eFootball 2022 Wishlist

eFootball 2022

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s football game, eFootball 2022. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in eFootball 2022.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) here and will try to send them to eFootball developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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  1. Konami no longer knows how to make good football, and doesn’t listen to his fans, because they wouldn’t be waiting for real infectious football from 2013, full of games, goals, reversals, great long shots, volleyball, legendary sprints, beautiful dribble animations, more fouls, exclusions, animations of goalkeepers, referees are a horror, there is no crazy commentator who further raises the atmosphere, shouts gooool, charges pressure when you press hard on your opponent, and the audience that jumps on opportunities, goalie defense, audience that follows events on the field, and with There are different starts, nice animations in defense, setting as in real life, so when you turn the player to spin, he slips and loses balance, here every player is the same, the same speed the game is filtered and funny, those player ratings mean nothing, what’s worse is that the game is unplayable, boring there are no wizards in the game of nice short quick passes, and special ones that throw out one on one, and if possible 2 on 1 s return tarom, and the movement of the players is tight, there is no nice crossing, and false movements !!!

  2. Those who played pes beta 22 tell me that it is a slow game, I hope more that it will be playable like pes 6 and 2013, the last great football and that it will be a faster game, and raising and lowering the pace of the game, not too fast or too slow !!!

  3. Ciao Konami spero pes 2022 abbia un gameplay migliore non la solita m……a di 2021 migliorare di molto arbitraggio non e possibile che appena lo tocchi e’ fallo e’ ftrustante fa passare la voglia di giocare …….. fa pena please please please please inserire editor dove poter inserire campionati nella master league e poter creare serire minori al di sotto di ogni campionato tutti i giocatori desiderano questo migliorare i regen ecc…

  4. I hope that pes 2022 will have a much more addictive gameplay than in previous years, when it didn’t look even close to kings like pes 2006, and the last great 2013! Pes 2016 and 2017 were playful, and they weren’t scripted and everything else was frustrating , games without goals, reversals, unexpected things like goals in the first minutes, 90 plus, exclusion, two, well, on both sides the ratings meant something, and it wasn’t the same whether you played with club brugge or real, and choosing players transfers were a wonderful thing, and who will have the strongest defense, midfield, or attack and who will have the best team, teamwork that has not been in the ratings for years !!! he hits from 20 to at least 19 three-pointers, and in these scripted games you can put everything on the strongest you can’t go one on one, jump higher, be fast, stronger in a duel, put 99 speed strength, and again you pass with any team, and scores goals especially on the legend! The pes has long been a funny game full and bugs, and we depend on our controls, but the game manages them, and plus all that ratings, and player forms are not worth, but there is no fiery atmosphere, the audience, the referee is terrible, lacks beautiful dribble animations, goalkeeper defense, more possibilities of fouls, delaying the game, yellow for it, losing the balance of the player when you pass it, a lot of things are missing !!!! Konami listen our fan please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. that the accuracy of everything you said, you should look at the ratings in the nba, where when you put on 99 scores, this one throws every three, and here whatever you do there is no difference because you do not depend on your controls, and the game and al manages it, you can also put 99 speed and strength in the defense again you will not have a top defense, the ratings mean nothing in the game that is filtered, scripted, and it leads the main word !!!

  5. I watched it on YouTube and tell myself the same garbage as before. Still let’s try and download for ps4. Presentation, me and those horror things as before. Just like someone wrote when you enter a game, you come to turn it off right away. The stadiums are fine, the pitch is not good for me, the cheering is great, and the game is starting … Wow, convincingly the best football so far or at least to write that this has huge potential if they fix and polish it well. He played two games and enjoyed the old dog games like he used to. Gameplay is great. There is no such movement as if they have brooms in their buttocks … In fifi, my problem is that players turn unnaturally fast, and even in slow motion it is too fast. Which is a big pity because the fifa is in everything else a spaceship for a pes. Other than playing, at least the one that follows us. I played united and the cheering is great. When I just remember I don’t know which song when some drums and some disgusting noise were heard. Terribly. This is great now. Player movements, midfield fights, punches, player faces … I imagine this on ps5 and I warmly hope that it will improve as well as his career. So, this game has huge potential and I hope that dribbling animations one on one will be much better, and the difference between good and top players, that there will be legendary barely sprints, goals, reversals, exclusions, that ratings will mean something in this game. . , and that he will not be scripted, but invincible and plays every game the same !!! Return the teamwork ratings in the game, and let us put our music, maybe even pictures !!!

  6. This pes 2022 demo controls are terribly slow and frustrating, and konami never listens to his fans, and this will be a continuation of s*** like, and so far especially the last three years. dog 2022 is my last dog. Goodbye konami !!!

  7. Just I wanted to share more iconic moments players that were in previous Pes versions and we should have seen them in the game for sure, so hopefully they will add them to Pes 2022:

    All of them like iconic moments

    – Ronald Koeman
    – Hristo Stoichkov
    – Michael Laudrup
    – Ronaldo Nazario
    – Gary Liniker
    – Bernd Schuster
    – Samuel Eto’o
    – Dani Alves

    Thanks for sending this back to Konami!

  8. 1. Stadium creator or at the very least, more KONAMI stadiums that can be assigned to emulate real life ones.
    2. More player skills in ex. : 1-on-1 shot stopper for goalies, 1-on-1 goal scorer for players, set piece specialist for long range free kicks where long balls are used and corners. Tackling speciality for defenders, so defenders also have varied playstyles. DF leader and Covering skills, like in old PES titles, for players that can make offside traps and lead the defense. Also players should be able to have more than 10 player skills, possibly depending on their rating. Example: Neymar: There are 9 player skills designated for dribbling moves only, almost all of which neymar deserves, which leaves no space to assign him playmaking or shooting skills which he also deserves to be portrayed accurately.
    3. More defined player stats, another topic that can be solved by looking at older PES titles. I loved when Weak foot accuracy and frequency went up all the way to 8, instead of 4. It allows for more player variety, and to differentiate playing styles. For example Santi Cazorla, who is ambidexterous and takes corners with his left and right(which should also be added as an option if the player has sufficient WF accuracy/frequency). Then you have Modrić, who also has a very accurate left foot but barely uses it. Another stat I would like be added, is Penalty kick accuracy. I dislike the fact that place kicking is a singular stat. There are so many players, who are penalty specialists but never take Free kicks, and vice versa.
    Possibly do the same with with finishing, where it is separated into finishing and shot accuracy, former being for goalscoring, and latter being for long range shots. Not all poachers are good at long shots ex. Icardi, and not all players with good long shots can score inside the box like prime Ronaldo, which has occured a lot to me in pes 2020. Separating crossing and lofted pass is another good idea, same principle, not all great long passers have a great cross example Sergio Ramos and vice versa. Another great stat I liked in old PES titles was mentality and teamwork, a show of how active a player is and able to work with a team’s tactics and press the enemy team, as opposed to having pacey players fly around the pitch, intercepting everything.
    4. Better Player and AI responsiveness; namely during L1 switching, defending, and offensive passing/crosses. It’s been very bad the last two years. On top of that, Goalkeeper animations have been very 2 dimensional and predictable, again look to older PES titles for variety and realism.
    5. Better stadium atmosphere. The current one is boring, repetitive and gets drowned out by other sounds. We want more fan chants, flares, booing, clapping and that it is timed properly and not random on a loop.
    6. Add a qualifications mode for competitions in the game, be they licensed or unlicensed. I remember playing qualifications for EURO and world cup on pes 2011/2012/2013 and then playing the competition with the teams that got through. This should especially be a priority with the EURO being licensed.
    7. More other european teams no matter which ones. Licensed teams with kits and players add to diversity and variety in the game, especially ML.
    8. Varied goal celebrations, they should not be limited to 2 per player. and there should be more unique (r3) celebrations like Neymar’s
    9. Bodies should be meshed under the shirt, so tattoos are visible and for example when neymar takes his shirt off we can see the tattoos and it’s not a placeholder body. As well as bringing back leg tattoos.
    10. Fix the crossing animation; I am yet to see a single cross hit with the inside of the boot, curling towards the goal from open play. It is always a generic lofted pass, and it ruins the immersion.

  9. I’m just watching a video from pes 22 beta, and even though it’s still in development, and very bad graphics, and much better, and a nicer shot must be, it seems to me good movement, although it can still be better, and even better players to enter the space, and offer to attack, especially when a fast player conquers the space, and that you have the option of more to play, but I hear and read comments from people that reminded them of the glorious days, and that old gameplay, and feeling pleasure, I hope to return, not a scripted game, with even better strokes, and animations like on virtual soccet pro, and rush footbal 2 !!!

    1. Yes this is good gameplay in development, it still needs better movement, but it seems much better ball flow, and dribbling, and passing around the player, control without fast running, hopefully even better, and script rate !!!

  10. What i would love/expect to see in PES 2021 sorting from first wish to last:

    1. NEW ATMOSPHERE/CROWD, when playing derbies, (etc Real Madrid – Barcelona) to actually have feeling and heat that we are playing biggest derby in the world, new animations, when my team is playing at home and having a counter attack crowd needs to get hyped, especially if its late game and its tied, or if my team is down by one goal.. if we are losing 0-2, 0-3, that crowd start leaving stadium… they also can add when the opposite team scores and they are performing celebrations that crowd throw something like drinks( only in derbies) to add that feel to the big game. Also having different and best atmosphere in UEFA Champions League matches, Europa league, cup finals, and big games like derbies or when we really need points… I REALLY love crowd in real life and good atmosphere on stadium so thats my biggest wish for PES 2021.

    2. MASTER LEAGUE IMPROVEMENT, NEW menus, a lot more various questions on interviews, DYNAMIC COACHING – that we actually can get fired if we perform bad, to have a menu where we see board expetactions and how board are satisfied with us, to get front office more involved in ML, new transfer negotiations( maybe add cutscenes like in fifa when negotioating with player), regens and youth system.. If team is playing bad and not having good results stadium capacity not to be full…

    3. AI IMPROVEMENT, AI to be improved in big way, i feel like if I go on 3/4 win streak(especially in first season and with not that good team) im gonna lose next match no matter if my opponet is Barcelona or Elche especially , AI just become overpowered and i cant do nothing, their goalkeeper is gonna turn into a GOD… Also in first season if you are battling for league, or champhions league spot, and if you need 3 points for it youre gonna LOSE the game or other resulst ALWAYS goes against me.. FREE KICK OF AI IS GOING TO BE A GOAL IN 90% of times, sometimes AI start playing like GODS when AI goes down by goal.. Also i have feel when i start new match i know when it is going to be my win or if im just gonna get ripped by AI unreality… And other things that are bothering pes players for years..

    4. GRAPHICS/ANIMATIONS IMPROVEMENT, tbh i dont care if I play on the same graphics like PES 2021 with mods and everything we can get if everything that i told above is gonna be implemented in the PES 2022, but knowing Konami there is little chance about that, player bodies/kits are looking pretty good in this alpha build test, they need to improve GOAL NET to be realistic and its physics to be on point, NEW ANIMATIONS/reactions on when player is fouled, when getting booked, missed shot, new walking animations when players entering field, or leaving at halftime/end of match, that animations of players leaving and how they are walking is in PES from like 2017, put goalkeeper picking up his bottle of water, players getting to the ref complaining, talking to each other, not just going straight to the locker, just little details would improve this game so much. For graphics im good with it, maybe some good next gen turf would be sick.

    5. DYNAMIC WEATHER, i saw somewhere that unreal engine is pretty good with dynamic weather, maybe they can implement that in game, so sun moving up the field from time to time, RAIN/SNOW TO BE REALISTIC, nice rain feel would be good for the game.. snow to be realistic, covering up ground, maybe adding animations on halftime how workers on stadium are clearing it(okey im just dreaming too much :D)

    If we get one from this list of five i would be okey with that 😀

  11. For My Club,

    1. Add single player seasons mode
    10, 10 game leagues where rewards increase the higher up the leagues you go, – could also have this for
    multiplayer also (For signle player allow users increase game difficulty)

    2. Add a proper transfer market
    Allow users to sell duplicates on a transfer market system

  12. Hi all. Firstly sorry for my English. So let’s start. I would like to say that, it would be nice if the players have more ability details like previous PES versions and FIFA, such as “tenacity”, “team work”, “dribble speed”, “short and long pass speed”, “responsiveness” and etc. And more detailing in “Become a Legend” mode. In this mode when we create a player we are able to choose a type of “Playing Styles” we want, but we aren’t able to select the “COM Playing Styles” as well. It would be perfect if we able do that. Also I want that the players have playing styles for each positions they can play. For example: We can take the C.Ronaldo. His base position is LWF and at this position his playing style is Polific Winger and this style works for RWF position as well. But he also has other positions, such as CF, SS, AMF and etc. I want that, when we put him in CF position his playing style automatically get change to Goal Poacher (for example), or in AMF position to Hole Player, and etc. related to his ability and playing styles at each positions. And let this work in “Become a legend” mode too. Let this we make a decision to choose the style for each positions we want and then be able to edit these in Edit Mode. For example, I create a CF player with Goal Poacher style in Become a Legend mode. But the Goal Poacher style works only with CF and SS positions. Then in training I want to earn RWF position but also want that it has Polific Winger style and then AMF position with Hole Player style. This means that a player can get and play “Multiple Playing Styles” for different positions. Thanks for your time to read this.

  13. The number one thing wrong with master league every single year is regen players. There are literally hundreds of free agents that never join anyone so it’s not like you would run out of players.
    If players never retired before 35 then that again would give it more longevity. Having no young players coming through is better than having regenerated ones which kill the realism anyway.
    Signings need to be far more realistic – again your have players rated 75/80+ just sat idle in the free agents in reality they would be snapped up instead they just retire at 29 and come back at 16! At least give the option to turn regens off instead of being forced to play ML so that after 3/4 seasons it’s almost unplayable as everyone just starts reappearing so CPU teams don’t realistically rebuild they just have mostly the same squad they started with.

    A new in game ground designer or more genetric grounds needed!

    I don’t agree with it’s a bad game or was much better before as someone who has hammered every single one since ISS Pro on PS1 in 1997 it’s clearly still a good game to play but the ML added to its consistently better than fifa gameplay but it needs some TLC and getting rid of regens would be a huge step forward!

  14. the pes has been garbage for years, and in recent years filtered garbage, and bottomless holes maybe once again give konami an opportunity, and buy a pes 2022, and if it is a game without movement without that gameplay, tension, game control, goal action, in which statistics, and forms mean nothing it would be my last pro evolution soccer so my whole generation switched to fifa, and I hope the return of happy days, and joy, then I would buy a playstastion 5, when the king would return !!

  15. new engine launcher old script, and pes trash we don’t let horses make us idiots anymore, he played us for years, and this is not a game that won our hearts, the game is damn artificial, there is no tension, fun, fluidity and her but al controls the game, and events on the field, if they do the same for years, why trust them at all, and you have 3 more months until another disappointment !!!

  16. I have to say this when it comes to filtering the game … For example, it’s stupid to make al too weak, and to beat him every game, but that should be balanced as it used to be when we were excited about this game, and that he didn’t play the same against Brazil , french, and gilbratara it’s funny of course if ai good, and you have a great team that you will beat these weaker l, but it’s ridiculous, and stupid to have for example in the team mbpaea, messi, ronaldo, neymar, maradona, and yet these win each, with any team, and they play the same, and the charm of the game is that, even if you put such a team on the computer to run you over, and it’s harder to play with them, but then you choose better defensive players and you beat one of them, the other one you, and so that was the charm of this game, every game is new, depending on the form of the players as it is, and the ratings this is a real shame today, bring back more lost fans, and that fifa looks back at us for years until playstation 6, it would be really nice !!!

  17. This is the worst PES games because of this scripting thing. What the use of making player statistics if in the end it doesnt matter at all? In the past I can still having fun with mid table teams vs superstar difficulty AI teams. But now even with all stars team, sometimes the players just intentionally become retarded. This game is just unplayable.

    Today, I deleted PES2020. I’ve been playing this game since Winning2000, but this version was just awful. Scripted? I feel betrayed by Konami. I trusted they are the group of people who are passionate about soccer and proud of what they are making. This act is like begging for the change on the street (actually, it’s worse than that). Shame on you Konami. You won’t last long if you are treating fans like this. Sayonara Konami!

    I played master league on superstar on both pes16 and pes19, i noticed a huge scripting since 19, but pes20/21’s scripting is way way worse, it totally ruins this experience of the “realism” Konami kept talking about, scripting can’t be a part of the realism. Do goalkeepers exist only for the AI? no because everytime i concede a chance they score from the weirdest positions. Also aside from the scripting, didn’t Konami improve the master league? who will tell them a few cutscenes aren’t the answers?

  18. yes pes 13 was the last great with pes 6, today this filtered garbage is full of bugs and you don’t affect the game and control the dog is far from the best days and it’s a finished story don’t hope for anything instead of making a flexible game, in who loses 3 goals sometimes in 8 minutes like yesterday Portugal against Hungary, sometimes two goals in the first 5 minutes, sometimes in 90 plus, that depends, and which players you have in defense, attack, what kind of goalkeeper !? Where are the days when we worked transfers everyone chose individual players, and radio team, and great teamwork, and today there is no teamwork rating in the game, and in the game you also ran with mbappe, sterling, whether you build with lukaku or de ge, the game is funny, without flexibility, tension, reversals, steals, control, possession, long balls, great balls on the ground, fast, and short passes that throw out the defense, no atmosphere, a real referee, a great commentator, dribble animation, goalkeeper defense, Beckham interceptions, real online stability, the judge does not judge penalties, there are no exclusions, the computer and It’s like it’s from another world, and you can’t win a single game, with anyone, and the ratings don’t mean anything … the horses do us a favor, and leave this football when you brought this football to ruin, and everyone they switched to fifa, and a lot of fans didn’t want to play football in general, because he doesn’t like fifa, and everyone has been waiting for years to come back, this is the last chance, and of course there will be nothing from it, we are just waiting for Konami’s excuses, and filtered again garbage, in which you do not depend on your own results, to al control the game, and simply dead game !!!

  19. I create my own teams, kits, and leagues. I would like to see a better set of fonts and shirt numbers because the generic ones available have been in the game since PES 5 and are dreadful. I left PES, 2 years ago, and started playing FIFA… FIFA is more stylish but the 8-3, 11-1, 9-2 scorelines became tedious (as did the fireworks, flares and confetti). I decided to buy the PES 2021 update and I am not impressed with the game… the players look like they ice skate. I probably won’t be buying PES of FIFA again… both companies do not give the fans what they want and deserve, they just put out the same old tat, year after year. Konami’s version of ‘Ultimate Team’ is ‘laughable’ and ‘tediously bland’ …and waiting for the team badges to catch up when the league table is shown is ridiculous. When will they understand that we like to set our own skill levels… we do not appreciate ‘scripting’ or ‘dynamic difficulty adjustment’… The best PES (IMO) was PES 13.

  20. konami you really are not clear to me you lost your recognizable game, and fans, and fifa is now much better, and more popular game than pes, and in addition it has sponsored clubs, we can ignore that, but the fact that the game is filtered, artificial and the computer breaks you played with san marino or french the same is already pathetic, and funny I’m not saying that every game you have to break 8:0 san marino, sometimes you will give five pieces, and depending on the example of the form of players you will stay 1:0 sometimes loos point,and excite yourself, and here is every game !!! My konami, you lost more of your fans who enjoyed this game, and the game was king, and in front of the fifa, and look where you are now and think … Playstation 5 and pes 2022 is your new chance, and the last one you either go back to the big door, or you are buried, I still believe in you, many I may not be a fool … we will see 3 more months we all wait, we live for this, we count down !!!!

    1. game is absolutely awful in every way possible. as soon as i’ve gotten to “top player” then my 97 rated messi cant even make a pass 10 feet away. my 92 rated allison cant save a shot aimed right at his hands. and if anything then ANY deflection there is goes to the opponent… like is it really THAT hard to make a skill based game instead of giving impossible odds so 1 person and giving a free win to the other? the scripting is actually worse than fifa…

  21. How do you know you facing script every rebound will go to the other player you intercept it will bounce away and the other play will get it. 2 rebounds always for the other 3 rebounds still for the other. Or it will bounce away with a perfect pass for the other. Or you pressing the shoot button with much power and the player shoot really soft.
    this game just trash online every year i try it again its just a trash game online always the same bulls***. Because the delay button delay players are handicapt its just a terrible online play i really hate this game yesterday i got mbappe i playing co op with normal mbappe he outrun everything with myclub i have almost max special mbappe can do nothing absolute nothing messi the great messi just trash can do nothing you playing atacking and the midfielders keep at the back to defend on the am its a big joke just a trash game.

    And the funny part with co op every week i have 600+ points big joke after 450 points there the handicap script start to work to its a joke and destroying this hole game terrible
    And that terrible lag pes just sucks online its just not good. First days great gameplay now its just terrible with to much lag and button delay its destroy every fun for me and i thinking about quiting this game again because its just not good enough for online playing 2.

  22. Pes2022 will be like 2020 2021, filtered game only second engine, there is no more flexible game, if someone is a really bad player, you can beat him say like on the last playful pes 2016 8:0 if someone plays totally open, and 4:4,5:5, but also difficult victories 2: 1.1: 0 when two great players are found, and good defense, but also the possibility of a turnaround, and real football games, where there are no rules, and I do not play against a younger brother who does not know press the button, but the game is for him, and the players move on their own, it’s a stupidly artificial game full of bugs !!! R.i.p.Pes

    Couldn’t agree more, deleted the game recently. I keep being naive and thinking this game has something to promise next year. But artistically it gets better, in which most of us fall for and buys it, but the rigged part is increasingly tremendously. This game is anything but healthy for you.

    and there are no more teamwork grades, when you put together a team, there is no feeling when you choose players, he also took messik, mbappe or kulusevski, and that’s why someone has a top defense like van dijk, alba, and if you don’t score two goals quickly, the result is uncertain for a long time then you are in trouble, when he runs away with a fast player, scores a goal, earns a disqualification, today that is no more, everything is artificial, and set up because the game controls everything, all the best to you people, on these comments, and I put all the players once in shape, again not going I can not lift the pressing, steal the ball, make a turnaround or so, or putting on 99 ratings, and I tried, and reduce the ratings of the computer again play the same thing, whatever did shame my konami … This is the end, I will not ancestors on fifa, because I don’t love her, but the Pes is over!!!!!!By,by konami!!!

  23. There a few thing’s should be mandatory for the next game and to make PES on the next level.

    1. Definitely need stadium editor is a must

    2. MLS league

    3. Creating your own league with the option of 12-30 teams.

    4. Creating your own cup ( PES cup only has a limited amount you only use therefore it should be increased )

    5. Need flares in the crowd and more atmosphere between rival clubs.

    6. Player transfers need to be in a press conference in Master league.

  24. Exactly that I don’t know is it possible to score a goal like the Ukrainian hit from a distance yesterday against the Dutch, you can put on 99 shoot power and 99 technique again you won’t hit like adriano on pes 2006, or mbappe escape like then martins from inter milan , as well as defense, dribbles, and passes, for years there has been a lack of real animations of dribbles, and goalkeepers, the game is slow, boring, and full of bugs, so we do not depend on our knowledge and control!

    1. Yes, and only this Czech player against Scotland? Ma brother pes is the deadh game,belive me!!!

  25. the game is terribly slow, without controls, real dribbling, atmosphere, I hate this football for years, the referee doesn’t judge your pure foul or penalty, the game is filtered, full of bugs, we are frustrated by this game for many years, a game we adored, and worst of all the only thing is that when the game is boring, slow, the fact that by changing the ratings you can’t change anything or speed up the pace of the game, and that more goals fall, it’s a shame that you can put someone at 99, and there’s no difference. pes16 and pes 17 and score a couple of goals, run someone to score from a distance, or put a jump 99 speed 99 duel and strength 99 the whole defense, and I could not receive 4 goals from the computer, and here to put them 3 judges in attack, and in defense you will not to defend, not to score, and to turn around, that’s the biggest shame in my opinion, when the game is already a horror, that at least the dog was not filtered in 2016, and 2017 were not fabulous but they were fun, those ratings meant something, and they were not filtered games and full of bugs, even though there were games where there was room for improvement … This today’s!?!? Playstation 5 is coming, two years break is here, if they offer us a filtered game again, without a nice touch, passing, dribbling, reversals, and various games, in which there are possible shutdowns, computer errors, reversals, ball thefts, mistakes, strong pressing, the audience, a real crazy commentator, then really konami is no longer for this football !!!

  26. Pes 2022 will be the same game as pes 2021, only in a different engine, so normally they have nothing to show.
    Remember, Konami is a complete amateur when it comes to marketing. There will be scripted garbage in which it will not mean player ratings, forms, the computer will again control the game, not us !!!

  27. can konami make a game like virtual soccer pro or rush football 2 simulator, offer something new, and even better than when this game was popular, when we went crazy for it, regain that feeling, and the search for real gameplay, nice dribble animation, shots, goalkeepers’ defense, differences in the game, to see the difference in the power of hanging players, specialists in stealing the ball, for perfectly measured long shots, precise and fast passes, magic passing, the difference between, say, messi, and buskets, the difference between strong anchors, such as Lukaku, Holland, and a weaker player in a duel, and a jump, and the difference in speed between fast and slower players, and those who have a strong, precise shot from a distance, and that ratings in this game mean something, and of course form, and how you need it … Give us the opportunity to play a league with 4 friends, return teamwork ratings to the game, and the ability to insert music, and save results against colleagues, as a history of what would be great, as well as inserting images in the main menu, and much better referees, atmosphere, audience that grabs their heads at opportunities, misses, and with a commentator who shouts, presses, vice goals to make this game more dimensional, and erases this shame that lasts for years !!! Now or never my konami!!!!!!

  28. I read the comments and I decided to write something … people, I don’t understand you for a long time because of a fool, and you support him, you buy the game, and you hope for the return of the king, and since 2013 they haven’t made real infectious football, which keeps us playing for hours , and this has been refusing for many years … It’s a shame that fans with today’s technology, graphics, and features, prefer to play pes ​​2006, than this filtered garbage, in which there is no game, control, beautiful additions, beautiful, fast, short, and those There are no wonderful animations of dribbling, real, and strong pressing, stealing the ball, crazy, and unpredictable things like direct exclusion, and maybe another yellow, and change the essential situation on the field, and here everything is uniform. , set, the game is slow all the players are the same, no one can run, play, no dribble 1 on 1, sudden changes of direction, dribble control without running which adorned this game which was technically flawless, Lukaku and some strong players should eat a lot of fig abije, so stop him with small fouls, collecting cards, and doubling, and here each player runs, jumps, shoots, and there are no different characteristics of the goalkeeper, no animation! kicks on the ground see pes simulator virtual soccer pro …

  29. the Pes has long been a mockery of the game … There is no nice control of the game, dribbling, dribbling 1 on 1 with players who make a difference, and they can get an exclusion directly, for example, and another yellow that is not possible here, nor steal the ball, you can see the difference between better and weaker players, stronger, faster than slower, more dominant in jumping, game control, construction, the game is scripted, and you do not depend on yourself, and your results, and how good you are in possession, game control, because here it is impossible to hold possession , dodge like an eel to opponents, play high possession say 70.80 percent, have a victory on one goal, make a crazy turnaround, there are no wizards in the game, brutal balls, perfectly measured that throw players into a clear chance! , Referees horror, player movements horror, throws and long balloons and balls on the ground horror, the audience does not follow the events on the field, the atmosphere is horrible !!!

  30. So in my opinion konami really needs to listen to their customers.. WE NEED BETTER AND MORE FUN DRIBBLING it feels so so so bad when i have a player like neymar and it feels like i m dribbling with maguire!! WE NEED BETTER ONLINE EXPERIENCE i mean i use to play fifa sometimes just for the ultimate team.. My club is the worst thing that pes has.. And i dont even mention servers and lag! Fix pes and listen to us we re here to help you make our game better!

  31. It is very possible that 22 will not be as stupid, unplayable, scripting and that al is involved in the control of the game as before. They are playing the game on a new engine, so from the root the game will be different than before. It is possible that Konami is thinking seriously about the 2022 pes and we need to wait to see what he will prepare for us. It will be a little disappointing if everything will be the same as in previous years. Let’s not be negative, this is their last chance for the game to be fear again, and trembling as before!

  32. Pes is a long dead game, and only the biggest fools can hope for a turnaround, and the return of the king, because if someone is in decline for years, and has lost his fans, and plays his identity, years are big oscillations, no nice dribble animations, you do not depend about himself, because the game is scripted, there is no possibility of taking the ball, conquering space with fast players, the right pass that throws the defense, without the right pressure, possession of the game at least put ratings to all players rating99, speed 99, strength 99, stamina 99, does not mean nothing, the same will run, dribble, because the game is garbage and scripted !!?

  33. You should only be able to switch to players who are between the ball and your goal. Not behind the opponent. Although they can still put pressure with the players behind the opponent they basically separate the pressing from the switching players.
    Much better switching between defensive and offensive controls which means a much better player reaction to lost balls. In a perfect game, there should be no need to switch controls at all. It’s a shame that the computer dictates the game, interferes with the game, and you don’t depend on your control, because the game is scripted, the player’s controls are horrible, so are the player’s movements, no nice dribbling animations, tension, no good pressing, stealing the ball, easy goals, nice last pass, in the air and on the ground, no nice goals from a distance, goals on the floor, the game is slowed down there is no dictation of pace, and there are no differences in the game, nor characteristics, players, goalkeepers, and clubs!!!!!

  34. Yeah, thought the same. If PES 22 does come back strong with good core gameplay, i.e. better refs, smoother dribbling and collision mechanics, responsive passing and shooting and manage to take back a massive market share from FIFA, then the money only agents and gambling mechanics will only increase, as they will likely want to maximise the number of coins they get from a bigger player base.
    I just hope it is good enough to play casually

  35. I’m a former PES player between 1998-2007. I quit because the game got so bad on ps3 and later era. I played Fifa between 2008-2018. I left this game 2 years ago because “dynamic diffuculty”. Artificial intelligence started to interfere so much that the game is now out of my control I haven’t bought Fifa for 2 years. If Konami can improve the game seriously, I’ll come back. It especially needs a revolution in player controls and animations. The game is unfortunately far behind in this regard

  36. Everything valuable in this game has been lost since playstation 2 and everything is going up, there are no more beautiful goals from a distance, goals from volleyball, goals from the first, great return balls, on the ground and in the air, no wizards in the game, differences between good and naked players, slower, and faster, stronger and weaker, better in duel, jump, stealing the ball, no real dribbling animations, no dribbling one to one,and changing direction in speed, referee horror, atmosphere horror, game scripted, all the same boring there is no infection like before, with each new game something new, no more fun, tension, our smiles on our faces, no teamwork rating in the game, nor does it mean the rating when the game is funny, automated, and filtered … this is the last a chance to get back that feeling we craved and crave !!!

  37. Replays of goals, good shots, etc during the game

    More life to the players, managers, fans and master league. Videos, birthdays, goals (20th, 50th,100th, etc), feelings and rivarly…

    Stadium upgrade, kit edit, player edit (hair, beard, shoes) to master league.

    More chairman talk sessions and more talk with players, cinematic

  38. Yesterday for the first time I couldn’t find an opponent even in matchday, playerbase has decreased very noticeably after DP4, people waited to see if the new datapack would fix any of the enormous issues they are facing with this game but nothing was fixed. Instead, the only thing that happened gameplay wise was that vs COM matches became even more frustrating. KONAMI don’t listen to the community.

    And so, I am certain now.

    PES is dead, the game we fell in love with is no more, it is too broken and way too much in the wrong direction to ever get fixed and pes2022 will suffer from the exact same issues (maybe with a better collision system due to unreal engine but that’s it).

    The conclusion is that PES is broken by design, idc for what reason but that’s what it is.

    I have more hope in EA making FIFA good, than KONAMI fixing pes. Or even better, and the best hope we have is 2K making a soccer game.

  39. I’m just really interested in what kind of game Konami will offer us, years ago this is not even close to the real game, there are no beautiful goals from the first, from volley, goals on kickback, look at a little simulation like virtual soccet pro, and I hope you’re done scripting games, if you haven’t learned so far I don’t know when you will otherwise this is not just my last dog !!! The end !!!!

  40. I don’t want a game that is scripted, and in which you do not depend on yourself, I have to adapt to the game instead of you, every player in the race also has no difference in duel, jump, shots, which is why ratings are worth or raise scores and you don’t achieve anything you can’t raise the tempo of the game, increase the pressure, steal the ball!?!? Before you used to play against each other with smaller clubs, weaker ones, where fewer goals fall, but also depending on how good you are there is a turnaround, and here it is not possible to play with a team from another planet, and you can’t turn the computer on the legend or break it even if you reduce all their grades, and put 2 goalkeepers in the game !! This has become a joke of the game for years, and the pes was adorned with that football contagion of real gameplay where something new happens with every game, where the computer can make mistakes under strong pressure, steal his ball to earn exclusion, and two!?!? For years, shame on the game, and even worse, a hundred ratings, and which player you have in the team, plus your knowledge is not worth anything in the game without a perfect touch, passing, dribbling and slowness, you just want to give up football !!! pes 2022, a new era will begin which, with perfect graphics, will offer top-notch and addictive gameplay and a real referee, a real atmosphere of animation for the jumping audience, roaring at the goalkeeper’s defense opportunities, more, but how to hope for that when a dog with these horrible games has been stabbing us in the heart for years!?!?

  41. Cup draws:
    I’m tired of ‘tennis style’ and ‘World Cup style’ cup draws… It’s lazy programming and tedious… knowing who your opponents are, rounds in advance, is a bit sterile.

    An option for an FA Cup style draw would be my preference, where numbered balls are pulled from a bag… or at least make each round random.

    Colour clashes with opposition keepers:
    This is my pet hate and should be rectified…

    A kit editor would be great… even if ‘only’ to adjust the keeper’s shirt colour, leaving the sponsor and brand untouched.

    Picking teams for custom tournaments:
    This can be tedious… surely they can find an easier way than clicking through 20+ leagues and 20+ teams to find a specific team.

    League tables:
    It should be…
    P W D L GF GA GD PTS (in that order)

    Take a look at FIFA and try to emulate some of their style and finesse when it comes to league tables… they do a great job in this area.

    Generic Leagues:
    I would like to see 4 ‘customisable’ generic leagues (8-16 teams) with promotion/relegation/play-offs options.

    I don’t like ‘my team’…or long drawn out seasons… I just play small tournaments

  42. For become a legend instead of starting at the worst team in the chosen league they should have trials for what team you want ao if you perform well they buy you and if not they release you

  43. Keinginan saya untuk pembaruan PES ditahun 2022 yaitu sebagai berikut:
    1.Tampilkan wasit sepanjang permainan,jangan hanya ditampilkan ketika pelanggaran saja
    2.adanya penambahan fitur-fitur terbaru seperti CUP,LEAGUE melawan komputer,karena kami bosan hanya bermain mode kampanye dam event tour
    3.saya harap pihak konami bisa menambahkan lisensi-lisensi club diliga-liga besar eropa
    5.saya juga berharap pihak konami menanggapi keinginan para user,terim kasih!!!

  44. Would like to see Hamburg in the game, shouldn’t be too difficult to get them signed up?. Also more of the more obscure teams signed to replace the PES league teams with real teams. Teams from Hungary, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, etc. You get the idea.

  45. horrible football in recent years, football that we love with all our hearts, we don’t want to play more, and the feeling is horrible! This football does not have fine control of the game, dribble control with the mushroom without a fast run in the rank of iniesta and xavia, in pes 2016 and in 2017 it was not bad! But it’s far from the best years, and we want that with the new engine and the new console, we go even further, and take football to an even higher level and make it even better than pes 6! And that’s why you need much better control of the game, nice visual passes, much better possession of the game, much better throws, center shots, and great finishing balls on the ground, and in the air, and one-on-one outings with the goalkeeper! Much better dribble animations, dribbling in place turn, left, right without a quick run to knock out a player and give a great ball! There is also no dribbling in speed, sudden change of direction in the race, no legendary sprints, hellishly fast players like mbappe, vinicus juniors, mane, which will lead to more exclusions, sometimes a late start in the first minutes, and exclusions which will significantly change the situation on field, and lead to something unplanned !!! There is also no difference in the game between strong and weak players, such as Haaland, Lewandowski, and, say, Lukaku against the lower and weaker ones !!! goalkeeper 2 on 1, and passing another, and goals on an empty goal! The movements of the players are a disaster, they do not follow the game, they do not enter the space, and they wait for the bounced balls, and the transfer of players is very slow and the control is late! As a dog expert with all that said, there is still a lack of animation of the goalkeeper, there is no difference or characteristics, and the excitement of choosing players, as well as goalkeepers, because the game is filtered, and ratings mean nothing, and you do not depend on how good you are or form nor what kind of team do you have which is stupid, and there must be differences and if you are a good player always, and with weaker teams you can win sometimes, but this is too much the same as, and what al always plays the same, can not break it, steal the ball to you have 5 messiahs, and mbappe in the game, to score easy goals, and to get an exclusion, let alone two because the game is miserable !!! field, and also sighs at the blows of the vice, creates pressure, and even more when playing at home, and finally if you want fans, and drive this game crazy again, and we will give you back in the best possible way are some more things, and it’s a much better online game, not looking for an opponent so much to give up, and kill the will and, and a much better referee, and referees, and shots from long distances, and teamwork ratings, this game lacks victories on one goal, much better pressing, reversals, and raising the tempo, and lowering depending on whether you catch the result, or save it! Give us the ability to insert pictures of players, clubs, or whatever we want, and your music in the main menu , that would be wonderful !!! Konami is on the move !!! Bring back the king !!!!

  46. the biggest shame is that the pes used to be king, had amazing, and addictive gameplay, and they would gather late every night to play tournaments, and now some of you either switched to another football, or don’t play at all, and everyone is sorry for the real simulator, and not filtered garbage, boring game, no real passes, dribble animation, power of fast players, the difference between top, good and terrible online, and with terrible referees, commentators, atmosphere, turnaround, goals, exclusions, madness, tension!

  47. Hi, dear Konami. I think that new PES should be strong competitive for fifa. The best way to beat fifa on the market will be improving competitive mode for online gamers. New version must has similar mode for weekend league. Improve my club by adding transfer market, different squad battle modes, provide many interesting achieves like a score 5 goals with head in my club mathmaking to achieve one point or play only spain team and win 10 matches, etc. You spent almost two years officially, but I think your developers team is working on new game engine like 3 or 4 years. We in love with PES, We want to get a playable football simulator. Our PES fans army wants know that FIFA casino packs won’t ruined some life. We care about our traditions to spent time with friends, offline or online in PES. Give us more different Europe and others league. Try to spend time to develop real game things. Dynamic weather, dynamic day time, new animations for players, new stadium may be some stadium perfomances during match. Every player skips everything before a game, but he can’t skip beautiful sound from singing fans or drums. Try to get some deepest way to customize your team, like a choosing old team uniform. Don’t get us the latest three or 2 complectations, give us 10-15. Please, be respectful to your fans. We spent money every year to support the game and your company, please support us with a nice game. Make PES great again!

  48. konami took a break and had two years to make football, which we all expect from Pes 6 !!! Pes 2013 was good, and 2016 playful, and all this other is not worth mentioning! We are all interested in where this leads and whether Konami still knows how to make real football, and download the best game ever, and that is pes 6 !!! We are interested in whether they follow our information, want reviews, and offer us a real football game, with real nice passes, the difference between players, goalkeepers, nice real game control, dribble animations, goalkeepers, top movement, player races, variety, not a filtered game, in which it’s not worth how good you are, and even if the game is disgusting to you, and repulsive by changing grades, and form and transfers you can’t do anything, there is no change, and they are dearer when we fought for transfers, and argued about which player to defend, or attacker, and goalkeeper to go to whom, and today there is no difference between strong , fast players everything is the same, the game is filtered, and that’s why everyone ran away, and they play fifa !!! ..