eFootball 2022 Wishlist

eFootball 2022

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s football game, eFootball 2022. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in eFootball 2022.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) here and will try to send them to eFootball developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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  1. A suggestion regarding the in-game options menu:

    Have the requirement of pressing the options button on both controllers at the same time to access the in-game options menu.

    – Avoiding accidental interruptions of the match.
    – Avoiding one-sided intentional interruptions of the match which could be exploited to gain an upper hand and throw off the competing player.
    – Requiring exact timing to execute the command which could necessitate multiple trials.
    – Changing the existing code of the game to add the feature.

  2. Add “FIFA Manager” and “Football Manager” features in eFootball. Turn it into the number one soccer management game.

  3. – Playstyle Proficiency should have it’s own leveling system separate from progression points. There shouldn’t be any hindering of player stats for playstyle. Just make it gradually harder to level the playstyles as you max a specific one.

    – Change the stat leveling system from grouped stats to individual stats, and maybe a buff to the levels for more unique builds.

    – Different player models for the type of card they have. (i.e – Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus all looking like they did at the time.)

    – Make promo players easier to access(i.e – attain 1 specific player from each promo through objectives.)

  4. If playing on steam and using a ps4 controller. It doesnt reconize it. I dont now if it is hard to make but maybe let the game detect if you are using a ps4 controller and giving the buttons information about that. it is a good game! Keep up the good work!

  5. Please don’t put fake names in the National teams. It’s just stupid!
    Right the correct names on ALL National teams and add more National teams from Africa and Concacaf. AT least 24 African national teams and 12 Concacaf national teams so we can play the African Cup or the Gold Cup with the correct number of teams.

  6. My wishlists are to add as follow efbet Liga (the Bulgarian league), A-League (the Australian League), Prva Liga (Serbian First League), The Norwegian First League and Alpha Enthiki (The Greek Premier League), license the Bulgarian, the Australian, the Serbian and the Norwegian national teams and also add the option to create our own boots, stadiums and 2 or more colour hairstyles option. Thanks.

  7. Pes 2021 myclub clan match are great playmode. I hope we see that mode eFootball 2022 also.

  8. Everyone disgusted you with comments, and went crazy seeing what this game in the picture, I mean graphics, rather wait a few more months and let the top graphics come out, or at least at the beginning like pes 2021, and after that in a month two top on ps 5 console !! Trust me if it’s really addictive gameplay like pes 2006 with these great things that you announce like a spike, much better one-on-one dribbling that we haven’t experienced in years, and what is written that we determine the speed of dribbling, which will lead to more action , offenses, madness, exclusion, but also the possibility of taking risks, and reading the game, and stealing the ball, and offer us ps 5 graphics, all these injured will return, their hearts will be in place, and they will beg your forgiveness! you stab your back, rather wait than throw out the ps 3 game while we all stop buying playstation 5 and premium television !!! Give us the opportunity to pay for all the types of clubs we want, licenses, and some other things, and believe me we will pay, but for real football, and real graphics, not a playstation 3 game !!! If you know how to dose this, your dog will return branches, and sweep the fifa, or dig a grave yourself … it’s up to you, of course, not to script the game, to see the difference between stronger and slower players, and stronger and weaker, and that ratings mean something, not control game !!! Please order this konami !!!

    1. and with constant upgrading and lidakstening to the audience will come to the top football for years, and crash the best pes ever pes2006, and will earn you great, and crash fifa, not when we wait for playstation 5 to give us bad graphics, and we waited this year like the sun , don’t do that !!!

  9. Pes 2013 oynuyorum hala , çünkü ondan sonrasi çöp heleki 2021 rezalet . bence 2013 e donup bakin ve basit degisiklikler yapin sadece oyuncu kontrolleri duzeltebilirisniz oyuncu yuzleri , transferler bazen klasik seyler iyidir. konustugum arkadaslarimin hepsi benim gibi dusunuyor siz bildiginizi degil bziim istedigimizi yapin dha cok para kazanirsiniz.

  10. We would like to see Qarabağ FK in E Football 2022! It’s a club with a huge fan base in Azerbaijan and we always play in the European Competitions, mostly europa league! We have been before in the game but we want to be consistently included in every year’s edition! How can you not include a team which has a fan base and popularity greater than many teams in the “other European teams section”?! Same goes for Legia Warsaw, it should be included as well!

  11. I personally like the direction pes is going with regards to gameplay and master league. But you really need to add this offline single mode very soon after pes 22 is released because this easily the best mode on pes and the only reason why I play pes as do many others. If You keep on improving master league then I will keep on buying it.

  12. Yo quiero que agregen la liga de Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua y Panamá.

  13. What we have witnessed here today is unforgivable. Disgusting from Konami, they have outdone themselves with their worst reveal ever, a new money grabbing entity they call e-football that was little to no resemblance to PES. You should be angry and disgusted. Recap in thread.
    Lets recap on the reveal, its horrific tbh

    PES as we know it has been gutted and rebranded into a fortnite like loot box abomination.
    PES has been ported DOWN on ALL platforms gameplay and graphics wise to make it at home in the mobile gaming eco system, a mobile cannot handle the game mechanics a console has or cannot process the tactical and 11 vs 11 calculations a console would to make PES seem something like a game of football, mobiles simply don’t have the processing power to do this, on next gen we are getting a re-skinned mobile port with limited gameplay mechanics so mobile phones users can brag about beating a PS5 user.
    Offline modes gone. Is this a joke?
    The game at launch is free with 9 club. Seriously wtf, 9 clubs? no video game with any quality is free. Incredibly stupid from Konami.
    Modes will be rolled out as the year progresses. Remember when we used to complain about transfer not being sorted weeks after the game launched? Well now we will be asking in December where is Master league, is it coming back ever? Are any offline leagues going to be playable ever again? and given how slowly Konami updated transfers don’t expect any add ons to roll out quickly or smoothly.
    The in game banners and new menu colors are extremely ugly.
    Konami made promises. The promised us a new gaming engine and that they were taking two years out to develop PES2022 to make it the best ever. This was a lie. They took two years to make a pay as you play, or pay to win title that is cross platform and nothing to do with football but everything to do with money.

    Quite simply they have focused their energy on profit and not the games, how to get as many people playing and paying for DLC.

    I had really high hopes for PES2022, new engine, two year development cycle but I could not have predicted this. I was expected at least an attempt at making a proper next gen game with a new engine and graphics. This is something else, this is corporate greed. Its like they fired the head of development and replaced him with a money man.

    PES is gone and e-football is here. After seeing the reveal I would kill for one of their usual run of the mill terrible reveals but this is something different. They have sold the soul of the old game and what it might have been.

    PES is literally dead now, they have created something new that is not focused on the fans or gameplay. Its a cash grab. You have every right to be angry about this.SHAME ON YOU konami!!!

  14. pes 2022 free game after konami took a two year break and announces a new engine, great game, and we great graphics real addictive game with new animations and what do we get this football name change used for years of this football, let another company do it, from today you have lost another fan of a crazy fan, you are ashamed, and I wish you failed, the pes falls on low branches anyway, and lived fifa !!! R.i.p. e fotball r.i.p konami r.i.p.

  15. I don’t know why Konami doesn’t look at a couple of simulators like virtual soccer pro where there are great goals from a distance, and top shots in the undergrowth, and goals on the ground, and rush footbal 2 which is beautifully made, here today I watch youtoube new video Pes 2021 Final Realim Rewiew : The end of an era in Football simulation, great movement and throwing players into space, great diagonal balls, and from side positions that throw players 1 on 1, and 2 one with the goalkeeper, and playing the goalkeeper on an empty goal, and running on defense goalkeepers, bounced balls, and goalkeepers, and a great game with the head, and head kicks !!! with fifa, and a pes because we have been waiting for 10 years for real infectious football, not a scripted game, in which we depend on al, he controls the game not us, but also on the forms and ratings of the players, not that he played the same feeling with Paris, Real , or Benfica !!!

  16. Just thrown PES 21 UPDATE in the bin… It is pathetic (GARBAGE) … Get back to the ‘drawing board’, Konami… take a good look at PES 13 and realise everthing since has been flawed… Make all Konami programmers study how FIFA does things properly… Copy from them… Learn from them, until then I won’t play PES again even if I was given a copy for free… I’d rather play FIFA 14… PES 17, 18 and 19 went to the local charity shop… PES 21 went straight into the bin… Think about that Konami

    1. kesinlikle katiliyorum , hala pes 2013 ü guncelleyip oynuyorum , oyunu guncellemeyi birakip oyuncu yuzlerini ve reklam panolarini guncelleseniz dha cok tutulurdu.

  17. I have played the last pro evos (7.8.11). The last 2 months, and they are awesome! The music the whole theme in them and so much is happening in the matches, the fans singing, yelling.. Its so cool. Even the music uplifts your mind and its fun. I wonder what our ears has ever done to you in the last 10 years 😀 because the music now… Its sad that it has chanced so much that all i do to that is mute them all :/. Bring back those awesome songs and themes from older Pes games!

    Make pes fun again like old times, not like its feels doing work… Playing matches after matches with nothing to get..

    Love the game! But make it fun little bit more.