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May 16, 2011  |  94 Comments
Here you can write your feedback, comments and suggestions for Footballtainment Football Referee web-game.

Football Referee’s developer is looking for feedback and suggestions which gamers can drop at Football Referee’s page on to improve and extend the game features in future.

Football Referee is a referee simulation game which allows gamers to take over the referee’s job, making decisions on scenes that might occur during the course of a match.

You can play Football Referee (beta version) online on

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Comments (94)

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  1. mega says:

    it needs proper teames and players it sucks

  2. yea also it need real people

  3. Charlie says:

    In level 2 it says the correct answer is he is offside. however i believe the rule is beyond the last defender and he is beyond the goalie not defender?

  4. duckmann says:

    decent game but animation needs to be smoother

  5. bosnian#1 says:

    Cool game but need teams,more levels,and a career mode.So yeah the bosnian style

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