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UEFA EURO 2008 Videogame was released on April 18, 2008 in Europe under EA Sports label. By adding some new features and improving the gameplay, it seems EA tried to develop its new football videogame more fans-based than before.

Now, what do you think, is Euro 2008 game enough perfect for a FIFA gamer, or better to say: EURO 2008 gamer?

Here you can add your feedback and comments regarding EA Sports UEFA Euro 2008 video game. You can also write your reviews and bug reports as well, we will list your texts here online and invite EA developers to read them.

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195 thoughts on “Euro 2008 – Your Feedback & Comments

  1. Quite a lot of stutter. Especially in replays. I regret buying it. Don’t know if you’re supposed to get used to that on PS and XBox, but coming from pc games, I never have it.

  2. I really like the euro game. The game is slow and more tactical, you can take players on, one on one
    and actually get passed them where as on fifa 08 if the player wants the ball it will take it no matter wha lol

    Only problems really are the glitches, invisible men and flickery screen ect. Please do not release fifa 09 if these things are not perfect.

  3. I really don’t like that the team of The Netherlands is made up. I bought euro 2008 to play with my favorite country and i just get a made up team in orange shirts and even countries that weren’t qualified have the real players in it. The Netherlands is a pretty big football country. So please fix this in the next fifa 09 and 2010 world cup.

  4. Why is northern irelands national anthem the same as the republic of ireland which is clearly not the correct one???? God save the queen

  5. Why we cant play be a pro online?? when does the squads be updated?, why can you give us the choice of play with the d pad or with the joystick??

  6. ive got the psp version and why is there a fake holland and why cant you do the capatai n your country mode why do uefa and fifa miss out the psp features

  7. i am a big fan of holland … but i never heared about that holland players in fifa… fix this in the nw game

  8. im a very big fan of captain your country. Thats the only mode i play in this game with my mate. Hope people feel the same way and push for a ‘captain your team’ in fifa 09 and fighting to get the captaincy

  9. why on euro 2008 that netherlands and wales have pleyers ive never heard of ? wheres giggs earnshaw van nistrooy van persie robben van der sar ETC ???

  10. i am a huge pes fan… well was until pro evo 6 on 360 which was awful and even worse with pes 2008. but i gota say euro 2008 is a top game. few improvements tho until the ea football games are classics like pes 4 and 5 on ps2 🙂 :-
    – game play needs to be quicker!
    -shooting is too weak and keeper saves practically 9/10 shots from outside the box (even with lampard or ronaldo shooting lol)
    -the passing has improved on euro 2008 but still needs tweeking to be more accurate!
    – the graphics? well cant complain, on hd they are quality!something pes missed!
    -get rid of finesse! dont like it!! curl should be put on with direction after you shoot like pes. much more good goals were scored that way!

    Thats all, hope fifa 09 improves these things!

  11. I think the trick stick on fifa 08 is ok but needs much improving, i think there should be set tricks that all players can do in certain situations that work at least 80% of the time on the oposition, instead of what we have now which is just a random flick or step over which a lot of the time sees you get tackled. So this area needs updating to make it easier to do successful tricks. Also attacking runs could do with tweaking, for example when you press button which sets other players on an attacking run, most dont really run into genuine space, they just seem to run forward as fast as they can which then leads to the through ball being intercepted easily or a chipped pass being to powerful and going straight to the keeper. So maybe if players try harder to avoid beeing near the opposition this would make attacks more fluent and realistic.

  12. Also please could you make each team at least have a goalkeeper kit, or like a deafult blank one made by the companies that the rest of the kit is made by.

  13. the transition between animations is not smooth… the players almost appear to jump in and out of animations

  14. There still isn’t a camera angle (on ps3 version) that looks like they do on tv. for example, all tv and broadcast camera angles look a bit flat because they are side on. the cam angle you watch from on tele ( and on ps2 version of euro and fifa08) pans into penalty areas ,not follow action side on. Also would it be possible in future to be able to change the height and zoom like you could on ps2. It would be even better if you could make up and customise your own camera angles that allow you to change absolutly every thing!

  15. I’d just like to say that its stupid that EA don’t put the real players and jersey for Holland. Like they have a good chance of winning! What happens if they win? EA will sorta dumb the winners are’nt even in the game at that point!! I thought since the 2006 world cup had the real players and jersey for Holland Euro 2008 would’nt be like Euro 2004 with a # for a name. I was wrong instead EA put in guys like de Noteboom…. like ya some people from Holland have “de” or “van” then another name but we don’t have names like “Noteboom”. Anyways the gameplay is still very good but i’m very dissapointed.

  16. MAKE Free CONTROL of the BALL

    The players Run automatic after the ball !! it is SO Bad !!! I feel that I dont have FULL control of FIFA and I will have control of the players !!

    We should Control them and go and stop where we WANT!!!

  17. i am disapointed with uefa euro 2008 . they do nnot have real players on the serbian national team . it is unbelivable . just please put on the serbian league . i beg you

  18. i am disapointed with uefa euro 2008 . they do nnot have real players on the serbian national team . it is unbelivable . just please put on the serbian league . i beg you

  19. I think that fifa 09 should have more animation on the players when they don’t have the ball, I also think that they should have more rain or snow depending on where you’re playing at.

  20. i was also disappointed to find that when an injured player got up off the floor they played perfectly!! where’s the logic in that?

  21. I don’t think you can called it an officially licenced game when all the teams aren’t fully licenced … im looking at Wales and Holland here. plus, at least make the goalkeeper kits for all the teams that actually qualified! apart from these things it was a very good game and fun to play, but its disappointing when you make it to the final against a team of nobodies

  22. Why are many players in the game have not there names. Tillexample: Vidic, his name is Vidoic and he doesn’t look like he does on fifa 08. I’m talking about xbox 360.

  23. More licensed stadiums needed!!
    I think in 360 version is achievable so do it it is possible
    Raining weather is needed in 09 even snow weather
    In course of ucl make it realistic consider ucl as a part of fifa 09 insist of producing
    UCL version

  24. More Players Animations NEEDED !!!

    Players Should do things when they NOT have a ball !!

    Its So urealistic when the players not have ball and they staying and watching!
    players witch ball should move more !

  25. the game is really good but they under rated some players on team Poland and made Poland not so good we won are group but the teams that were in are group were rated better

  26. I have seen Secret Fifa 09 PICTURES of Rooney and RonaldinhO AND OMG!! ITSS SOOO REALISTIC !!!

    The picture is in game magazine that coming out 5.juni 😀

  27. When I see the name official I really expect to see everything on a game. From official kits.. which means all the teams including the goalkeeper as well.. Official teams including Holland.. Match officials. Including the linesman… And subs on the bench with the managers.. More camera angles while playing…
    On the whole I ‘m not to sure that EA Sports are getting it right with a lot of there footie games. They need to go back to basics with there games. Hire more footie fans.. Not computer nerds that know nothing about the game. Football is about winning and rivalry. And it needs to be brought into our front rooms…

  28. I am a FIFA loyal and own almost every single FIFA game to come out…so I like FIFA. I am very impressed with the Euro game but it lacks a few things:
    1. Better Player Customization-Needs to have many MANY more options. The hairstyles suck. And get rid of the ridiculous mullet, nobody wears that anymore.
    2. Players movement is too tight and unresponsive but mainly the dribbling.
    3. Make the best in the game have more personality: Fernando Torres needs to be outrunning defenders on longs balls, Cristiano Ronaldo needs to be making players look stupid, John Terry needs to enforce and knock attackers to the ground.
    4.Too Routine- after a while it feels like the same game over and over and OVER. In the Champions League game from last year we had something to play for. More of those card packs that I went crazy to buy. Even when I wanted to stop playing I still did to get packs of cards and trade online…that was great
    5. Holland……need I say more?
    6. Great addition of weather effects.
    7.Stadiums need to be louder and need to be heard when things are going well and when I let up a goal and such.
    8. Players are too stocky. Most of the players are huge and a lot larger than real life. Throw the game through a weight watchers program.
    9. Much improved passing-although I still find myself saying “Thats not who I wanted!!!”
    10. Give the game more character and more animation like PES. I hate to say it, I love FIFA but PES has is really getting their s**t together and they are great at making the game very enjoyable. If they get more and more licenses and get online play down….look out.
    11. Overall well done but IMPROVEMENTS ARE NEEDED!

  29. the only problem is when the cpu has the ball and you cant get the ball off them because they pass it as soon as you get near them

  30. Good game. Only one problem. When the cpu has the ball they do a stupid spinny ball shielding move when you try and get the ball off them and quickly pass to another player which spins whenever you get close to them. It is virtually impossible to get the ball when the cpu constantly does this espessially in pro level or abouve. We need more controll of our players so we can somehow put pressure on the opponents and take the ball in challenges. Using safe takle your player just walks around the cpu oppenent doing nothing and if u try a slide takle they spin at the right moment causing your takle to be from behind resulting in a free kick.

  31. Great game, better than FIFA 08, still similar gameplay, but overall a fun and enjoyable game. Great game modes, CYC etc. Still i thinkk that the whole FIFA series needs another overhaul as the gameplay needs to be more enjoyable. Why do pepole watch football, what is the objective of football, what do you see highlights on on TV: GOALS. Scoring goals on FIFA needs to be perfect and needs to simulate real life eg. dipping volleys, rising drives from 30 yards, far post curlers (Henry) etc.

  32. I wanted to commend you for your game, but it still fails, for example, it is too easy to take the ball to the opponent, we need that arbitration is improving, it nya not enough fault, are dribles too complex to implement, it lacks animations on the edge of the (players who train) in a match no cut scene + (coach) free kick is also a repeat, we must also add simulations of misconduct or drawings of jersey, we must leave open the possibility the player to save the replay on the hard drive. and finally able to use the camera as xbox vision on pes. and improved faces, which still means, and add a training mode solo or multi, with true enjoyment of football, and also add special event at major competions, like an animal crossing the field, or a man or woman who crosses the field, or a smoke behind the goals for 20 seconds to add realism.
    and of course add the substitute visible during the match on the bench as a nba live.

  33. Really cool game, i like so much, but to defend for me is to hard, im trying to be better, but i like the atack system, really feels so good to make a dribble, nice works for EA.

  34. I’m a Pes fan, but I love Euro 2008.

    The only thing that bugs me is the fact that I can’t change my bench.
    I want specific players as my subs, but somehow the game keeps putting in different players!

    Thanks a lot EA!

  35. Hi dear EA-guys,

    I’ve been a PES fan for many years, before I played primarily FIFA on PC and since FIFA 08 I’m also watching your soccer game more closely, again. First I want to mention what I don’t like about UEFA 2008 (comparing only XBOX 360 versions)

    – “Speed”: The whole game is too slow in my opinion. But I’m not sure whether it’s the speed in general or the way that the whole gameplay still feels (as if in FIFA 08).

    – “Responsiveness”: The players still react to slow to joypad actions which means if I play Fifa it always feels as if the players had “chewing gum on their shoes” when I want to turn running direction for example.

    – “Power”: Shooting in FIFA 08 and EURO 2008 feels kind of “weak”, especially in comparison to PES 2008, which gives much more “action feeling” in my opinion. PES 2008 is also far from perfect, but that’s a different story. Anyway – if you shoot from around 15m in PES 2008 it’s much more of a “wham” feeling than in UEFA. If I do this in UEFA it always feels “limp” in comparison.

    – “Player graphics”: The graphics are nice, but in my opinion the players mostly have a really weird look on their face which kind of reminds me of zombie games:) They don’t feel human enough.

    – “Commentary”: The commentary is also too “limp” in my opinion. I can have great goal scenes in UEFA but the commentator mostly talks as if nothing important would happen on the field. Too little “action” here, also.

    What I like about FIFA and UEFA are the game play modes and the online mode. From this perspective, your games are on a very high level. But the gameplay and “soccer experience” itself still needs a lot of improvement in my opinion. I’m eager to see what FIFA 09 will be like, hope to get a much more “action filled” game this year!

  36. Seriously put the Dutch national team fully liscensed in there, I hate it, they are on of the 10 best country’s in the world at Soccer but they aren’t even in the game?!

  37. Being a PES fan for years, Ive got to say that this game is a great achievement of EA.. But it still fails in some areas;
    – Goalkeepers are too good.. It has always been the case with FIFA series for some reason. When one on one with the keeper you feel like he is the boss and you wonder which fantastic save he is going to pull no matter how accurate your shot is.
    – The shooting mechanism.. most shots go straight to the areas where keepers could effortlessly reach. When you have a good position, space and time you have to be able to shoot more accurately..
    – D-PAD.. THIS IS THE FEATURE that needs to be added to FIFA 09. The analog control seems to be ok but I dont feel I have full control on a player’s dribbling nor shooting. If the new game gives us the opportunity with the DPAD, then the game would do itself justice..


  38. i think the speed of gameplay is bette but i don;t ike doing your own celebations if you score from distance you dont see the ball go in because focuses o your player t is much bette wen the clebrations are cut scene

  39. i realy like euro 08 speed, but jst a litlle (really little) slower would be perfect for the next fifa.
    Dribbles come easier that’s good. but :
    -Hard to score from 20m or more (GK are really good)
    -But Gk are too slow on second ball.
    -The net are to ahrd… i enjoy the move of the nets on pes, get inspired !
    Physik of the ball is better but i think it can be improve yet.

  40. Well disapointed with euro 2008 loads of unliscened teams.
    Just like pro evo.
    EA be ashamed.

  41. really like the passing improvements as well as the dribling system. it’s now much easier to make precise dribles and the chance of scoring on crosses are now much better

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