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PES 2014 Will Have AFC Champions League

KONAMI adds AFC Champions League to Pro Evolution Soccer series Acclaimed football series to feature Asia’s premier club competition Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced an agreement with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to incorporate the AFC Champions League, the prestigious tournament that decides Asia’s greatest club team, into forthcoming versions of Pro Evolution Soccer.

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PES 2014 AFC Champions League

The deal will see KONAMI working closely with the AFC to integrate the club competition into forthcoming Pro Evolution Soccer titles. The game, which enjoys a global presence, will feature a dedicated mode, allowing users to control one of the 32 teams that compete in the AFC Champions League tournament.

The Pro Evolution Soccer series holds a wide range of soccer licenses from around the world, including Europe’s premier club competition, the UEFA Champions League. Since its inception, the series has enjoyed wide-ranging acclaim worldwide, and the addition of Asia’s highly-regarded club competition will only serve to extend its range and awareness within football fans across the globe.

KONAMI is committed to the continual pursuit of realism within its Pro Evolution Soccer series, and the new agreement furthers the publisher’s quest to recreate the excitement, atmosphere and skill of football played at the highest level.

“The acquisition of such a high-profile license such as the AFC Champions League is integral to our ambitious plans for the Pro Evolution Soccer series,” commented Shinji Hirano, President for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “We look forward to a long and successful partnership with the Asian Football Confederation, as we look to bring the passion and skill of the AFC Champions League to vivid life.”

“Konami is rightly regarded as the leader in the field of football video games and their expertise and enthusiasm shines through,” commented Dr. Hafez Al Medlej, Chairman of the Asian Football Confederation Marketing Committee. “We are very excited to see the AFC Champions League integrated into the acclaimed Pro Evolution Soccer series, and foresee a long, close and mutually beneficial partnership for us both.”

Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is an organisation regulating all Asian soccer, and is one of the six continental associations that make up FIFA. It governs 46 member associations from countries and regions representing over half of the world’s population. Established in 1954, the AFC is now headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from which it conducts duties that include regulating soccer across all of Asia, proposing new rules for the further development of the sport, promoting youth soccer, and organising a range of tournament events.

AFC Champions League
The AFC Champions League is a tournament organized by the AFC to determine Asia’s greatest club team. 32 of the strongest teams from Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other key regions throughout the continent annually compete for its illustrious prize

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  1. torres fernando says:

    If there was Indian clubs for qualifying stages of afc cup,it was great for the indian fans of pes….hope it will be added on pes 15.It was to be licensed……………Like  0 likes

  2. amir mohammad 2 says:

    please put perspolis on afcLike  0 likes

  3. Triple A says:

    put the Kelantan FC.Like  0 likes

  4. ali says:

    please please please real faces for Iranian players and real names and real kits for Iranian teams thank you pes and konamiLike  5 likes

  5. m says:

    real face for ali karimi like pes 2006Like  9 likes

  6. m says:

    tractorLike  12 likes

  7. hadi says:

    No 4th (Pirozi) and No 6th(esteglal-Mafia)

    ONLY and ONLY TRAXTOR-TABRIZ is most Powerful and best Team in IRAN.Like  2 likes

  8. amir says:

    just perspolisLike  7 likes

  9. amir says:

    plz add “velayat cup” to new version. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzLike  7 likes

  10. m says:

    real faces for nekounam and majidi and ali karimi and dejagah and gucciLike  19 likes

  11. mohajer says:

    Please take the time to add Persepolis team is one of the most popular teamsLike  8 likes

  12. pooyan says:

    perspolis & esteghlal both should be thereLike  14 likes

  13. mohammad says:

    real faces and boots for Iranian players and real names and shirts for iran clubs and national team and iran league Persian gulf league and national team and add brazil 2014 world cupLike  33 likes

  14. mohammad says:

    azadi stadium and esteghlal Tehran and perspolis tehranLike  32 likes

  15. Amin says:

    Persepolis F.C. is the most famous football club in Asia !
    Respect to them & and include Persepolis F.C. in PES2014Like  15 likes

    • Ermia says:

      how they are most famous football club in Asia give us one good reason for AFC to put them in the game… to be honest they haven’t won anything in asia so please be quite!Like  7 likes

    • arya says:

      Persepolis F.C.(44444444444444444444444444)never they Could not won AFC Champions League only they won winer afc cup 1990-1991 and last appearance 3years ago and lose. and all of the fan of Persepolis F.C (loooong) they are savageLike  13 likes

  16. hamed says:

    Perspolis is most popular team in asia and iran. please don’t forget PERSPOLISLike  15 likes

  17. Ali says:

    Please do not forget PERSEPLOIS IRAN
    The most famous one of asia continentLike  14 likes

  18. Anonymous says:

    don’t forget PERSPOLIS PLZLike  18 likes

  19. CR8 says:

    only TRAXTUR.thankyouLike  19 likes

  20. hamid says:

    Esteghlal is Love IranLike  40 likes

  21. kasra says:

    we are the best in the world.just esteghlal iran.thankyou pes for asian leagueLike  39 likes

  22. Kambiz Shabani says:

    Thank you PES Team for Puting Our Life; Esteghlal FC. In Our Favorit Video Game…

    From Islamic Republic of Iran…Like  36 likes

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