Cristiano Ronaldo: Nutrition and Training Program

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Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the most talented football players in the world and over the years, does not lose either speed or stamina. In order to stay in good, he has the right plan for nutrition and training, as well as a few more useful habits.

Many experts consider Cristiano Ronaldo, the most demanded footballer in the world. He has an accurate blow from both legs, excellent speed, and endurance. And it seems that he is not affected by age. Many players at this age have the end of the career, Ronaldo is still fast, technical and hardy.

He is also one of the favorite football players among the fans. There are a lot of FIFA games where every fan can play football on behalf of Cristiano. Some people prefer playing FIFA games, but there are also a lot of fans of online gambling.

Nutrition Plan

Cristiano splits the daily diet into six meals, does not consume sugar, drinks protein shakes, takes multivitamins and supplements for joint health. He also eats a lot of vegetables for better metabolism. Sample of his daily menu:

  • Breakfast: fruit juice, egg whites, whole grain cereals.
  • Lunch: some pasta, baked potatoes, green vegetables, and some chicken salad.
  • An afternoon snack includes tuna rolls and fresh juice.
  • Dinner: rice and beans, as well as chicken and fruits.

A healthy diet is combined with regular intensive training in one of the largest clubs in the world. However, Cristiano trains also outside of football sessions.

Additional trainings

Ronaldo trains 3-4 hours five days a week, Tuesday and Saturday are days off.

Monday is the day to work out the lower body. Training includes various exercises: from boxing jumps to squats with a barbell on the back.

On Wednesday, he trains the upper body. Basically, the program consists of push-ups, pull-ups, push-ups on the uneven bars, throwing a stuffed ball into the wall, and other strength exercises. Thursday is the time for cardio exercises and the development of quadriceps. Cristiano also gets enough cardio load in his main training sessions and during the matches.

On Friday, Ronaldo pumps the strength of the core muscles, performing various exercises: from deadlift to lifting legs on the horizontal bar. A separate day for training of the core muscles makes his body so good-looking.

On Sunday, he does just light cardio.

Ronaldo Daily Meal
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Other good habits

In addition to nutrition and training, there are several other factors that keep Ronaldo in great shape.

Sleep – Cristiano has a sleep advisor (yes, such type of profession exists) who advises how long he should sleep and what time he should go to bed.

Healthy competition – continuous competition will help maintain interest in training.

Rest and relax – Ronaldo believes that relaxing at the end of the day is the most important. He does not drink alcohol at all and prefers to relax in the company of family and friends.

In addition, he advises to set goals and go towards them, be morally stable, and never give up.

If you liked the Ronaldo diet – use it: healthy foods, plenty of protein, and a lack of fast carbohydrates will bring benefits to anyone. When it comes to the training plan, you should take into account your personal characteristics and goals. If you decide to engage in such a program, it is better to first consult with a trainer.

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