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Your ideas for the next FIFA – Write what you wanna see in EA Sports FIFA 09

FIFA 08 has already been released … Now you can share your ideas for the next version of FIFA (FIFA 09) here with EA developers.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? Which ones should it not have? How should be the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in future FIFA?

What were the bugs in FIFA 08? Which version of FIFA Series was the best one – in your oponion, and why?

Write us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 08 in the form given below. We will send your ideas, suggestion and comments regrading FIFA to EA Sports developers. Be sure that the FIFA developers are looking for new worthful ideas from FIFA fans.


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15,842 thoughts on “Your Ideas for FIFA 09

  1. i have an idea for a sport called MLSD its a fun game were your mounted on a machanical pony with a wooden stick and the main idea is your trying to beat the piss out of the other persons horse wile trying to score points by shooting a ball into a net and theres 4 players max

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  3. i think wii should have more playing options like be a pro and my live season instead of manager mode and i also thin they should include create a player there are many more let me do it in a list
    1. better graphics
    2. 360 dribbling
    3. Arena
    4. my live season a pro
    and mostly xbox stuff cause wii dosent get any good things if wii had all the things hat xbox has we would rule fifa but we dont so please include atleast 3 of does option it will be very helpful make wii have the fings xbox has and possible a fifa 11 demo before it comes out

    thanks this will be very helpful and more enjoyble

  4. put Pele and Maradona and other legendary players in and for manager mode make it so we can manage an International team

  5. Unfair free kicks given to the other team. Please try and fix this because if i do one thing to the other team they get free kicks but if they do it to my team nothing happens its play on!

  6. – All countries at the world cup should be made available that are not currently available
    such as serbia, ghana etc
    – international management mode should be made available alsp

  7. you should be able to be a internation manager
    better gk
    you should be able to buy players from other clubs youth camps and put them in yours
    you should be able to get players at more real transfer rates.


  9. just a brief idea

    well a mode that you manage an country though world cups European Championships
    and friendlies and the mode can be called international mode

    you don’t have to but just a sensible idea.

  10. please if u dnt wanna make bootsjust let us edit the ones uve made eg the colour and fabrics of them and in manager modes and other game modes let us choose the weather also show the teams lifting the trophies when they win them

  11. i think for the next fifa there should be a mode where you start off as a teenager then work your way up, basically more added onto be a pro. before the reserves you have local team section where u play for a default local team, then you try to attract scouts and get signed with a professional club. depending on how old you are when you get signed up, you either go into the youth team or the reserves, then you carry on from there by working your way up. also, i think it should carry on for 10 seasons not just 4, and i dont think that there should be a rubbish tornement, i think it jus should be like manager mode where you carry on. also, i think in be a pro you should be able to get a wage in order you to change your apperance eg. hartcut, boots etc. also when you create a player on the main menu or in be a pro you should be able to choose and what make (nike, adidas) the undershirts or shinpads ect

  12. i think they should put unlimited points for editin a player put more accesories in eg.neckwarmer and tattoos would be cool and way more books and i wud reali like to decide how much tape players wear eg.adebayor and arjen robben,c ronaldo alex song would wear alot of white tape..just gives a personal touch i think would be cool because i like to edit alot of the players makes the ggame more fun imo..cheers

  13. Runs are hardly present I shouldnt have 2 press LB every time the players should be making the runs, the full backs should overlap naturally not having 2 once again face them and press LB

    Also better pitches that reflect real life the Emirates pitch is one of the best looking pitches in the world but in Fifa09 there where patches and the pith pattern was inaccurate, better graphics especially the physical attribute, crossing ability should depend on the players crossing stat I had a player whos crossing stat was on 70 but yet it seemed as though it was on 90

    Realistic weathers it shouldnt be sunny unless its the start of the season but when the months go on it should get cold, wet/dry and if its spring the sun should be mild, presentation shouldnt be like a maze it should be extremely simple like PES, edit mode should have no limit when altering player stats, lofted through passes should be more realistic.

    long range shooting should not be as difficult as it is if 4 example if Lampard took a shot it shouldnt just fly away, cup ceremonies with the cup actually present, through passes are extremely inaccurate I put 1 players through pass on 99 and almost every through pass should have went through when watching the replay, free kick simulation should replicate PES as they have mastered that area

    more responsiveness, better shooting no outside of the foot shooting every time and also its too easy to score there seems 2 be no difference between 90 and 95 shooting accuracy, better stadium pitches no more dark patches and when playing at night the whole pitch should bright up not just certain areas,

  14. please put in so many more boots and edit the boot colours that would be great and in real life do you ever see the white socks around the players ankles that makes it look like so much white tape on players like c.ronaldo,nani,adebayor,maicon,dani alves,yaya toure etc thet would be great and makes the players look more accomplished and for me that would be a great addition..and edit a players hairstyle put lots of hairstyles in please..and edit a player off your team in manager mode instead of havin to quit manager mode then edit the player and start manager mode off again just to have your player the way you want..and fix the transfers in manager mode like kaka cant join a team like wigan botlon etc..edit kit numbers in manager mode…and make it easyer to do skill to beat a player like players like messi c.ronaldo and other flair players should be able to beat players easyer..please consider these adjustments it would be great…thank you

  15. much more non-European international teams

    Egypt, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Japan, Ivory Coast, Ghana, North Korea, Saudi Arabia,

  16. on the legends team take off some players not famous and good enough and put maradona pelé ,eusébio ,zidane , van basten etc.

  17. In the FIFA 09, every team that was in the South Africa 2009 confederations cup is in the game except two teams, Egypt and Iraq. How is this possible that you include a team like New Zealand and exclude Egypt and Iraq?!! Does EA hate Arabs?

  18. for pc im playing league and then start match with my team and other and there have the same kits same color….and i can not change anything….match started i can not see my players all the same please dont do that…we need option to change kits in tournament mode

  19. i really do recommend that they should name a new player acne boy !!!!! and make his play for accrington stanley on wages of £7.50 a week

  20. Hey… in the next fifa i was thinking that we could have are own bodys an faces in the game instead of making it from scratch in the Manage Team section… because i tried to make it exactly like me and it didnt really work. Also the overral level of the player isnt that good either because you only get 10,000… i think you should get around 50,000 to really do up your player.


  22. Just take a look a the PS2 version of the game and you will notice alot of things which are missing.

    we want to be able to get he goalie o attack in he end of the match in a corne if we wee behind by one goal.

    Please make sure that you add hand ball its an impotant factor of fouls

    control the goalie and the defence line in a foul

    and add the ability to change the colour of the cotroller in the game

  23. I believe that an ecuadorian league would be nice because they have improved and it would be nice to see an ecuadorian league. Lots of Ecuadorian are waiting for this moment ad lots of Ecuadorians buy FIFA games. Thanks


  25. There is always one thing left out on all fifa games and ea sports games when you create your self the comantatour does not say your name please put this on fifa 20010 and all ea sports games whould realy make be a pro mode and games like fight night 4 because its real bad when you are called by the nick name you pick spoils it for me thank you

  26. Since it might be too difficult for players to chase a ball manually like I have said before I think EA can add an option to DISENGAGE FROM THE BALL COMPLETELY as you dribble with the ball in front of you. This might be possible by holding one of the back buttons or triggers. Your player would then move independently travelling around the ball or accidentally leaving the ball behind him. I hope EA understands what I mean here as this could revolutionize the game even more. This would allow to run with the ball with next to it as oppose to always right in front of you. It will also help to shield the ball as you run with it since in FIFA 09 you were able to get inbetween the defender and the ball in a standing position (ball shield) but not as you sprinted. In FIFA 09 the best you were ble to do on the run was to use the “face the goal” button to become somewhat independent of the ball. I hope EA gets what I am suggestiing and that they are able to put it in the game.

  27. hello I have an idea that when the player shots and It’s going really hard then the ball breaks the net. I will be call’d as the ´´Netbreaker“

  28. With the game comes a special camera that you get any sort kit(s)x2 and it copys it on to the game
    you choose the payment(s)/cost per league/season and on the computer you send it to everyone that
    has the game and they can choose if they want to play/manage the team on manager mode.
    Next you go back on to the wii/playstation/PC/mobile v/PSP/DS(Nintendo)/xbox 3 6 0 and choose
    your players.simple.

  29. MORE NATIONAL TEAMS – instead of the usual way fifa arrange the national teams they should do it like pes – arrange the league to be international then pick a reagion eg, africa europe americas asia

  30. the barclays premier league teams squad should be…..
    ARSENAL GK M Almunia L Fabianski LB G Clichy CB A Song W Gallas Toure K RB M Randall
    B Sagna LM S Nasri A Ramsey T Rosicky CM A Diaby Denilson E Eboue CAM F Fabregas C Vela
    RM T Walcott LF N Bendtner CF E Adabayor R V Persie

  31. put in coach mode if we grow to level 8 the national team call us for train our national teams or otherswe choose (put more years and more new players because of agind of players and and lack of players of players in teams)

  32. Add ecuadorian leagues into fifa10 they have worked hard and reached new heights and become more widley known throughout the world

  33. Have the correct climates for the time of the match. e.g. night time for champions league games and carling cup matches. Allow every stadium to be played at daytime and nightime, in for example, friendly’s.

  34. Congratulations EA!!! Fifa 09 improved alot on the pitch. However, it still has some elements that have to be worked upon here goes some things to work on:

    – When you’re dribbling the ball it still remains in front of your feet all the time. I want the ball to be completely independent from anything. So that when you are running forward with the ball in front of you you are able to let the ball run while you run around it to either make a cross or position yourself better for a shot etc. This can be helpful when you need to shield the ball from an icoming defender while you are sprint dribbling. Because when you are dribbling forward and a defender comfronts you you either have to use a skill move or beat him by moving to the sides etc. In fifa 09 you can shield the ball but standing, you cannot shield the ball while sprinting. For example when a pass is played to you from the wings you should be able to run a circle around the ball, independent of the ball before you meet the ball and make a one touch cross into he box.

    – Goalkeepers- Oh my God!!! I think I can play better goalkeeping than any of these goalkeepers and I don’t even play at goalkeeper. These goalkeepers would dive aimlessly with no skills or reflexes. The goalkeepers are worse than they were last year. Make them more intelligent and with beeter reflexes and keeper skills.

    – This might not apply to all human coontrolled matches but when you have ai teammates it does. Players need to be more intelligent the do not make right decisions sometimes and they are still too restricted to their positions almost like table football, the never move. That’s why you get the same games all the time. They are not creative and players only move up and down the pitch and do not move into open areas or diagonally. Your teammates always want a throught pass or they would play isolation to allow you space to dribble to, I guess. This needs to be improved.

    – The scoreboard is too small and you can barely see the team names and scores. Make them bigger or better yet make it a customizable option, something ea did really well in fifa 09.

    – Add more African, Asian and Arabic leagues.

    – Add more National teams so that we can set up more Inrternational tournaments.

    – Aerial game- The aerial game was one of the most improved aspects of fifa 09 gameplay but the ball seems to be trapped with the chest too easily. For example when a ball is coming at you with alot of velocity it should take a longer bounce off of you and it should also miss your chest and hit your shoulder or no contact at all everything else in the aerial game is superb.

    – Keep the one touch move on the right stick, it’s cool to be able to jst push the ball forward from a standing position. The only thing is that you should moe more independently when you are going after the ball after you tap it forward allowing you to swim around the ball and get creative with your dribbling and passing.

    – Please!!! give us a proper trophy celebration It makes no sense to work hard just to see your guys jumping half heartedly and no real ceremony to take place. Also, during a game, throuout the entire game, players and fans should act according to how big the match is. I don’t want Final matches or derby matches to have the same intensity as an exhibition match. Likewise, I don’t want an exhibition match to have players wipping and becoming very sad or upset.

    – Add the kids holding hands with players as they make their way into the pitch.

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