3 Ways You Can Get More Involved with eSports


From its humble beginnings of split-screen gaming to the televised tournaments of today, the sporting category of eSports really has come a long way in the last ten years. In fact, it has come so far that many people are now deemed to be professionals in this field, and they receive a hefty paycheck for their endeavors in it.

If you’re a fan of eSports, whether you enjoy watching players battle it out on the pitch on FIFA or whether you prefer to watch them take each other on in first-person shooters, then why not try to get more involved with this sport? Luckily, there are a host of different ways you can do so.

Get a career in eSports

The best way to get involved with your favorite eSporting action is to throw yourself into the field in a professional sense.

You do not necessarily have to be a skilled gamer to land yourself a career in eSports, but what other options are available to you? True, professional player is the most lucrative and well-paying title to hold in this instance. Fear not, however, as more and more alternative jobs are becoming available as this sector grows.

As stated by the British eSports Association, there is a wide selection of career paths to embark on in the eSports field. Here are just a few of them:

  • Shoutcaster/event host
  • Coach
  • Content creator
  • Marketing executive
  • Referee
  • Social media manager
  • Agent
  • Game developer
  • Game publisher
  • Game distributor

Head to an offline event

Most eSports action takes place in the virtual realm. Every now and again, however, this sector steps from behind the screen and into the world of the living due to the demands of its passionate fanbase. Today, offline eSports events are being held more and more often, and you should attempt to check one out if you’re determined to get closer to the action.

RedBull put it best — ‘offline eSports events evoke the ultimate competitive atmosphere.’ By heading to such an event, you will be able to indulge in all things eSports. You’ll be able to see professional players in the flesh, you’ll come across amateurs who are aspiring to be the next big sensation in the field, and you’ll meet the charismatic commentators that bring the sporting action to life.

. No matter how much money you decide to put down, you will feel more involved with the eSports matchups that you watch when you have something riding on the outcome of them.


If you ever feel like you want to get more involved with the phenomenon that is eSports, be sure to take the above advice and go ahead and do it.


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