Champions League: Stake at Top Contenders

UEFA Champions League

It’s the start of an exciting time for fans, bookmakers, and punters alike as Europe’s premier football competition gets underway. The group stages have already started, and the Champions League has so far been full of surprises and thrilling games. The top teams that generally dominate the scene have a lot to prove, whereas the underdogs are always looking to make that big upset that can be quite beneficial for the astute bettor.

Since this is the start of the competition, the bookmakers are backing some of the big names in European football to win the trophy. But, with time, the bets are sure to change as we get to see more teams in action and can analyse their overall performances keeping in mind the various factors that make an impression on the game.


With arguably one of the best players on their side, Barcelona has nothing to worry. A steady defence at the back in addition to Lionel Messi’s striking attack, the results of their first two games are proof of the confidence with which the team is playing. A big sign for bookmakers when it comes to allocating the odds, 6/1 in the case of Barcelona to win the league, is to see how the team performs from the very beginning.

Real Madrid

The first big upset of the Champions League took place with the defending champions. Among the top contenders to win the trophy again, they stand at 8/1 odds. With13 cup wins in the league till date; there is no doubt that Real Madrid will be giving all that they’ve got, however, the surprising 1-0 loss against CSKA Moscow has made bookmakers and punters take notice, and a slight doubt seems to be seeping into their minds. With their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, no longer in the team, it will be interesting to see the new dynamics change and how long it takes for the team to get on the winning path.

UEFA Champions League


Juventus joins the Champions League this year with a lot that’s going on for them. The purchase of Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid made headlines earlier this year and has been the talk of the football world all these months. However, among the players who are always listed as the ones to watch in FIFA 19, a game that captures the thrill of football for everyone at home, Ronaldo is right now under a scanner for alleged rape charges. This has certainly put a lot of pressure on the player and the team as a whole. Still, with 7/1 odds to win they are favourites with bookmakers and the next two games with Manchester United will be all important to see how the team performs after the controversy.


Another strong contender that seems to be taking time to find their footing in the Champions League, Liverpool has been slated with 10/1 odds to win the trophy. However, after their first win, they lost out to Napoli 1-0, and that has left manager Jurgen Klopp stressed and disappointed with his team. The fans of the team will be banking all their hopes on the next two matches with Belgrade and with some luck and a lot of good gameplay they can get back their winning streak again.


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