7 Reasons Why Basketball Fans Love to Watch Soccer

Watching Football

Basketball and world football have more in common than many people realize. Here a just a few of the reasons basketball fans love to watch soccer.

Some people can go on for hours arguing about which sport is better or worse. The truth is that all sports take years to master. Many sports fans can find a way to appreciate just about any form of competition. You can draw comparisons between different kinds of sports. Basketball and soccer have a lot more in common than people realize. Soccer fans tend to love basketball and vice versa.

Check out a few solid reasons why basketball enthusiasts play and watch soccer.

1. Time-Honored Traditions

Basketball is relatively much newer than soccer but they both have a very rich history. Interestingly, the first game of basketball was played using peach baskets and soccer balls in 1891 in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ancient civilizations, such as the Chinese, Greeks, and Mesoamericans, played sports similar to soccer. England takes the credit for creating the modern game as we know it.
There are storied basketball icons that played before the creation of the NBA. Soccer can boast clubs that over 150 years old.

2. What Does Soccer Mean?

Europeans roll their eyes when they hear Americans say soccer. To them, its football. In fact, the official name of the sport is association football. Ironically, the word ‘soccer’ was coined by the British.

3. Watch Soccer And Basketball Around the World

These are easily two of the most popular sports. The biggest teams have followers and fan clubs in almost every country. That’s a lot of people watching and betting on sports. These college basketball picks will give you the upper hand.

4. Team Work Makes The Dream Work

These are team sports. In order to win, your team is going to have to work together.
The way you work with your teammates is similar. In both sports, you pass a ball to get your team in a position to take a shot.

5. World Wide Appeal

One great thing is that you don’t need a whole lot to play. Yes, the cleats and the Jordans get really expensive but you can get along fine with just about anything. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or where you came from. Everybody is equal on the court and on the pitch.

Unfortunately, many sports require special equipment and can’t be played just anywhere. This puts them out of reach many children around the world.

6. Practice On Your Own

Of course, it is always fun to play with friends. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some alone time to practice and train on your own. All you really need is a ball for and you can work on your dribbling. Technical skill is something that can be acquired through training. In order to perform a proper shot in either sport, you need to get the mechanics down. Also, practicing sports is a great way to stay in shape.

7. The Creative Spark

One of the best things about soccer and basketball is that anyone can play and excel no matter their body type. Of course, height is pretty useful is basketball but creativity, skill, and speed are even more valuable. People like “Muggsy’ Bogues can reach All-Star status without height by being a playmaker. These sports give people an outlet to express their creativity.

The Brazilians are credited with developing a beautiful style of play that focused on the creative and technical aspects of soccer rather than brute force. They call it Jogo Bonito, The Beautiful Game.

There is something primordially satisfying about playing some pickup. It’s a great way to blow off stress and get in a workout. If you aren’t familiar with the sport, you should watch soccer for a while and get to know it. Basketball fans will it very entertaining.
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