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FIFA 11 was released on September 28th. FIFA 10, the previous version of the game received over 16,000 ideas from gamers via

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    2. Add the Chile League
    3. Add the Mexico 2nd League
    4. Add the Greece League
    5. Add the Japan League
    6. Career mode to last 20 years instead of 15
    7. Add the Copa Libertadores and all tournaments for the continents and the World Club Cup
    8. Add better players to the Classic ix like Pele, Maradona, Zidane, etc.
    9. Fix when the cpu buys players in manager mode and they have the no. 2 on the shirts. They need to have different numbers to make it more interesting not always no. 2
    10. More stadiums and players
    11. Thank You!!!

  2. More British looking stadiums
    Before kick off choice which end you want to attack or if you get the kick off.if you Liverpool
    You may want to attack the cop end second half for example instead of facing the same way
    Every game.
    If you win promotion from championship to premier league change the top logo and balls for the league your in.
    Change of weather conditions throughout the game and if its a night game in august starts off daylight and as the game progresses it gets darker.
    Better transfer system more realistic.

  3. All i ask for Fifa 12 is that you stop the glitchers! I mainly play online clubs and I am now playing people with and ability rating of 161, 127 etc!! This game would be great if you just get rid or stop the glitching cheats! Its ruins it for all the people who play the game fairly!! I am sick of winning games and then they quit (after 5 mins have past) and we dont get the win. If fifa 12 isnt a vast improvement on this I will be switching to PES which is a shame because i have been fifa through and through.

  4. 1) A more enhanced pre-game analysis. For example, have a “The Player To Watch,” which should be the player whose in best form over the past 5 matches, showing their statistics for those previous 5 matches.
    2) Show what the attendance is for each game, and have realistic variations. For example, there shouldn’t be 70,000 people at Old Trafford if youre playing in snow. I know Man United fans are die hard, but let’s be realistic.
    3) Training Points: for example, if a player scores a goal in a game, he earns 20 training points. You would then be able to use those training points to buy a training session and have a chance to upgrade his attributes, depending on how well you do in the training session.
    4) More enhanced commentary. For example, it’s annoying to hear the same thing over and over again whenever a player scores.
    5) Post-game conferences where you are asked a question and are given three responses from which you must choose from, and you’re reputation is affected by which answer you choose. And dont’t make the right answer obvious all the time.
    6) in between set pieces, show players talking to each other, coaches talking to each other, or fans showing their pride.
    Please take my suggestions into consideration. Thank you!

  5. The worst thing about FIFA 11 is that FC Barcelona was lousy in the game. Simply because the players aren’t as fast or as strong as the players in for example: Chelsea, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Manchester City, Arsenal etc.
    This doesn’t make any sense. How come that Messi has 59 (!) in strenght? :S That is by far the weirdest calculation of a player I have ever seen. Has anyone at EA Sports followed Messi the past 5 years? He is by far one of the strongest players below 170cm in the world. Just look at him when he runs, dribbles, get’s tackled BUT STILL continues. Messi is FAIR PLAY and should be awarded for being so. I cannot believe that Tottenhams Luka Modric is stronger than Messi in FIFA11. FC Barcelona has been the best club in Europe in the past 3 years and you can’t feel that AT ALL in the game. It is way to easy to beat FC Barcelona in the game simply because the players lack strenght and speed and height. Football shouldn’t be based on these three things but in FIFA11 these things outshine everything. Just run to the corner flag with Cristiano Ronaldo, hit the ball inside the area and Benzema/Kaka will win 9/10 times against both Alves and Puyol etc. Then we have Pedro and Villa who are simply useless despite their technique simply because they don’t have the strenght or power to get pass defenders. I have noticed that I always meet Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal or Inter when playing online – simply because those teams are supperior to FC Barcelona. Balance the game. Reality check, EA. One last thing: Kaka on the cover? Why put up a contract with a player that isn’t even top 50 in the world right now.

  6. there was no potugeese ore russian competition and there where no competitions except from fifa 11 chalenge and mandermode there is not a good eropa league ore championsleague and ghana ivorycoast chile paraguay serbia and egypt

  7. I have been a FIFA fan since AT LEAST FIFA 96, and i must say this is THE WORST the passing has been. Im sick of the system guessing who im passin to. I have played MANY games where the passing is inaccurate and just absolutely terrible, its insanely frustrating!!!!!! I try to play a through ball, and i TAP to triangle button, only to have the ball run out of bounds, because for some reason the pass wasnt weighted properly.
    I try to play it to a player in front, and it decides its going to pass it to nobody, but just in front of himself and eventually to the opponents. OR EVEN BETTER, IT CHOOSES A PLAYER OFF SCREEN TO MAKE A LONG PASS TO, THAT IS NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT.
    This needs to be fixed for 12, or else this will be the last FIFA game i play!!! GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT

    Let’s not forget the fact that the player switching is just as bad. I dont get how the central defender is the closest player to the ball when its still in the opponents half!!! GARBAGE

  8. You need to focus more upon the career/manager mode and not on gameplay as this is pretty decent now and has probably reached a plateau.

    Not to be overly critical or negative but there were almost countless faults with Career mode / manager mode.

    Player growth:
    players under the age of 21 don’t seem to grow. of course a player would improve between the age of 17 and 21.
    Up until the age of 30 a player will never really get worse (may loose form but this by definition is temporary).
    There is an unrealistic expectation that players need to play so many games, a 17 year old at Arsenal who plays well in say 15 games a season would shoot up but on Fifa 11 he is likely to decrease overall.
    Players with a low overall rating always have poor stamina and generally poor speed and acceleration, Why?
    Players also grow up to the age of 30 (my latest experience) instead of peaking at about 26 – 30.
    Some players grow too much e.g. Chamakh grew to 87 far too high for a decent at best player. Others don’t grow enough and don’t actually reach their potential to about 30 so you don’t bother playing them as there not good enough before.
    Players don’t seem to retire they play well into their mid – late 30’s some even to 40, without any real drop off in performance or fitness.

    player valuation is awful whoever was in charge of this should be sacked. £11m for Neymar instead of the actual £37.5m buy-out clause. A 33 year old Drogba valued at £32m far too high. Surely this is simple to sort just input the correct transfer values for players.

    Its near impossible to sell any of your players if for example I wanted to sell Ramsey (Arsenal) I would have endless clubs begging to sign him on Fifa 11 I get maybe 4 over 2 months. So need more bids for players and an ability to save these bids and negotiate others.
    Need bids from realistic teams for players e.g no more Huth going to Barcelona or teams just ‘trading’ defenders every season.
    Clubs should inquire as to the availability of players without me having to list them as for sale i.e. Barcelona’s pursuit of Fabregas.
    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to sell anyone over £25/£30m this needs to be sorted.


    Even on legendary difficulty the opposition can’t string more than 5 passes together without being tackled or having the ball intercepted. This means that in a 38 game season (all games played on legendary, full manual) I concede about 15 goals with 25 clean sheets. this goes for any team on the game.

    Simulation/ League:

    The top AI teams drop too many points over a season Man United generally lose 6 or 7 and draw 9 or 10 games this is too many.

    Star players have no impact on the game at all. There is no difference playing against Messi or Ronaldo as there is against any 75 rated player. This is also reflected in their stats, when managing Real Madrid I scored 42 goals in 27 league games with Ronaldo and yet Messi averaged about 13 in 37 for Barcelona over 3 seasons as oppose to the 30 plus he his practically guaranteed to get.


    Players rarely ever get injured, you occasionally get a training injury but it does not state what it is.
    In game players occasionally get injured by challenges but these last about 5 minutes game time and then they are fine. Also the animation is never correct, players will get hit on their right knee and yet in the injury animation their holding their left ankle. I believe that in 5 seasons I have only had 2 proper injuries caused during games.

    If it is too late to include these improvements in Fifa 12 then do so in 13 as your loyal fan base deserves better than to be ripped off each year, surely you’ve made enough profit now to higher more staff and put in more research and development time.

    Finally I suggest testing your game before release as all these faults were apparent within the first few days if not hours of playing the game. If you cannot do this then at least have the decency not to release the game.

    A disappointed and yet strangely loyal Fifa fan (every edition from 97 – 11 from Sega Saturn to PS3)

  9. 1 i just want to say to put best celebrations on carrer and more trophies because when u win is the same.2 really have to have downloads boots. 3 have to have UEFA and the FIFA silo be perfect

    1. Howdy.This aanizmg submit really was encouraging, notably since i have experience became searching for trying to obtain brings this kind of topic carry on Friday.

  10. I love fifa 11 ,really I don’t many complaints about the game, I mainly play online and I have blast defeating my opponents, and im sure fifa 12 will have new feautures, That’ll make it even more enjoyable ; my only complaint is some players are giving generic faces , specially my favorite player Antonio Valencia of Manchester United, can you please give him a more realistic face I would really appreciated,oh I also jbelieve he might giveve the best crosses in the world today thanks ; looking forward to late september to

  11. Purchase the rights to the Champions League game to become enthusiastic and realistic – the millions of lovers of this game want to buy the rights league!!

    Add the World Cup, Copa America, the United European, African Nations, Asian, Allibertdoris Cup, World Club Cup

    Amendment to the things that should be in career mode!!

    1 – Stop the tournaments because the World Cup. Situation becomes a realistic career
    2 – ability to modify the price of the player such as the sale of the 1,000,000 player, the increase of the club does not live the other 1,120,000 ridiculous situation.
    3 – ability to work full-flight warm-up (for real-live)
    4 – friendly matches – do not be random – the selection of Director
    5 – the ability to buy the player and for circulating

    Other opinions!!!

    1 – add more than one Nike shoes
    2 – the ability to rule on the representation (the way in Catalan)
    3 – the ability to mesh the goal
    4 – the public should be more realistic
    5 – entry of doctors to deal with the player on the pitch
    6 – the emergence of players (switch) at one time is not only one letter and other
    7 – You should be a switch more than 3 friendly matches
    8 – change some of the hairstyles of some of the players. Example (when seen from Higuain long hair for a long time – no need to change some of the hair styles of the players.
    9 – put Bdlten guard
    10 – Ability to change the sign of Captain of the player to another player. This is it silly silly silly very

    I hope to achieve what you want to EA .

  12. Although Fifa 2011 did encorporate some new ideas that made vast improvements in comparison to fifa 10, there is one gaping hole in my mind that would make fifa 2012 a great game: more international teams. Where is the Ivory Coast? They are by far the most superb team from africa. They need to be on fifa 2012

  13. 1.More Stadiums, and make the stadiums more realistic!!!
    2.More real gameplay faces !!!!
    3.UEFA Champions League, Copa America, World Cup, Europa League etc.
    4.More teams and leagues
    5.More Boots
    6.Change your kit at the end of every season on manager mode by gettting sponsors n such
    7.Have a training mode where you can actually have an actual training session in manager mode.
    8.Make the way temas play more realistic like hor barcelona pass the ball ALOT!!
    9.Better celebrations
    10.Build your own team and stadium and kits!!!!!!
    11.Be an international manager !!!!!
    12.Should make fans more realistic and more detailed
    13.You should have different free kick and penalty styles, like playes do!!!
    14.You should be able to edit the Woeld XI
    15.Put better players in the Classic XI like Pele, Maradona, Gasgoine, SCHOLES, VAN DER SAR, Zidane, Cruyff, Cafu, FAT RONALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hi
    i have some comments which would make fifa 12 interesting
    1. we need international tournaments like Euro,copa america and world cup.
    2. in manager mode to be realistic there should be a option to transfer the players according to present year at the amount they are transferred
    3. there should be many commentators
    4. there should be more international teams

  15. Should have kept it like FIFA world cup 2010 game because that was brilliant and FIFA 11 doesn’t really explore the international level of football and there should have been European competition on the very first season cause it gets really boring waiting a whole season for europe

  16. -I hate this impact ingine, are there girls on the field!!!!!!! almost every touch my player receives puts him on the floor.
    -U get push off the ball too much and it dosent seem to be workin for me and this is really frustrating, especially when you are better than your opponent and all they can do is push you around, the only way i can win against players like that is to keep the ball faaaaaarrrrr away from them cause there is no way i can win a 50-50.
    -The way how they control the ball is extremely poooooooooooor, there has been countless own goals scored all because the ball is at chest height, and no matter what direction you hold the analog stick they have to carry the ball way forward, this is so stupid and frustrating, alot of the other way u controll the ball just make you loose all momentum and loose your only chance to score.
    -Another thing i cant understand is HOW ON EARTH DOES ANY FOOTBALLER IN THE WORLD MISS AN EMPTY GOAL. This along with the constant rugby tackles makes me contemplating breaking up my fifa cd it really pushes me to my limits. at times i think i expect too much from this so call best football game in the world.
    – It would be nice to hear some better soundtracks, fifa 06 to 08 were the best in terms of tracks.
    – It would to c the sunset matches eventually turn night, just like in NFS Hot Pursuit, i thing that’s the first driving game the time of day changes in -game this is really an wicked and realistic feature.
    -I just hope fifa 12 addresses all these issues.

  17. There will never be a perfect FIFA, its a marketing fraud! If you have a game that works why buy the new one? there will always be ‘bugs and glitches’ to fix in next seasons game with new ‘bugs and glitches’ introduced, as frustrating as this all is, they dont care, your just a nobody customer giving them money and thats all thats important to them…

  18. Fifa 11 was a really poor game I didnt really like how you cant buy your virtual pro in manager mode when you go to a different like man u and u try to buy your vp he dissapears so please put that feature where you can buy your virtual pro please and put more teams international and more leagues and more tournaments like world cup gold cup uefa champions league etc. thanks

  19. Created teams should be available in Career Mode like it used to be on the PS2, where by you are able to switch as many clubs as you want with created clubs, before choosing which to play with.

    When players retire, their successors should at least have their exact gear, if not random gear, because in FIFA 11, they all have tucked in shirts with orange EA Sports boots.
    So by the 12th season, almost every player in the game looks alike.
    FIFA 10 was better at this, and also at showing us the entire list of transferred players.

    Also Club finances should be editable when starting “Be a Manager”.
    And stop taking little thins out of one edition of FIFA and bringing it back 2 editions later.

    More real stadiums, more real boots other than ADIDAS, or, in Creation Centre, we should be able to edit colours of real boots.

  20. the tackling sucks….players always falling over each other in the most pathetic ways.
    player ratings are just terrible..nobody’s speed should ever, ever, be less than 80.
    the passing…….you know what??forget it, im done… fifa 11 SUCKS







  22. everytime you tackle someone the guy tackling takes about ten seconds to move again thus getting the ball taken away from him Y………………..everytime you go to tackle the player tackling trips over absolutley everything its so bad this game is sooooooooooo bad

  23. FIFA 11 is the worst and most unrealistic game i have ever played in terms of football. the player attributes are absolutely terrible. A slow defender always cathes a fast attacking player Y it is so ridiculous…puyol or pique catching up ronaldo in a foot race …i could not stop laughing after that for ages…so funny. you can block people off constantly . the offsides are sometimes wrong. you can just completley bulldoze someone and get away with it . the goal keepers dive for the most perfectic shots. you cant do quick one twos at pace with even the best passers in the world …and the passing is an absolute abortion. Penlaty taking has been changed…Y. the ball just goes through players bodies lots of glitches…..they said they were guna make so people cnt play pinball football and thats exactly what everyone does online. the ea servers are an absolute abortion….and iv broken so many controllers thinking its the people who made the game cause they’re incompetence infuriates me. ONE major problem they still have never got to grips with though and i dnt think they ever will is the player attributes…. i mean do these people actually watch football gareth bale is ridiculously fast and runs like a slow bus…..come on guys sort it out……..everyone who iv spoke to about fifa completley agrees with me on how unrealistic it is …..

  24. When your in manager mode trying to buy a player in the transfer stages I think it would be more realistic if you can trade players from your team for other players.

  25. I have been sacked twice now in manager mode in the 2nd month of the season for not keeping up with my season objectives e.g. winning the premier league

    – The problem is that because on both occassions my teams were involved with the super cup final, charity shield plus early champions league games in August/September, I was not playing as many premier league games as other clubs and therefore my points tally was not as good as the other clubs. My latest sacking was because I had only played 4 premier league games come mid sept and despite not losing a game I got fired. Liberty!! It really makes me not want to play the game again.

    Also, please include the capability of being able to use your chosen manager mode team to be able to play against friends online. That would rock.

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  26. what a bloody f hell with fifa11. defensive control is so so so so so so terrible. although player-to-player is so f close to each other. hard to move. btw cpu also seem much faster than human. always had the ball in f nonsense situatuion. quickly improved in f12. i really sad about it!

  27. Be a Pro Goalkeeper:
    Players never seem to sprint. It makes for such a slow game! Especially considering you get so few shots on goal.

    Manager Mode:
    I’m guessing this is already in the pipework, but being able to spend money on facilities and staff was always a nice little touch I thought. Even upgrading the stadium can be split down into smaller parts. For example, upgrading the pitch, seating, dug outs, underfloor heating etc.

    Having a youth system where you can watch a sim of the youth players and pick out the ones that perform best would be a nice addition I think.

    It was nice that you added the whole custom chants and songs but it would be even better if they came pre-loaded and could be toggled on/off. You have thousands of people all trying to download the same stuff to their consoles when it could have been done once by your team. I know it’s hardly a priority for them, but even if they were offered on xbox live/psn as downloadable content this would save us a lot of hassle!

    A big one that seems to crop up time and time again is the ability to create a completely new team and take them into manager mode. Can this not be done either inserting your new club into a league and then choosing which clubs to relegate as a consequence. Or even better (in my opinion) start at the very bottom and work your way up as you would in real life.

  28. I have never been so aggravated about a game in my life.
    I think that pro clubs is a brilliant idea, HOWEVER it is the most stressful game mode in the whole game.

    For starters, you can never rely on the AI EVER because they are so awful, me and many friends experience lag and delay nearly every single game, many players hack the game to make their virtual pros unstoppable and these problems are only the tip of the iceburg.

    I just needed to let this be heard because there are a lot of people who will agree with me.

  29. I found FIFA11 to be a very poor game as I could not stand playing CM which is usually my favourite game on the game, but because it had no player growth at all or it just didn’t work, it got boring very fast. The online gaming was fine and Ultimate Team got boring after a few months plus i found out you lose your players on the next version. That’s fair enough, but whats not fair is that i paid money to buy Microsoft Points and for what? To start all over? Previous players should at least be given a numerous amount of coins as a head start or a loyalty bonus for coming back! It’s not FUT that really bothers me, i just really hope CM is fixed and i will be happy to play FIFA12. All in all i would give FIFA 11 2.5-3 out of 10!

  30. A whole slew of content improvements are needed:
    -inclusion of several national teams (Wales, Serbia, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, etc.)
    -add Montreal Impact and FC Edmonton so the Canadian Championship can be included
    – Champions Leagues other than UEFA; CONCACAF, CAF, CONMEBOL, AFC Champion’s Leagues
    -integration of international competition into Career Mode, so your player can compete in international friendlies, tournaments, and the World Cup
    -addition of the Club World Cup

    As well as other improvements:
    -more patience and quality in scouting; players such as Toronto FC’s Stefan Frei and Reading’s Shane Long were heavily underestimated in FIFA 11
    -short free kicks and penalty kicks are too complicated; takes far too long to understand and very difficult even afterwards; far too easy to kick it over the bar and impossible to place a shot where you want it to go regardless of how good a free kicker or penalty-taker you’re using
    -CPU allies are retarded unless you’re controlling them, making defense stupidly difficult; they can’t be depended on at all and aren’t intuitive enough anywhere; they don’t make runs on their own no matter how obvious it is
    -signing players is really annoying because they are ALWAYS really greedy and don’t budge or compromise; working out transfer fees with teams are better alright, though
    -the game lists players that are about to retire for transfer, but it only tells you that 4 days later, so you end up wasting half a week of your precious transfer window trying to sign a player that you can’t sign!!!
    -simulations need working on; stupid amounts of glitches (like losing 10 straight games by a score of 2-1 even if you’re the best team in the league); sometimes people doing Manager Mode want to stick strictly to the managing part of the game and don’t want to control the team
    -finally, the stupidest thing in the entire game: 90% of the time when you try and sign a player he tells you that the league your team plays in basically sucks, so he doesn’t want to play there; so, you could manage, say, Celtic from the Scottish Premier League and try to sign the crappiest player with no potential whatsoever on Man U and he would say no because he apparently prefers to not play at all rather than maybe be in the starting 11 or a sub at least; on top of that, even a decent player by Man U standards wouldn’t move to a slightly “weaker” competition even though he could be the MVP or even Captain of his new team

  31. You should put the exact “be a legend” mode of pro evolution soccer in fifa with your graphics and gameplay but a way more complete career mode…. It would be the best game ever!!!
    Especially the stamina of the player should be ajuste, or you should have the option to rest a game because ever champions cup or other league outside the regular competition my player is exhausted. That’s not cool!!
    Thanks very much!

  32. Get all of the tournaments around the worlds UEFA, Copa de America, etc.. Also be able to play all the national teams games World Cup qualifiers, World Cup, African Cup, Europe Cup, America Cup. When your virtual pro gets called up to ply fro the national team of course.

  33. Another idea can be the scouting option in the transfer market. Instead of just scouting the players that listed, it should scout every single player in the market. Also, you should change the fact that you can’t buy some players. When you try to buy them some players don’t want to because they have “been in the club too long.” Also, the ability to include players when trying to acquire other players in the market.

  34. I believe that the fifa game should have another option under manager mode. Under manager mode there should be an option were you can coach ANY national team, and include ALL countries. Think about it, you can scout players, coach Amy national team, and compete in Amy of their corresponding tournaments, such as the euro cup or gold cup. The fifa game could change the tournament name just as it did with the champions cup (UEFA champions league) please take into consideration this idea. Thank You.

  35. The players should be able to untuck their shirts. It doesn’t look interesting to see C.Ronaldo tuckining. Also, in the manager mode, whenever CPU buys any player,he is always wearing the N0 2 jersey. It doesn’t make it interesting. For example, IF berbatov joins another team, he will be given NO 2 instead of a jersey number that has not being occupied.

  36. Hello, i have something that will definately make the fifa 12 more interesting,

    you should make something called “Team Mode” and you can develope your own team and put them in any league and customize your uniforms and players and build your own stadium and everything. I garuntee you will definitely get more buyers if you add this in.

    Fifa User for over 4 years XD

  37. hi
    i have some comments which would make fifa 12 interesting
    1. we need international tournaments like Euro,copa america and world cup.
    2. in manager mode to be realistic there should be a option to transfer the players according to present year at the amount they are transferred
    3. there should be many commentators
    4. there should be more international teams

  38. in fifa 11 i really didn’t see the player personality properly so i was wondering if you could fix that up abit better.also i was wondering when you are buying players,instead of buying them could you exchange players.also this is usually in most of the fifa’s big teams usually have alot of money but they usually buy small players,so i was wondering if you could make the transfer market much much more realistic and when a team buys a specific player they would change their style of play.also those player specialities,i didn’t see them being in action except when someone is a speedster and FK accuracy.i was wondering if you could make a players atributes very important because i don’t see them being important e.g like if someone has poor heading accuracy his headers won’t be accurate.i was also wondering if you could put in new attributes like Determination so if a player has a high determination level like someone like park he will be up and down the pitch give the opposition a less chance of scoring you.Also in career mode when you want to buy a player can you have like a meeting to help you decide which player is needed and if he will be a good signing.also can you please and a feature like team personality which is about how a team plays in real life e.g barcelona like to pass alot and like to use messi in tight situations so if you put this feature you will be able to capture how teams play and if they buy a new player they will change their play to suit that player also.

  39. I think before you guys add anything to the game, you should sort out the 999,999,999 things wrong with fifa 11 first. Mainly, how utterly unplayable the player part of career mode is.

    Thanks probably not listening.

  40. A player should be able to choose a tougher ref. to see a lot more of yellow and red cards, especially with players who spam (run + pressure + COM pressure). this strategy should come with a greater risk of cards and fouls than the current version.

  41. should be able to take shirt off for celebration with no cards, or at least half way take off shirt to cover face. and also easier penalty shoot out. During career mode, replacements for players dont grow a lot and the become useless in the game

  42. fifa need to make it a 3-0 loss for anyone quitting during online gameplay. this happens all too often and although you are still awarded the win you dont get the online ranking points.

  43. Anyone thinking this game is good needs their head checked. A terrible version of Fifa. players that can’t run , can’t pass and can’t shoot!!!!!!!!!!
    Any player under 80 is semi-retarded.
    Simply a shockin game!!!
    Club: a brilliant concept but EA DESTROY IT like only EA can. Players not worthy of the name litter every team – senseless!!!

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