7 Tips to Improve your FIFA 19 Skills


FIFA 19 is one hell of a game considering the options you have controlling your team and players. However, after finishing your first season playing with computer-controlled opponents, you might be tempted to hop online and show what you’ve learned. Or arrange a LAN party with a couple of your friends to kick their ass. However, playing against others, single player tactics might not work. For this reason, we’ve prepared a list of tips to boost your skills in the current game’s meta.

1. Move the GK

When your defense fails, you have one more chance. On FIFA 19, you can control your goalkeeper’s position with the right analog stick. Make sure to use this to your advantage if the defense fails to keep up with the opponent’s attack, or you are predicting a banger coming into your net.

2. Aim for the Near Post

You might not be the only one able to make the goalkeeper dance. Therefore, do not rush your shot when you are in a 1v1 situation. Get as close to the goal as possible and hit the shot into the corner, which is more open. In most cases, the opponent usually goes to the far side of the goal, so look for an opportunity to fire up the shot close to the nearest post!

3. Choose the Right Defender

Right analog stick has been playing an important role in the most recent
FIFA Games. Instead of using R1/RB to switch to another defensive player, use the right stick instead. By just moving it towards the desired defensive player’s side, you can choose the defender you want to control instantly. It’s time to stop scrolling through defenders with the R1/RB!

4. Timed Finishing

In order to increase the skill gap, Timed Finishing system has been added to FIFA 19. Whenever you are shooting the ball, you can press it for the second time, the moment the kicker touches the ball, for a more successful shot. However, it might take some time to get used to it and to learn using it to your advantage, as a shot with a failed timed finishing will only reduce the possibility of scoring the goal. After all, you can just choose to play without it, however, it’s one of the most overpowered features in FIFA today, therefore it’s highly recommended. Going for the finesse shot with timed finishing is one of the main strategies of advanced FIFA 19 players.

5. Cover the Long Shots

Due to the Timed finishing system, FIFA is becoming a long-shot-sniper-contest. Once the opponent is near the box, make sure to cover the attacker’s stronger foot side with your defender, since it can be deadly when the shot is timed right. Make sure to follow with which player the opponent is attacking most often and analyse which foot he uses.

6. Lobs Into the Box

Rushing through wings (either side of the field) and sending the ball to the box is a very popular way of attacking. However, a simple lob can result in the ball ending up in the goalkeeper’s hands, or just being headed away by the defenders. However, if you see a clear line to one of your teammates, you can use the low cross on a counter-attack (R1/RB). This will send a low and almost direct ball to your teammate. Now, all you need to do is send the ball into the net from just a few feet range. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

7. Push Forward

Football is simple: you score more goals – you win. But first, you will need to progress through the opponent’s defense. It might be easier than it sounds. When controlling the ball, you are able to send your other teammates (preferably the attackers) forward by pressing L1/LB. Time your through balls right and you will have a clear path to their goalkeeper. All you have to do now is to refer back to the second tip that we’ve already provided and BANG! You’re ahead!

Have some additional tips? Share them with us!

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