Betting on Manchester United-Top Tips

Man United 2019

If you have never heard of Manchester United, then you should get out of the hole which you are living in right now. The Red Devils that’s their nickname, by the way, is one of the oldest teams in the English Premier League. For more than a century, the club has continued to bask in success and a great tradition of producing some of the best players.

Do you know which other team is the most successful? Liverpool also nicknamed the Reds, but we will talk about Liverpool another day. If you are into sports betting with Betway online sports betting South Africa we are sure you would want to know about this. Betway offers some easy ways for you to bet on your favourite matches, and if you want to put your money on Manchester United, these are sure to help.

History of Manchester United

Manchester United was founded in 1878 in Manchester. It played their first football competition in 1892 called the Football League. They first started getting their success in the 20th century when they won their first English Premier League in 1902. Luckily that same year they won the FA Cup under Ernest Mangall.

Since the league began officially in 1992, they have won the EPL a total of six times. Currently, they have won 13 league cups in the Premier League of which they are looking to add more including the 2018/2019 title.

Betting on Manchester United

For the past couple of months since José Mourinho retired the club has been performing quite well. When you have top performers such as Paul Pogba, Sergio Romero and De Gea who describes himself as the Greatest of All Time then why should not place a bet on them?

Bookmarkers have consistently considered the Red Devils as a favorite when you are betting. They have been improving, for instance, their last game with Chelsea they thrashed the Blues 3-0. This has given them a chance to qualify for the FA quarter finals. Last year when the two met for the FA cup, it was the finals for the title. Although the Red Devils were defeated this year’s match was an act of revenge, and it seemed that Maurizio Sarri did not know what he had signed up for this round.

The FA Cup and the English Premier League title are both important titles for Manchester United. Currently in the EPL table, they are in fourth place with 51 points. If they are looking to win the title, then they have to get through the previous season’s winners Manchester City and the other top two clubs Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs.

So, this begs the question should you bet on ManU or not? If you are a die-hard fan of Manchester United, then you should not hesitate to place a wager on them. The club has a rich history in winning various titles you can put a bet on them winning as the top four you have to hope it maintains their current position. However, there is also the FA Cup which looks like it might be their’s for the taking. You have to keep on watching.


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