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  1. anas says:

    they need to make cheap packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John Rhee says:

    Totally agree, especially on the music part for the iPad/iPhone version (mobile). FIFA 13 did not show each of the songs being played on the bottom left corner of the screen in EA Trax as Playstation Portable and possibly PC have shown. Also, uploading custom soundtrack for the mobile devices just like for the PC/XBOX 360/PS 3 would be better to feature in FIFA 14 as there are sone songs that are all right but rather listen to custom music downloaded in the Music Folder including from iTunes. Peeps will be appreciated on having custom soundtrack on mobile since Madden NFL 12 (also had issues on graphics and gameplay there – hope FIFA 14 will not go through those issues this time in spite of purchasing it for free from a web source).

  3. Alexander says:

    It’s still behind ( meaning too far away…) from even the Fifa 13 for PC !!!!! Needs a lot of improvements …in all areas ….!!

  4. John Rhee says:

    Will there be custom soundtrack for the iPad/iPhone version just like on the PC/PS 3 & 4/ XBOX 360 & One? Please have at least couple songs uploaded from the Music file on the mobile/tablet in order to add custom tunes in FIFA 14.

  5. mark taylor says:

    lets hope its not as bad as fifa 13 which was so corrupt …..

  6. Looks great but will Barcelona have neymar when it’s realesed

  7. Well i would say that there still need some improvement in the player’s point of view.But i would like to see some changes in stadium,fans,and noise to make it feel like ‘yes’…i would also like to see the fans make so much nosie when a person shoots a goal.I get that this is a too much ask but! i believe this is the right step forward.Dont you think so?

  8. arshia iran says:

    its to hard for players !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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