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Here you can write your feedback, comments and suggestions for Footballtainment Football Referee web-game.

Football Referee’s developer is looking for feedback and suggestions which gamers can drop at Football Referee’s page on to improve and extend the game features in future.

Football Referee is a referee simulation game which allows gamers to take over the referee’s job, making decisions on scenes that might occur during the course of a match.

You can play Football Referee (beta version) online on

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  1. In level 2 it says the correct answer is he is offside. however i believe the rule is beyond the last defender and he is beyond the goalie not defender?

    1. The law is second to last defender in which the goal keeper is also a defender, so for any reason there are two defenders behind the keeper then the offside line will be behind the keeper on the second to last defender, if there is one defender behind the keeper then the offside line will be on the keeper as he is the second to last defender

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