5 Reasons Why eSports FIFA Became So Popular

eSports FIFA

Having the same feeling like watching real football in the stadium is the major goal of the creators when they launched eSports. This later is a word refers to the video games which can be played competitively and professionally. These forms of entertainment have gained in popularity with more competitions and big teams on the planet.

Besides, when FIFA started to collaborate with EA in its sporting segment, eSports prediction hasn’t stopped to proliferate. So, why eSports Fifa became attractive around the world? Here are the five reasons to make it so well-known.

Football is the Most Popular Game in the World

Historically, football game began in England in 1863 and since, it spread all over the world and became many countries’ culture. Therefore, when FIFA was born in 1904, this association has succeeded in making a profit. What are the reasons behind the great success of this game?

Many Tournaments & Awards

Another reason to make eSports a fast-growing sector is the tournaments that the players can participate. Competition means obviously awards and prizes. The most reputable FIFA eSports competition that has attracted millions of punters is the FIFA eWorld Cup. Nonetheless, there are also other famous tournaments like eNational Cup that gather the best players in each country.

Moreover, different leagues which enable the aficionados to try to win huge prizes are available as well. Apart from the prizes and excitement that the participants can get, these competitions also improve communication skills as the games are often team-based conditions.

Younger Generation Like Video Games

With the rise of eSports, People are changing their lifestyle especially the younger audiences. Since eSports is a multiplier video game, they are naturally attracted to this kind of activity. Actually, video games seduce the intention of young fans more widely.

According to the research, the players between 21 and 35 years old spend many hours on their favourite games per day. Seeing these young people compete with the great global gamers is impressive but it can impact their mental health conditions.

Awesome Graphics & Yearly Updates

With the innovation in video gaming, eSports Fifa has gained fame among all age people. The games are improved both graphically and technically. Thus, the games look realistic enhancing the player’s gaming experience. What’s more, the motion of the graphics has also enhanced enabling the fans to play the games for hours.

How can they miss the excitement when they play football by making a team of their choice? They are free to sign-up Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo for any clubs that they want. Furthermore, these games are yearly updated meaning better versions.

Easier to Join

Despite the explosive growth of professional eSports, the new players don’t have any difficulties to join the team. Whether they want to join the English Premier League, the German League, the French League, or else, they are free to have fun with their favourite clubs.

Unlike traditional football, they don’t need to be the real best player before joining the team of their choice. And the most interesting is that only one player leads a whole team in the game.


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