the exact direction of the ball until it hits the ground again. A lot of the time this means he actually ran AWAY from the forward who is receiving the pass, leaving the goal wide open.

    4) Building on number 3, I’ve had defenders who were actually already standing in a crucial passing lane blatantly leave their position, giving my opponent an easy (and totally unrealistic) pass for a goal. I’ve had three defenders standing in the box, and my opponent’s one forward in the box was able to receive a cross ON HIS FOOT in the middle of the box. Meanwhile, my three defenders either ran away from him when the pass was made, or just did absolutely nothing.

    5) On offense, as soon as a shot is taken, rather than crashing the net for rebounds like they should, my forwards immediately back away from the play. Somehow, it seems that AI players are actually averse to loose balls, which just escapes me.

    To sum up numbers 3, 4 and 5, the AI is decent in this game but is nowhere even close to good enough. Players need to make their decisions based not only on what the ball is doing, but what the players off the ball are doing. A lot of defending in soccer has to do with marking a man and defending him. In a game where you have 11 players on the field but can only

    6) The best players are made to be absolute gods compared to the others. Okay, Messi may be the best player in the world, but he is small. So yes, when Messi engages in physical contact with a player who has 50+ pounds and 5+ inches on him, I expect him to not just miraculously push right through with the ball and end up sprinting on a breakaway.

    7) Lastly, defending with the B button does not work well AT ALL in the box. On one hand, I can press B and have my guy lunge forward and attempt to break up a shot. The cost of this is that a lot of the time, they end up calling a penalty on me. So yes, when I put my defender’s foot within an inch of the ball when the other team is shooting, I expect that he will move his foot to deflect the shot without me having to press B, causing him to exaggeratedly lunge into the forward, and giving the other team a penalty.

    1. fifa 11 and 12 for wii are rubbish compared to the one on x-box &ps3. the stadiums and pitches r rubbish; the commentary is poor; u cant do cheat; u can’t move clubs from leagues to update ur league; no bicycle kicks on the stadium mode;graphics r generally very poor;u need more league and countries, like blue square bet and europa and champions leagues and the worldcup. also, let us make up our own club,stadium and y.acadamy so we can one day have our made up club in the champions league on fifa1on the WII! OH! 1 more thing.wheres internatinal (brazil) on fifa11?

  26. Leagues like Blue Square premier or Champions League, Europa League. Also celebrations like jumping in the crowd or taking your shirt off would be quite funny. Or for ultimate team you should be able to create your own kit and badge to make your team unique.

  27. hmmm…well id probably say when u come to edit a player it would be better if they put much more stuff like the short white extra socks some players put on top the clubs sucks and make the ankle tape look a bit better 😀 .also long and medium and short sleeves.
    would be better if they put most of the shoes.and if a new shoe is released they could make us download it for example.

    they could also add a skill which is a drag step over.duno if its on fifa 12 maybe im wrong 😀 .

    for example if u win a final match or win a cup if they could make the celebration a bit better 😀

    all in all i think fifa 12 is an awesome game 😀

  28. 1)It would be cool if u could be able to watch other peoples games by purchasing seats on the stadium with XP points and depending on the seat/camera angle the expensive the xp points. I could be great cause we would be able to watch online tournaments. Something else would be that some lyrics of the chants could be on the bottom of the screen so we can all chant along with the winning team.

    2)It would also be a great idea if there was an option to be any of the referees and have it in first person point of view. So there could be a different game mode in FIFA12 and to see that i could be difficult being a referee. And there could be some trophies/achievements in that mode. And the better referee someone gets the more XP points they get…

  29. The referees need a lot of work on back passes, fouls, overaggressive tackles – which are fouls even if the ball has been won in some cases. Update the virtual pro please. Yes its good but sometimes i feel its too hard to start off as a midfielder and get to 85 OVR without changing my player to a striker to get assists all the time. To unlock passing ‘upgrades’ or whatever their called – you should have more things such as 10 consecutive passes without losing possession and other stuff. If you can create an achievement telling me I nutmegged another player couldn’t you at least put an upgrade in saying play 10 passes into the 18 yard box in a single match, or complete the most passes in a game???

  30. Hi! I’ve played Fifa12 for a couple of months now, and i think its a real good game. But first of all, Where is the ”Be a pro”? I think you may can bring ”Be a pro” in Fifa13. And its also lots of things who was in earlier fifa’. But as many here has said;It would be funny if the players could fight. But i would love if the Fans were booing at you. And if the fans could sing songs. An example: If you were liverpool, then thei would sing You’ll never walk alone and fields of anfield road and stuff. Hope this gets in at Fifa13.

  31. can you make them dive please,be able to make them fight,make the fans run on to the pitch\throw things at you,hopfully you can these ideas,thank you.

  32. Hi. I have the fifa 12 game already, and i think u guys already know theres no turkish league(or the czech league,wich i dont really miss) what is a huge dissapointment. I know there is Galatasaray in the Rest of the World , but where is teams like Fenerbache and Besiktas? I really miss the player Quaresma, and there were so much more world class players like Alex,Niang, and Guti. I hope fifa gets a license of the league soon. Other leagues/teams what i would like to add are the Finnish league called Veikkausliiga, (there is already the leagues of Norway,Sweden and Denmark,why you cant add this league?), the Ukrainean league with teams like Shaktar Donetsk, and succesful arabian teams to the rest of the world section like Apoel Nikosia and teams in the U.A.E with many world class players like Ze Roberto and Grafite. National teams like Japan,Ghana,Nigeria,Paraguay,Serbia,Ukraine,Czech Republic,Slovakia,Morocco,Iran and Boznia Hertzegovina would be awsome! Please think about this. And also never delete the features like editing the national squads, and related to that, you could add there the good players without a team in the game like quaresma, like that you could enjoy those players in the national squads if not in the actual club. I was very delighted by your national team addings like cote d’ivore and chile. I have been wating for those teams. Thanks. please reply 🙂

  33. Pls give the players the tattoos that they have in real life it will give the game a more realistic look and will surely increase the public appeal and also the popularity of this franchise.
    Just imagine David Beckham playing in fifa 13 with all his tattoos or say Djibril Cisse playing in fifa 13 with all the tattoos.

  34. they should allow you to have more than one team user through out the manager mode o fifa 12. Like they do on most of the sports games like nba 2k12, madden nfl, nhl hockey. So if you have friends playing you can do a manger mode together instead of just play heads up.

  35. It would be so NICE if you could set a region in online mode !
    I dont want to play against russians or other people from asia !!! Have you ever played against a foreigner with bad internet/computer ? IT IS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I leave volutarily because noone could stand such an abomination WITH LAGGS EVERY F**** SECOND! PLEASE GOD HAVE MERCY PUT A REGION AJUSTMENT SETTING OR SOMETHING IN THE GAME

  36. Add The Conference south,north, and premier leauges i think all of us in chelmsford would be delited to see our home team on fifa many thanks.

  37. Needs to improve In bringing younger players through. I was ac Milan for 7 years, and fancied a change so I went to real Madrid hoping to build a new and exciting young team. But the only players I could buy who were over 80 stats, were 29 years old and over. I’m not asking for loads of young superstars coming through but a couple of say 21 or 22 year olds at maybe 77 – 80 would be decent.

  38. i think it would be nice to get on the national team with your pro in career mode, and if you get on the national team you should come to some tournaments like the world cup.

  39. You really need to do boot updates like PES, these boots are getting boring and Nike have just released new Mercurials, Tiempos, CTR’s and T90’s and Adidas hace released new Adizeros and Adipower Preds so the timing would be great and allow VP’s to wear The Black / White CTR’s and Improve Player/Manager mode when transfering

  40. Please i am a very good fan of fifa football games i like fifa manager and fifa i would like very much to add GREEK SUPER LEAGUE and ARGETINIAN LEAGUE also a carrer mode that its gonna be more difficult and challenging

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