4,000 Ways to Have a Better FIFA 13


Fans submitted over 4,000 ideas so far for the future version EA Sports FIFA game at FIFPlay.com.

FIFA 13 Wishlist page (www.fifplay.com/fifa-13-wishlist) at FIFPlay has received a huge number of suggestions for FIFA 13 submitted by FIFA 12 fans. They do not only want to see the features such as more leagues, more teams, classic players, women’s football and youth football in FIFA 13 but also want to be a referee on the pitch and be a spectator watching a match in the stadium.

FIFPlay FIFA 13 Wishlist opened after launch of FIFA 12 Demo on 13 September 2011 and received over 4,200 comments until today. Last year, FIFA 12 wishlist (www.fifplay.com/fifa-12-wishlist) has received more than 24,000 submissions.

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206 thoughts on “4,000 Ways to Have a Better FIFA 13

  1. 1) Your player’s performance should be different depending on the weather. For example; If its snowing or raining and you are not wearing the proper kit (gloves, long sleeves, undershirt) your player will be slower and will get tired faster.

    2) Kit editing before the matches so you can change your boot, put on gloves, etc.

    3) Able to play friendlies with Your country.

    4) Boot packs. Everytime that new boots go on the market, a “DLC” should come out with these new boots. I am tired of playing with the same boots.

    5) More options to create your Virtual Pro. Like more facial hair styles and default faces. All my VP’s look alike because there’s only one face.

    6) Interviews. Your player or manager should be able to talk in interviews and their statements should make an impact in their carreer in that club. This option was available in FIFA 2007.

    7) Youth teams should be affiliated with the first team. For example; if one of your players is suspended or injured and you don’t have a player to replace him, you should be able to use player from… Let’s say Barcelona B or Real Madrid Castilla, at no cost.

    1. Everything what you have said just i would like that make goals more attractive because they are all the same to me,and also that you put something like in pes that you have actually that felling of controling your game.

  2. Here are a few changes that need to be met if the game is going to even closely reach its potential

    Career mode; the ability to edit kits, stadiums, logos and other accessories and equipment, actual press conferences and interviews, training sessions (either regular which everyone participates in or a specific type of training to improve stats or skills), relationships stats between you and the board, media, fans and sponsors (if you have really bad stats for one your job could be in scrutiny), mangers should be able to be sacked at any point in the season and be appointed at any time as well, real managers, managers and players on the touch line, weather needs to change throughout the match and maybe players change their boots at half time or when the weather changes dramatically, a wider variety in contract and transfer options, to be able to arrange friendliest with other clubs instead of them being made for you, the youth system needs to better by having youth staff and even a youth team, reserve and women’s teams, scouts need to be better at searching for good young players and good developed players, put the world cup, euros, south american, champions league etc. and owners actually give you money for transfers (in fed up of playing as a man utd or a Liverpool and only being able to buy one big player for like 10 million what about the Carroll and the berbatovs 30 millions and that), when I win a league or a trophy I need to lift the trophy wherever it is actually meant like on the stands after shaking the fans and club representatives hands.

    Ultimate team and pro clubs: for players to get injured less, to edit kits and logos for your team, to have your pro in ut, this applies to all online FIFA gaming; IF AN OPPONENT RAGE QUITS I GET THE WIN.

    Overall: attacking and defending needs to be better for both ai on your team and your opponents team, player impact engine needs improved, more leagues and national teams, more commentators for different leagues (let’s be honest your not going to hear Alan smith and Martin Tyler commetating on anything other than a premiership match, so maybe pay nevin or some other scottish commentators for Scottish games or Irish for Irish etc.), in my opinion the 5 star rating thing needs to go in order to bring in more leagues and divisions, actually working on all other players faces in the game rather than just concentrating on Ronaldo and Rooney every year, more stadiums instead of teams like stoke and west brom and Celtic and that playing at ivy lane, referees and linesmen keep making glitches errors (probably down to impact engine) but sort it out, crowds need to sound more personal to each club like more for for Dundee utd -love is in the air,Sunday morning, glory glory Dundee utd- instead of the usual your not singing anymore or sit down shut up, real life referees.

    Pro ranked matches: there needs to be better system than everyone rushes to choose a position because it always ends up everyone going for gk or st. Either take out the ability for the captains to kick out the gk or put something in that allows them to kick out anyone that is cheating or messing around because sometimes the captain will just do it for laughs or because you bet him to the gk spot(so he’ll just enter the kick you out and leave).

    Please EA fix these

  3. 1) All youth squads should be updated with real youth players like Jernade Meade form Arsenal.

    2)When you scout for players on career mode you should chossen the player name like Benik Afobe from Arsenal and the team name.

  4. Wales national team! I mean they got alot of top flight players and are a better team than quite a few teams on fifa 13 like new zealand and scotland!

  5. In career mode you should be albe to choosen the friendys games you want.
    if your Arsenal you should play in Emirates Cup.

  6. It would be awesome if you could do some changes on the kits of your team between seasons in career mode.
    It’s not really realistic that your team wears the exact same jerseys year after year. I think PES had this function in number 5 or 6, just look and copy perhaps?

    As well the referees…Whenever you do a slidetackle from behind, even if you get it perfect and slide infront of him and hit the ball, if the attacker falls down it will always be a penalty and/or red card in Fifa 12.

    The crowd should have a better feeling for how the match is going.
    Let’s say you play Barca vs Real Madrid in Camp Nou:
    If you are ahead the fans should be cheering you on more.
    If you are down they should be more critical, like upset noises when you pass a ball wrong, and whisteling when Madrid has the ball etc. etc..

    In transfers in career mode, you should be able to include players from your team in the negotiation to reduce the price. Or if the players are equal, just a straight swap.

    And when you play in career mode, i have noticed i might get a free kick in a good position every 3rd match or something, this is way to less, more aggresive play from CPU defenders please, they always just seems to wait and never rush into anything.
    This as well prevents you from making nice “tiki-taka play” because the defenders almost never gets fooled by passing since they just awaits you to get really close.


    Oh and one more thing 🙂

    For the big games in career mode, like Champions league quarter or semi-finals, el clasico’s, big rival matches etc. etc.

    And the passing needs to more creative, that a player like Xavi, Iniesta or Messi cannot make more complicated passes to fool the defenders is really really wierd, how many times havnt we seen these players do passes from the half-pitch line wich slides exactly through the smallest of space available?

    I know you can put passes to manual, and i do with crosses and long passes, but im not skilled enough to have this function on the through ball. Every ones in a while i get it right, but when you just want to make a simple quick through ball you dont have time to ajust and be really accurate.

    From what i know, the L2(PS3)button doesnt do anything atm when you make a pass or a througball.

    Why not add the function that you can have passes on automatic, but if you hold down L2 it will instead be manual?
    This would make it perfect to play the game as usal when you just want to pass quick, and it will give you the possibility to make a through ball in exactly the way you want it when you have some time and your attackers are making good runs.

    Now you pretty much always have to do a chip through ball (L1 + triangle) to get a succuessful throughball to the attacker when a defender is near. I dont like this one.

    hope you will read and consider this!


    1. Agree totaly with you Bro-i would also like that you do something with defenders becaouse there is no way that some 2 divison defender can run as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo

  7. I think it would be great to be able to edit boots, maybe create your own pair of boots or at least to change their colors would be good because there’s nice boots but their color just don’t look good enough so I think it’ll be a hood idea

  8. Here is some additions to career mode.

    1) Make youth academy better. We need to get some players who can develop to play as a regular. And also with more stars in the skill moves. It can’t be so difficult to make! How Can i use an attacker with 1 star?!! Also add autentic boots, tired of looking at the players when you are in the 10th season, All players have EA boots.

    2) Every team should have a reserve team. To the young talents and players who aren’t goos enough to play as a regular. Like Barcelona B and Castilla.

    3) The ability to earn more money during a season. Through sponsorships on the kit and stadium, the sale of jerseys and ticketts to every match, whats the point of having a big stadium without making any money on it.

    4) Make it able to scout normal players. So you can see what potential they have and how much you have to pay in transfer fee. A bit like football manager.

    5) you should be able to upgrade the training facilities(to help the players get better and reach potential faster), the youth academy(giving the youngsters a bigger potential), upgrading stadium capacity to make more money and to upgrade scouts( to get some more precise scout reports).

    1) Make boot packs, when new boots are on the market make an update to get the boots into the game.

    2) Add the best teams from the leagues wich isen’t in the game. Like shaktar donetsk and a lot of chilean and argentine clubs. Replace some of the crappy clubs in rest of the World!

    3) Create your own stadium.

    4) better gameplay! And new tactics.

    5) ability to edit the skill stars, i mean marcelo with 3 Stars???! WTF?! And also the work rate!
    Make these upgrades and you have a briliant game!

  9. @ Nick Michal
    Why would EA listen to someone who calls part of their game a joke? I’m pretty sure their game was the highest rated sports game, ever maybe? I didn’t read past the word joke in your post, why would anyone else? Get perspective dude.

  10. BETTER WEATHER CONDITIONS!!! The rain especially in these fifa game is absolutely digusting!!! like actual.

    1. -its supposed to be more misty not like raindrops coming down like that. its the wrong angle. and if you see in real games on tv u can hardly tell its raining, just the pitch is wet and players are wet and so on…

  11. 1. In menager mode: aranging friendlies matches, or sugest teams to the board, swaping player/s with other team (player + money) and better scouting, because they they bring players who can play only one position and most important, in menager players who plays in my team after they score for example 2 goals they want to play next game, and if i dont put him in next 2 or 3 games he wants to leave, why???;
    2. Better referee;
    3. Ability to train players to play in several positions (up to 3 or 5 pos.);

  12. First off, the grammar and spelling on here is atrocious. Why would EA listen to fans who can’t spell or construct a sentence properly? I understand fans for whom English is a second (or third) language, but otherwise, terrible stuff.

    Anyway, EA Career Mode (either with a player or a manager) needs to be expanded, it’s a joke as-is. There’s no sense of immersion and it’s really a disservice to the fans that EA thinks this garbage is good enough. But positive, constructive thoughts. As a player you should be able to hand in a transfer request whenever you want. As a coach you should be able to get sacked midway through a season. Sponsorships (for kits and for stadiums) should come back, basically all of those features that were ALREADY IN THE SERIES but were taken out so EA can claim a couple years later how it is a “fresh and new” feature. The player mode should be more like it is in NBA 2K12 (though that isn’t perfect), in terms of how your player can talk to the media and train to get better. If you’re going to have a 15-year career mode, create enough content to make it interesting for more than 4-5.

    I agree with the other posts that managers should be able to coach/select international teams.I understand why EA won’t/can’t include other major cups in FIFA (read: it’s to make more money by making it a separate game/DLC), but include it with a fake title and that’ll be good enough. I know that means having a player control two different teams in a career mode, but I think a PS3 or XBOX 360 can handle it.

    In short, EA stop selling your fans short with these trickle-down/re-tread improvements and actually make a new version significantly better than the previous one.

    1. Yes! NBA 2K’s player mode is way better than FIFA. I hate the accomplishments for a virtual pro player, they in no way match up to a players progress throughout a career. Also you should be able to have several career players. This is the one major thing that keeps me from buying the game, player progression on a career is horrible, doesn’t even exist.

      1. Agreed….if phone now a day are responsive to the hour of the day and the weather of the location, I think FIFA should be able to make this happen….maybe a stretch, but what about making the home stadium undergo the current weather the actual stadium is experiencing in real time.

  13. I think it wouldn’t be too much to ask ea to add different time effects, like evening, afternnon and sunrise. It would look superb.

    Training ground challenges would keep newbies on the game more until they get good enough to play online.

  14. you could add greek and argentinian leagues in stead of a couple of loose teams from those countries in rest of the world just add whole league

  15. be a country in carreer mode and choose your own squad.
    add continental champions leagues an euros an world cup and all the national teams
    a lot more leagues about 20 atleast i think you can add or add atleast 1 or 2 teams from each european country and a couple of teams from asia and africa

  16. As people have said… the ability to edit kits in career mode. There are loads of sponsors of Fifa so why can’t their logos be available? I’d also like to be able to import logos from a CD or something. Even if it’s only available offline (so companys don’t get offended by us editing their kits).

    When you play career mode for 5 seasons it’s rubbish and unrealistic to have the same kits.

    I will go back to Pro Evo if they don’t allow this. I can put up with all kits being unlicensed. I don’t care about the other teams I just want to be able to edit my own.

    Oh and to be able to edit things without career mode crashing. That ruins the game. What’s the point of having an edited custom player manager on the team if it just corrupts your career save?

  17. I think you should maybe put scottish leagues in because even though rangers are going to be in a low league they would still get back to spl and being a celtic fan i would miss beating them, also be interesting to maybe play them in cup with them in a lower league. You should also have champions league, Europa league. I do like the idea of maybe having sponsors. One of the main things is the defending it is one major thing that needs sorted you can jockey but the forward can still score even with a defender jockeying, also ref is biased too cpu.

  18. 1) I think the most important, fifa12 game I thought was the best of all, but had the problem of the graphics, SO…WE NEED REALL GRAPHICS, we need MESSI ITSELF, no a retarded messi, o REAL NEYMAR no such a guy.


    3)WE NEED CELEBREATIONS, PLEASE…i have to know, and i have to se taht i m winn

    4)WE NEED CELEBRATIONS, PLEASE…i have to know and i have to see that i ‘ m cups winner, or the best manager (LIKE PES DO, WITH PRESENTATIONS, NEW CLUB PLAYERS ARRIVALS, ETC )

  19. Improve referee AI its shocking and seems biased if i do an average foul i see red but the cpu will alway get yellow at most, also fix offside decision making by the ref, my player is on the line and i am offside.

  20. Argentinean League, Referees improvements, better artificial intelligence, more animations, more game modes, better graphics, Copa Libertadores, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Champions League, and finally a creation mode (without internet)! If you apply this in the game, would be the best game of the World! FIFA lifetime, thanks. 😉

  21. just add all nations of europe to start with Albania,…………..
    than the rest of the world
    i ask only for 1 albanian club or albanian national team
    is that to much to ask ? i pay evry year 65 euro for this game
    and they dont add any albanian team but they add english div 1,2,3,4 etc
    thats just rasist where is the rest of europe its called fifa 13
    not england 13

  22. Chilean League, make your own kits and sponsors, be able to be a national team manager, you could play the world cup and stuff like that.

  23. They need each teams chant/song because so many teams have amazing chants and songs. Like the red bulls have many chants. Most English and spanish teams have great chants but i never hear them. And why is their spanish chants while i’m playing as Chelsea? Seriously they have to fix that.

    and FIFA13 will sell 2 Million game more then previous year!

  25. 1. Be able to manage an international team on manager mode
    2. Be able to change kit and sponsor at end of each season in career mode
    3. Make the refs better their decisions are shocking
    4. More stadiums and teams
    5. Referee mode
    6. Able to switch club during season as manger
    7. When you simulate a game you join in if you want to U should bring that back
    8. When a player gets injured on the pitch and its a bad one get them stretchered off they ain’t going to walk of with a broken leg that needs to b sorted
    9. If you bring international teams to manger mode allow us to qualify for the groups and list all the national team u r in charge off and their for so u can choose the 23 man squad you want to take to the tournament.
    10. Make the crowd more realistic and each club should have a chant

  26. like why are their spanish chants at anfield, old trafford, ethihad stadium, stamford bridge. please fifa make the fans sing actuall chants, not drums. i never here drums at any of those places. you got the german teams spot on but the engkish and spanish, and itlian horrlibky wrong. fix it please and just take away all the drums.

  27. more stadiums and realistic atmospheres from fans, like every team should have a chant or song they sing, and add champions leauge, europa leauge, every national team, and world cup, the european championships, and you should also be able to get offers to be a national team coach. all of these addtions would make fifa the best game ever!!! oh and also make more realistic transfers. dont make fabregas go to real madrid every time.

  28. 1) Make your own kit
    2) In the challenges part, be able to have classic World Cup moments
    3) More international teams
    4) More Leagues

  29. think in manger mode they should improve on the youth player because when they have a good overall we can sign them, and make some of them have badges and i think we should be able to talk to the board and have after matches interviews and with the player manger mode we can we agents and choose if we want to leave half way though the season.
    improve on the defending because it is too poor , the offside are annoying becaUSE even if u are a few cm ahead u are offside , ut maybe we design our own its and bags along with our own stadiums and the chemstiry i restricting people from choose there dream team and some of the vp target are too hard to achieve , the paces of the player are crazy some of the players are not even that fast !!!!!!!1

  30. I just want every national team on it like on fifa 2010 world cup and i want the world cup and euro and champions league also europa league to be in it for manager mode and tournament mode. also add the ukranian,serbian,turkish,czech,greek,welsh and the argentinian league also the ebglish conference premier league would be good it would also be a good i dea to add the womans premier and super league teams into the game to get some women fans on fifa also please have atleast a 1st and 2nd divison for every league so it makes manager mode better so when a team finishes bottom they actually get relegated. oh and can you improve the crossing and the heading its very rare your attacker ever wins the header and also when you get someone like van buyten catching nani no way would that happen! also when a ball is played over the top of the defence they always casually control it the lower rated players and the higher rated should sometimes panic and mess up. also it would be good if you could your players kicking off with the officials or the other team for a tackle or decison !!!. hope you take in some of my ideas anyway

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