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FIFA 12 has been released on September 27th, 2011. Here we invite you to give your feedback, comments and reviews for FIFA 12, to share it with other FIFA gamers and the FIFA developers themselves at EA.

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  1. it could play in the game so technical career, when comes the end of the season venirte messages as if you want to change the uniform if you want to move the mark if you fly emirates if you want to change by qatar bwin Bouman and if you want to change the design of uniform

    1. Here are some ideas:
      Need more south american leagues: argentinian,ecuadorean, colombian, chilean, uruguayan and more. South america is one of the toughest league in the world and also is where the best players come from. (Messi, ronaldo, valencia, alexis sanchez, falcao, forlan and more). Im sure if you guys add those leagues, marketin will increase for you guys.

  2. Fifa 13 needs more game modes, like a referee career and a stadium creator using money earned from other career modes. We also see a lot more diving in real football so making some players who dive a lot would be good as well as a dive button for manual diving.

  3. I have seen comments on various websites criticizing several previous deliveries fifa, not to include in their leagues to the South Americans because America is not only Mexico and Brazil …. in my opinion I agree with them, I would like to see the league of Argentina, the Chilean, Uruguayan, etc … but .. with complete real kits.
    It is my opinion hope it is taken into account by forgetting that america are in their deliveries.

  4. EA have to make it possible to play with ur pro in the national team. That was in 2012 not the option.
    Also if you play with ur pro as goalkeeper u will always get low grades if ur in a away game you start with an 6 and every minute your grade will drop with 0.1 point.
    And also if you play as a prof you only get a transfer at the end of the season thats also not realistic.

    So i hope to see the 3 points in the next fifa game 😀

  5. One thing I’m absolutely sick of is losing connection to guys online and having my DNF modify go down for losing connection. That’s just rediculous. Overall the EA Servers are terrible and really need some work. Instead of just “Finding a game” there should be a game room that you can choose who to play with. Or atleast it matches you up with someone your Skill Level not Team level. I’ll get put up against a guy who’s got a better team and is better than me..and if I leave(Because if i play i’ll get smashed by 4 goals just because he’s so much better and his team is better) so the matching up of players should be configured differently.

  6. a little disappointed after a lot of fans of the FIFA series asking for UEFA material in FIFA 12 and there being none it does get boring after playing the same competitions over and over again, there are a lot of UEFA fans and FIFA 13 would be the most profitable if there was UEFA material

    shooting is urealistic and goalies making unreal saves

    but overal 3/10

    1. at career mode the ecc see it as the uefa it is a good game and improved graphics you guys at ea are doing a good job so many jersys for teams and you have to just love fifa 12

  7. There is a glitch in FIFA 12 when you are watching the game highlights at the end of the matches. If you make a substitution of a player during the 90 minutes, and that player was involved in a scoring play, then when you watch the replays at the end of the match, the player is missing. The ball looks like it moves by itself down the field. I have noticed this many times. This is frustrating because if u want to save the goal to the Replay Theatre, it makes you not want to save it since you are missing a player on the replay. For example, if I am playing with Barcelona and Iniesta runs down the field and makes a cross to Messi who makes a goal and Later on I sub out Iniesta since he is tired. When the game is over, I go to the Game Highlights and watch the replay of the Messi goal assisted by Iniesta, the ball rolls down the field by itself and magically gets crossed into Messi. Iniesta is missing on the replay since he was substituted out before the game ended. Frustrating. Please fix in the FIFA 13 release. Thank you.

  8. gets boring needs more game modes and need ea servers sorting out more to do on UT and alot more improving on career mode. The big one that needs sorting out is the offside and the refs need sorting out the most.

  9. gets boring needs more game modes and need ea servers sorting out more to do on UT and alot more improving on career mode

  10. i dont really care about the tackle systems, the scripts, and i can even deal with those bogus, biased refs. but i am begging you to please take the contain defense off of the next one. on what planet does it make sense for a person to be able to hold down A and play perfect defense. there are a lot of online players that would be mediocre at best if they had to control the defenders on their own.

  11. Fifa 12 is an amazing game. Ilike playing football games very much especially this but if i had something to improve on it would be on the players so they can strike the ball better like Robin Van Persie he can strike the ball very well but on fifa 12 he dosent strike as well so that would be the main improvement. When i first brought fifa 12 i was stunned by the graphics on the players especially stewart downing because if you compare a picture from fifa 12 to a picture from real life and put them together and look at the difference, there isnt none.

    1. Yeah I agree, even like 88 Shooting, isn’t all that helpful. It’s good but not great. You’d think a star that’s something like 89 overal would strike the ball like no other. I’ve noticed that before too.

  12. disappointing is the nicest way i can describe FIFA 12. there are 4 main problems that ruin this game, firstly the collision engine, while fun to watch it is full of bugs and glitches and often ruins the realism. next is the servers, they are the worst ive vere experienced in a game, while online i have consistent lag, frequent cut outs from the EA server (while playing online is the most annoying scenario) and difficulties in connecting. Next is the ultimate team mode, when buying players i have often found that when they are in my squad they come up as “undefined” i cant sell them for my coins back and i have (to this date) wasted 21,675 coins on “undefined” players, which is frankly disgraceful. and finally (arguably the worst and most common issue) is the refereeing, what the hell were you sniffing when you got to this part of the programming EA?!?!?!? its dreadful, they give penalties when they arent, red and yellow cards when they dont deserve one, none are given when a player does deserve one, no free kicks or anything are given when the referee changes the flow of play (which is unfair), i have conceeded many goals from this situation. at least you managed to get the offside rule right (sarcasm). there are other little niggly issues that are annoying (weird ball physics, unusual ball spin controls, penalties are difficult to take) these are all minor things that dont ruin the experience. Other than above issues this is really a good game, passing is satisfying, tactical defending is a clever system, the feud between a striker taking shots from 30 yards and keepers pulling off spectacular saves is incredible to watch, the graphics are beautiful, however the best graphics in a sports game can be found in NFL 12 (hint hint). i would really like these problems sorted out for FIFA 13

    1. Yeah I agree. The online and Ultimate team needs much improvement. And the offsides ruling is terrible. Also if you get fouled in the penalty’s an automatic red card in reality…but in FIFA…most of the time there won’t even be a yellow card for an obvious goal saving foul. Which is completely stupid..

  13. Fifa 12 weaknesses:
    – Penalties and faults are most of the time not
    visually obvious (no slide tackle).
    No player has fallen in most cases.
    – Often defenders are slowed down by the game, they
    cannot send the ball away! This is particularly
    true for PS Vita.
    – Penalty shooting should be executed with the stick
    and the shoot button + L/R bumpers.
    The dependency on arandom slider is not
    – For PS Vita there is no way to control the
    general speed and shooting accuracy level of the
    Often the opponent players are much too fast, even
    at level below pro, while the gamer players are
    slowed down by the game.
    – With PS Vita the score is unrealistically too
    high, since there is no possibility to control
    speed and pass/shoot accuracy.
    – There is no way to control players, which run
    all the time into off-side positions.
    – Often, it looks like the outcome of the game
    has been decided by the game at its start 🙂

  14. terrible game. love it when your winning and get kicked from connection and you get the loss. I also enjoy when the opposing goalie stops every shot no matter what then the other play comes down and shoots well out from the 18 yard box and it goes bottom corner every time. terrible. Figure it out E.A or you will lose a lot of buyers.

        1. My biggest gripe is the AI of the other players u r not controlling! In real life players do not stand around and wait for the ball to come to them. They run after it. I cannot control 11 players at once, give the supporting cast a realistic defensive presense please! Also, the pass assist is horrible!

  15. I think it’s a little ridiculous when your playing online and your absolutely dominating the game and the goalie is making unreal saves then the opposing player comes down and shoots well outside the box and it goes in. I don’t see how this happens. Brutal. Also when your winning online and get kicked for a bad connection, also a little retarded.

  16. Manager mode… I will literally put my entire team on the transfer block and get no offers. No way of earning money during the season to bring in players means I’m fucked if someone gets injured/suspended. Fix this garbage, go back to the basics EA!! For the USA!!!

  17. everything I think of FIFA 12 is on this video:
    this game is empty inside, the gameplay is based on nothing..
    seems to play with ghosts.. very arcade and superficial in every aspect of the gameplay..
    game is fake, there aren’t landmarks, no logic, no characterization of the players, there aren’t tactics, manual controls worsen year after year, there is no balance between the attack and defence, the AI is ridiculous (especially the defensive), arbitrage is probably the worst I’ve ever seen, false and scripted contrasts, scripted shoots and passages..
    the ability of the players doesn’t mean nothing, it’s the game that handles everything automatically..
    the only way to play is that imposed by programmers.. you marks always in the same way, always the same actions.. if you try something different, the game sabotages it.. this game kills the challenge and the fun.. online and offline..
    the hope is that highlighting the defects, you can try to improve .. because after all, these are things that FIFA carries around for years..
    Need more characterization in the players (example, a left-handed use the left to control the ball, in fifa are all ambidextrous), a better balance between defense and attack, more tactics, manual controls more manuals, no scripts, and a better AI (my team mates don’t must play for opponents!) .. players must be the protagonists of the game, not the game for them ..

  18. Fifa 12 is a joke. Before the game was released you said you would bring in ‘tactical defending’ really containing is the biggest joke that you have brought into FIFA I mean you can literally just play with one hand and just hold down the a button and the opposition just has no chance everywhere you turn there is a defender there and if you hold RB as well you can cover the run while someone contains. It’s basically impossible for an attacker to get past this. You should really take containing out of the game and just have jockey in so you can still cover the player but you still have to control him at the same time and use B to make a standing tackle. If you didn’t decide to take that feature out of the the game then instead you could make game preferences so you could have a game where you can’t contain and you have to actually defend for once instead having the computer do it for you. Another thing to add Is the LB button to make other players make runs make preferences for that two because people just basically spam that button and play a ball over the top and are basically guaranteed a goal if the striker has over ninghty pace. So I’m saying you don’t have to take these features out just put preferences on the game do the people that HATE these features can play their game and the people who use these features can play their game. That way everybody is happy. In FIFA 12 you basically get rewarded for letting the computer do your work and penilised if you try to play properly. Hope you listen to my comment and hope others agree.

  19. It sucks, period!!!! They took away the ability to control ur team, it does what it wants to do… Bumping, scrambling, shit that u sure u didn’t do and it’s obvious it won’t happen in real life most likely it will happen to u a 1000 times in a single game. My opinion the next one don’t try to help too much, I like and will be very thankful if u folks from EA let me do the fuckin play!!!

  20. 06-Jan-12,

    0-0 20mins gone….lose connection AGAIN……………..EA SERVERS UNAVAILABLE AGAIN WHEN I TRY TO SIGN BACK IN



    and again i must point out that only when fifa is in the ps3 do i ever experience any form of loss of connection, NEVER any other game or NEVER whilst surfing the net on the ps3 or laptop.

    Basically I know its nothing to do with my fibre optic internet and is everything to do with EA and Fifas rubbish servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. fifa 12 = dog end seriously who made it all the money you get its ridiculas its not being good at the game any more its learning how the game is played in your fixed way some of the stuff that happens would never happen in football dribbling and tackling is terrible and how u get 1 on 1 and can pass it to a player on left or right and can tap it in open goal is so boring now i conceded 4 of them in 1 game where in real life it wud b offside and never b a player on his own .. outa 10…. urm 3

  22. I hate the new Manager career mode. The unrealistic transfers take it from fantasy with a realistic bent to it, to farcical and comically unrealistic. I think it would be almost perfect except for the top players making transfer requests all the time. There needs to be an option to turn those off or something.

    This feature makes it go from having fun enhancing and enjoying your favorite team to having it absurdly disrupted when top players, on top of the table, leading in goals, playing most games with good morale, suddenly asking for out, yeah, the sport is somewhat unpredictable but not that much. C’mon, EA,you have to fix this. Ruined it for me, I’m only playing career in FIFA 11, missing all the other enhancements of 12, but these annoying and ridiculous transfers make it NOT FUN (clarify, not fun in some cases- like I said, would be great if I t were optional or if you could limit which sets of players might ask or something…)

  23. i cant believe no one has mentioned the fact that EA took away the ability to control the time/weather and pitch pattern options in career mode. i play with liverpool. since owning this new version ive played every game, including champions league night matches in broad daylight and in sunshine. england in january isnt exactly bright and sunny. in fifa 11 i was stoked that you FINALLY included this option for me to control the weather. then, for no reason, you took it away and left me with the most unrealistic weather pattern to date. so much for lending yourselves to realism. you spent so much time on that lousy tactical defending you forgot to ensure the game had probably the most important aspect of football, the weather conditions.

    this is without a doubt the last time i will by fifa. in fact, im selling my xbox because most games these days are littered with these same oversights. and frankly, you clowns dont deserve my money. eat it.

  24. THIS IS THE WORST FIFA I EVER PLAYED. Manager mode is awful. youth academy good idea but progression and how they get there is off plus i thought the players would at least play other youth squads instead of sit and do do nothing. I don’t care what you said about player progression but my players only went up two overall in two years besides my awful players on loan which is nowhere near good enough . Defending is primarily used with a B button??? whyyy if your getting rid of the a button why switch it to the b button where your guy just makes clumsy tackles or trips in the middle of the field when trying to hold b to jostle. impact system is all Bullshit. if this were real football im sure full out tackling a player off the ball during the middle of a run would be a foul or something but within this game it just happens and your player trips midrun, ruining the chances of feeding them a through ball. Why would i ever call for another player if they are just containing the person and not attacking the ball. this feature does nothing because if i were to really need to contain the ball i would switch players myself and at least attempt in getting it. I think it might have been a good idea if the controls and setup were set differently. Apparently if i shoot from anywhere i can score now too? Shoot from anywhere it will go in. SO pissed i wasted my money on this. IF they ever wanna look at what fifa they should model after look at 09.

    ALsoooo fouls are ridiculous! stupid ass bounces always go to the other player. fouls are called before advantage. offsides rules don’t make sense because one guy could be called offsides during the cross or ball played to them before anyone touches the ball even if the defender were to get there first. I just find so many flaws to this gameplay. please just give me a job at EA to point out all the wrongdoings in this game.

    from an avid footbal player.

  25. ive been playing pro clubs for a while now and im finding that the other computrised players dont seem to playing proper football they run away from the ball or they make stupid mistakes which then cause us to conceed or make really good chances for their team. Also i find that i have to press the pass button 2-4 times before i get the ball as they feel the need to always take an extra touch which is very fustrating. teams that have their own goalkeepers seem to be unstoppable it is quite hard sometimes to get a goal past them they are way to over powered and really do need to toned down.
    there needs to be different game mode for pro clubs for example one person in your team has to be any, a mode where your not allowed to be any, more cup games, make small league for it like (head 2 head) session. this is a minor thing but it would be nice to be able to change your team name when ever you want instead of having to start a new club
    on general gameplay the new defending it great it makes it more realistic and puts you in more control of how you want to tackle, when you are defending all of the other players on the attacking team seem to be able to out do no matter the stat of the player which makes it more unrealistic and annoys me so much as there are some players that would not be able to pull that of.
    manager mode the same players going to the same teams all the time this makes it hugely unrealistic as some of the players wouldnt leave their team and sometimes it makes it harder for me to buy a player. Also the transfer market is always the same you have the same people under the transfer list, free agents, loan list, etc. this is a very unrealistic feature and can make the game very boring at times as the only thing that seems to now be different is the money.

  26. well feefa12 is jus great. but ive got a complainment. i play BE A PRO CAREER MODE for chelsea fc. after 3 years, in some matches it say we have to forfeit the game cos of suspended and injured players. this is a big problem. a chelsea like team and not enough players? totally a mistake. then, transfers are awful. after 5 years manager puts ftorres in defense becuz therere not enough players. chelsea can not transfer good players. in the beginning of my 5th season with chelsea a news say the predicted finish for cfc is 20!!! this is more than awful. also wen im awarded with golden boot or sth there has to be a cast for it. but i just see a news saying blah bla. and i see in my local many people play be a pro mode. i hope ea will deal with this. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!

  27. I was playing with Arsenal. And I sent Ozyakup and Mannone out on loan. But the next season, it said they returned, but i couldn’t find them in my squad. I then searched their names in the transfer area and they were nowhere. Why did they disappear, and is their anyway i can get them back?

  28. FIFA 12 SUCKS. Made defending harder and dribbling 20x easier.. the game now consists of players dribbling in circles and juking out entire defences.

  29. -Lobbed throughballs are still way too overpowered in Fifa 12. Some of them are ridiculously accurate and land exactly witihin metres where the runner needs it.
    – You should implement some form of radius in which the ball will land determined by the players vision and long passing skills. So the success and place
    ent of the lobbed through ball will vary with each attempt.

  30. when i was managing real madrid, i bid £46 million for david silva and did personal terms. i then got a message saying: negotiations over and he’d joined Arsenal and one saying accept/reject player. so i accepted and apparently he joined the club. but also on the news it said he’d joined arsenal. i looked through my squad and silva wasnt there. so i looked at arsenal and, sure enough, there he was. but the £46 million had been taken off me even though the player wasn’t mine! the same thing happened with wesley sneijder when i tried to sign him and he went to city. i finished with around £20 million as i had signed a few other players as well and that wasnt enough to sign any good midfielders. this glitch needs to be patched as soon as possible.

  31. Sort The Fucking Refs Out On This Game ! Every Tackle You make You Get Sent Off For Its An Aboslute Joke Sort It Out. You Say this game is ment to be realistic … its not you could make an amazing tackle but every time you get fucking sent off. This needs sorting cos it makes the game shit to play !

  32. I like playing fifa 12 i also like the new tactical defending system makes it more realistic,
    but in the career mode there should be more cut scenes like pes and where the hell are the interviews that were on fifa ?
    also if u add it again assure that the interviewer will not only ask a quistion to the manager but also ask a quistion to a player of the team,
    and also on career mode there should be more articles like player that have been saying things about other players en coaches talkin about coaches or players or matches ..
    They should also add like booing to people that have left there team nd playing there old team
    also i dont get it why cristiano or messi like to leave there teams in a while you should change that and there are to many people leaving their team when te transfer window open thats not really realistic at all
    also on every fifa game the same players are leaving to the same team ( example : when i go to my friends i cant say like damn it today wilshere went to man city on my careermode cause it happens in all fifa 12 games )
    U guys should add like topscorers list in other leagues and also the assisting list just like how i can see the statistics of the league my team plays in

    also u guys should pay attention on football on tv cause sometimes i have the impression if u guys dont watch football on tv, also if u do that u can get more ideas from how to desing your game,
    believe me if fifa would get cutscenes nd all the stuff i wrote fifas gonne be the best game ever, also the weather should be on random cuz 75% of the game i play in the sun, champions cup should be in the night
    Sometimes if i play the computer they are playing with tired players why they should change some of them and all that its not really realistic the career modes and all that while you guys have a year time to make a game

    also get the sponsers on the shirts

    please u guys take your time and make the best game of all time cause right know i already think that u guys are better than PES but what makes PES fun is the cutscenes and all in career mode

    come on u name a game FIFA but its not even that realistic, u guys should try more before many people stop playing FIFA cause i was an PES fan but left PES when FIFA11 came on

    sorry for my typing i was in a hurry, u guys do this and everybody will play FIFA

  33. i think fefa 12 is a amasing game but this some basic featers gone wong like when man umited come out of the tunill in the corna then it gous to a difront shot and it shows them coming out of the tunii in the center.
    thease are just basic things that need to put them right

  34. FIFA 12 is a great game but somedays I feel that the team I pick is really fast and it is unbeatable. and other days the same team looks tired and svery slow and they can’t eaven reach half of the field even when I play lower level players. Any Idea why is that hapeening? and how can I fix this problem. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is experiencing this. Thanks in advance.

  35. I think FIFA 12 is SOOOOO amazing the best game
    Ever . far far realistic than FIFA 11. It requires thinking then
    Mindless game play that was in FIFA 11 defensive system .
    The new tactical is soo good. And who says u have
    To wait to takle the ball I get the ball back in seconds.
    U need to practise am so good off the ball and on the ball
    Am now in division 2. but all i can say TACTICAL DEFENDING
    People are not giving themselve time to practise and get into the game.
    To me this FIFA is so realistic from tactical defending . The new dribbling system.
    And the space to pass. E.g Barcelona plays like exactly like they do
    In real life. Keep up the good work FIFA 12 is the best.

  36. tbh i hate this fifa purely because of the new defence system its totally unrealistic u cant even try take the ball off the opponent u got to wait and wait soooooooo crap it gives them too much time to just jog to the goal and the game seems soooooooooo slow the fifa 12 is soooooooo poor i hardly play if i do i play pro club and even thats not as fifa 11 SHOCKING HOW BADLY EA MESSED IT UP

  37. The swap entire squad function in manager mode is a good idea but i think that you should be able to pick a reserve/second squad to quick switch to instead of just random selection… I lole to play all my young upcomers in cup matches and have to hand pick the squad every match while getting teases with the swap entire squad button.

  38. When selecting your squad in manager mode the option to ‘swap entire squad’ is a pretty good idea… Although i think you should be able to select a reserve squad or second team for an easy swap instead of randomising the swap.

  39. well, fifa 12 is a good game. the only thing I’m worried about is the fact that after 6 or 7 seasons i just can’t lend my scouted players. anyone knows a fix?

  40. Ok, fifa12 to me is one of the most unrealistic fifa games made as of lately. Tbh it kinda sucks compared to fifa 11/10. Though player stats are different, for some reason i find myself in situations where a slow ass goon catches up to messi and other players of his skill level. Now, how on earth does this happen? I like the new defense system but thats about it. Scoring seems to be a tad bit harder which is another feature i like.

    Now one of the worst things in this game is the passing system. If i hit A (for xbox) i dont mean for my player to turn around and pass it blindly backwards to whomever is there (happens not to frequently, but it does). And before you jump to a conclusion, yes i know how to aim with the stick while passing, and yet problems like this still arise. Whether it be me passing a ball to a player directly in front of me or when there are a couple players near eachother and it chooses to pass it to the player that of course, you dont want to pass it to. Now this happens ALL the time. The through ball feature has also seemed to plummet in value. To me through balls mean to pass it through the defensive line to an ongoing offensive runner. Apparently my definition is wrong, as it seems to pass it to the other teams defenders foot more often or not.

    Another problem that i seem to run into often is what is and what is not a foul. You guys clearly did not rehearse the rule book when putting in fouls in the game. When a player does not touch the ball, but gropes my player a foul should be called. Just so you know, field players can not use their hands anywhere on the pitch.

    Now when you find yourselves on a breakaway with just you and the opponents goalie, or even just a good opportunity, it should a cake walk to score. They are professionals, they are kinda good at what they do.

    Perhaps a switch to madden is in order.

  41. If this was a new football game being released to rival Fifa (the way it should be) and Pro Evo it would be taken off the market within months due to lack of sales. At this stage (fifa since ’94) we’re just buying the name cos the games are getting worse every year.

    These people at EA won’t stop and won’t listen until we’re all playing a different football game.


    I wonder of all the comments on Fifa 11 how many said

    “change up the defending totally so that it looks even more retarded on screen for Fifa 12 and change the buttons to the hardest set up possible”.

    I wonder how many said “slow the pace of the game down to nearly walking pace”.

    Or said “we’re happy with the fact that the majority of the players lack the ability to do the basics in Fifa 11 (ie. passing) so make sure to keep that in for Fifa 12 or better still make the players even worse”

    Losing the war EA and ye refuse to recognize!!

    FEEDBACK AND REVIEWS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WHAT A LAUGH

    Fifa is gone from a game people enjoyed for hours to a game people turn off within 30 mins.
    Its a bad football game nowadays and getting worse with every year
    As I write this i can’t help see the big “SEND YOUR IDEA” button below. I was on here a lot last year ‘sending ideas’ and reading reviews of Fifa 11. As far as I’m concerned Fifa 12 is proof that they don’t read or care about any constructive ideas we may have.

    Servers are still RUBBISH. The only time I’ve ever experienced losing connection is when a Fifa game is in the computer. How bout improving that next year

    All the poor players of previous games like this version because its sooooooo much slooower and even more unpredictable and inconsistent than before.
    Basically the bad players can hide behind what is a disaster of a game now.
    If we want REAL football with the Real pace of the game and the Real blundering refs and the Real shockingly poor quality of the lower leagues and so on we can play Sunday football or watch Sky!!
    EA need to remember they are making a computer game. It has to be enjoyable. When we finish a game we shud want to play another right away!!! Not want to throw it in the bin!!
    I hear Pro Evo is an all round very good game, I might just bite the bullet and save myself from another year of Frustrating Fifa.

    4-1 up, season online, scored my 4th in the 90th min, game pauses, i think its my opponent quitting……………. i get the loss 0-3. 3rd time kicked during a game, 5 games played
    And its not my fiber optic internet that never gives me any problems with any other game or while on my laptop
    EA are a useless shower of …………..

    The SERVERS are the worst on the PS3. Just not capable of handling the traffic year after year, game after game. Disgrace !!!

    Call of Duty smashes Fifa for gamer numbers and their servers are 10 times better than fifas








  42. Just a couple of suggestions

    1. Make it so we can play teams from our team’s division more frequently. I am tired of playing Barca, Real Madrid, and Brazil. As Arsenal, I would love to actually play an English team! Maybe give options of Any, Your League (i.e. La Liga, International, Premiere League)

    2. Too many random ball bounces in the game. Sometimes I wonder what the use of defending is if the ball goes right back to them, or puts them in an even better position.

  43. I personally think that Fifa 11 was better in the play.. i love the fact that you have given more ¨details¨ not IN the game but in the design and the fans is more present too look at now.. but seriously in Fifa 12 u dont have the chance to play fast in the contra and the ball goes SO SLOW!! its so anoying, its like the gameplay now is more for the ¨Barcelona-play¨ One-one touch and its just so bad for teams like Real madrid and Chelsea and the others who plays theese fast gameplay and just make the ball roll a lot fast.. what i think u should do was to take the gameplay for Fifa 11 and the updatet thing in Fifa 12 like gettin the ball from throw-in and all that and just mixed it together. And come with some new features to play its beginnin too be boring playing only Carrere and Season in the offline-mode.. hope we see some new and different in 2013! But keep the good work, u could work a little bit of making the players look a little bit realistic (Marcelo, Di Maria and so on) 😉

  44. So I see you guys switched from sketch to actual pictures, LOVE IT!!! But what happened to the rest of them. Malmo FF’s entire team has no faces, what’s up with that… #a let down, and on top of that after playing 30 games and the domestic cup won with R.S.C Anderlecht, I found several games listed in the calender that had nothing to do with season, and it wasn’t the friendlies. Since the list league in the games not changing and some being taken out (I’ll miss you Ceska liga), there shouldn’t be any problem in the rights to the picture. You shouldn’t release a half-ass game like that. If you don’t have it, don’t add it. But other than that I can’t complain.

  45. I commented earlier on making FIFA a more personal and customizable game, but I just wanted to add some things that I think would be great for the next installment.

    Looking at other games like NBA 2k12, I’d love to see options in the next FIFA that let you change certain aspects of the game to look how they did in the past. For example, the baggy shirt style of the late 90’s early 2000’s, or former strips of clubs. They do this in Madden NFL 12 as well, you can switch the team’s strip to a retro one used back in the 80’s. It’s just a neat little option that really makes a lot of difference in the feeling of the game. I’d love to be able to play game that looks and feels like one of the old Becham United matches, or Ronaldinho in Barca, it would add a LOT of nostalgia to the game.

    Defending – I’m not such a fan of tactical defending, though perhaps I’m just not that good at it. I seem to mistime my tackles and they always fly right past me. It’s at the point where when I play online, I NEVER press X to tackle, I just jockey and time the release. I like that you can switch to legacy defending, and in truth that’s all I do in single player. If there was to be a new defending system, instead of tactical defending, there should be one like this:

    Instead of pressing a button to tackle, which more often than not is mistimed and is counterproductive, you should just jockey or fast jockey and time the release. While jockeying, the right stick should be free to move the closest defender into a better position. This would allow for much better defending as it would actually be tactical, relying on teammates supporting each other in the tackle.

    You can’t blame EA for trying to improve the gameplay of FIFA, for who would want a game that’s exactly the same as it’s predecessor? But the direction FIFA needs to go in is in making the majority of the game customizable. Hair, choosing one hairstyle and then having a slider adjusting the length of that hairstyle; having highlights as an option for hair; old and new uniforms, baggy shirts like the early 2000’s, or tight shirts and short shorts of the 70’s and 80’s. I think customizing shoes is a BIG one. It’s dissappointing these sort of things weren’t introduced into FIFA 12, but please don’t make the mistake of not including it in the next one either.

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