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Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 13

Have you had a chance to play FIFA 12? What was missing in the game? Do you have any ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 13. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 13 wish-list here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 13 be like?

Tell us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 13 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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11,550 thoughts on “FIFA 13 – Your Wishlist

  1. Anything that enhances the story-line type features would be fantastic. Including features in career mode that allow the player to live more elements of the life of a footballer or manager – travel, car, house etc? This might give more importance to how much you earn etc and decisions about which club offers to take – at the moment the salary offers and club location don’t really matter. Also features that add more dimension to the personalities of the players etc, issues you might encounter and need to overcome etc. Other career-mode/manager features would be great. Sequences that show players coming and speaking to you similar to PES, different responses you can give, video press-conference features, being able to communicate with players when you chose, dictating training regimes, travel etc, as well as international duty. Crossing to manager during game etc would also be good. Having a say in other elements of management, communicating with the board, investing in facilities etc. Game play, music, and general look of the game is great. Seems to be quite a massive jump from playing semi-pro and pro. In semi-pro it is generally too easy (including being able to run around the outside of players with no resistance) unless I adjust specific game-play settings. Though playing in pro, I get thrashed. Would be good to have a middle point there.

    1. Not to be mean, but if you’re getting thrashed on professional setting, you’re pretty bad. Pass more! More through plays, you’re probably trying to run around players manually. Let your cpu players do work for you.

  2. The virtaul pro section.

    I remember playing the Madden virtual pro. Cant remember which version.
    I really liked the idea where you have like agents, negotiate salary through agents, talking to press etc. Just to make it more realistic.

  3. How about making the game fair instead of giving English teams the free green light. You can’t even tackle their players. They score unrealistic goals. Make a variety of cameras we could choose from. Get closer to reality as far as the players moves…. Each player should not just be limited by his so called designated cell. They should be able to run all over the field just like in real life.

  4. STOP PUTTING WAYNE FUCKIN ROONEY ON THE COVER! NO MESSI, NO RONALDO, NO KAKA! There are so many AWESOME players in the world to choose from. I promise that we will still buy the game regardless who is on the cover!

    More realism on player aggression, ie When in the box, you kick it, the player blocks it and your player just stands there.

    More mistakes for computer passing without having to change cpu/player abilities in the menu. Computer could go all day with perfect passing%.

    Computer is OMNISCIENT! The cpu is too good with the ball, anticipating every single move I make on defense. Make it so the cpu makes mistakes dribbling and passing when you manually put pressure on the ball handler.

    Better awareness of players. Sometimes my players make amazing plays, then sometimes they stand there like jackasses, like they forgot how to play football!

    Less superman clearances by cpu. When trying to do a through ball, the cpu will jump up or perfectly time there interceptions to prevent any sort of offensive play.

    Player exchanges along with money transfers in manager mode.

    When passing the ball, if the cpu blocks it, your player stops immediately and doesn’t try to hurry and get the ball back. It’s like your player automatically goes into defensive mode when the computer touches it.

    This is probably redundant, but bring back, and add more leagues! Japan, Turkey, Argentina, Ukraine, Greece.

  5. More leagues! Its weird u cant play some famous teams like kiev, metalist, red star belgrado or maybe nicosia (last 8 in CL!!) Add more stadiums. Possibility to transfer ur own pro on manager mode.

  6. 1)Make There Be More Commentaries For The Spanish Language Put Pablo Ramirez & Jesus Bracamontes

  7. i think there should be more realistic celebrations.
    more national teams should be added.
    when you start a game the team should warm up before each game.
    and to see the couch on the sideline

  8. More realistic goal celebrations etc. Pull your shirt off if you score in 90th minute.

    Scream at ref (in offside or tackle situations)

    In derbys the players should be able to fight after tackles and more sound from the fans.

    Real goalkeeper shirts no ea shirts their so ugly!

    Some players should be stronger for ex. (Zlatan ibrahimovic)

    You should be able to see the subs warm up and the manager walk around and scream at players and react in goals or goal misses

    The fans should look more realistic.

    Tournaments as Champions league, Europa league and World cup.

    More leagues as Turkish league, greece league.

    In ultimate team it should be easier to earn coins.

    Should be able to break leg on pitch and be carried out on stretcher.

    It sould be cool if you should be able to bleed from the head.

    Better commentarys, if a player does a goal on his debut they should say something about it.

    create your own kits with sponsor and styles and create stadiums.

    In career mode you should be able to have real trainers like (guardiola, mourinho, wenger) or create your own with clothes, style and speaking on press conferances.

    Thanks for reading you who did! And hope some of my suggestions go through! Hope fifa 13 will be sick! :)

  9. Some stadiums such as camp nou , need to have a better lighting system

    The pitch is too dark. also the stands are much more closer to the pitch both on camp nou and santiago bernabeu.

    And please add some brazilians stadiums , such as maracana , morumbi etc..

  10. MAKE SOME STREAKERS or something, mascottes or something,
    ball boys who throw the ball to the keeper
    with heavy rain some place moats, you run slower if you walk in them. or slip more.
    create own logo for your own team, with illustrator or easy select.
    the goalkeeper sometimes slip out by a action of the attacker
    the keeper dives against the pole.
    enjurys when hitting the pole

    the gamepad for pc fix please, in 2012 i had problems with that.
    fifa 11 gameplay speed, ball,run. 2012 is a bit to slow.


  11. You should be able to make custom teams on the original PSP.
    Have a world cup tournament instead of making another game.
    Put more players that play in their team because in FIFA12 i went to transfer someone they didnt have him.
    Have more international teams like Cyprus.
    Have champions league and europa league

  12. Career Mode:

    -I would love to be able edit my Manager Mode team’s kit a little bit: change away and third kit design and colour, I hate seeing everything remain the same.

    -I would like to be able to have a reserves’ squad for newly-promoted youth players. It’s frustrating to have my youth with 84-90 potential play 2 or 3 League Cup games a season.

    -After having a loan offer declined, I can no longer submit a permanent transfer offer. This needs fixing.

    -More on-pitch action during derbies and rivalry matches.

    -Fix the bug where a team will not sell if they lack depth of that position. I have been trying to buy Michel Bastos from Lyon for 4 seasons, always offering 50 million pounds sterling, only to get rejected every time.

    -UEFA licensing, PLEASE. Martin Tyler even talks about the Champions’ League.

    -More player-manager communication. I would like to be able to talk to the players, not just them talking to me.

    -I feel like the other managers should be able to mention me in pre-match conferences, and either praise or unnerve me just like I can.

    -Ability to assign someone a kit number immediately after signing them.
    I hate signing Luis Suarez and having him play at number 26 for 4 consecutive matches before I finally remember.


    -Able to receive offers for my player in Player Mode in both transfer windows throughout the period, instead of at the start of a new season.

    -Please. Please. Please. Add training sessions. And sponsorship. I tried PES ELEVEN at a friend’s house, and the Master League puts Manager Mode to shame.


    -More commentator discussion, which should not be interrupted by shots or tackles, just goals. I like hearing the history of the clubs.

    -I would LOVE having different camera angles every time I start the game. Seeing the same entry with the same camera angle is boring and unrealistic.

    -Those pre-match clips need fixing. I’d love it if they were more realistic, like the ads for Premier League matches showing good goals on both ends, WITH COMMENTARY.

    -Turkish League, please. I need Quaresma!

    -More realistic passing from the AI.

    -Players being more realistic in their style of play. There is no way CR7 will end a match with 17/19 passes and 2/5 dribbles. They should be able to cut in and weave out.

    EXAMPLE: Say I’m playing with Spain, using a 4-2-3-1. David Villa up front.

    David Villa, as most know, drifts off to the left. A lot. Having him drift off while the LAM and CAM adjust would be so much more realistic.

    -Realistic goal-keeping. My 85-rated Joe Hart concedes 3 against Swansea, while my 65-rated youth player keeps a clean sheet and has a few top corner saves against Arsenal. What. the. hell.


    -Menu’s fine like this, much better than FIFA 11. However, instead of just showing our arena player, show DIFFERENT players from our favourite teams showcasing their skills.

    -Love the music, but I just spent 2 hours listening to songs to find that kick-ass song with the whistling chorus (El Buen Salvaje). Keeeping a tab showing current music along with the next music (with the ability to skip it), would be AWESOME.

    -EASFC is nice, but it’s a bit mundane. Giving us rewards for reaching certain levels would be awesome. This doesn’t have to be in-game, but stuff like different menu layouts and ability to watch real-life awesome football moments from our favourite clubs would be lovely.

    -PLEASE allow us to add songs to EA Trax. I hate having to download the whole soundtrack just to add About a Girl (Unplugged).

    Thanks for your time.

  13. you are doing very good job……………in manager mode you have to make some change………

  14. I agree with SIR jade pillay that after every season you should be able 2 create your own kit

  15. New Leagues :

    1) Ukranian League
    2) Czech League
    3) Greek League
    4) Turkish League
    5) Argentina League
    6) South African League

    More Realistic Manager Mode :

    1) Qualification to Club World Cup
    2) Manager can be fired in mid season
    3) Player + money swap during transfer period
    4) Reserve team games to develop the club youth

    Inclusion of more teams like :

    1) CS Marítimo Madeira
    3) APOEL FC Lefkosia
    3) AEK Larnaka
    4) HJK Helsinki
    5) CD Nacional Madeira
    6) Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC
    7) GNK Dinamo Zagreb
    8) FC Partizan
    9) Al-Sadd
    10) Nasaf Qarshi
    11) Universidad de Chile

  16. have more cards in a rivalary match.I was playing Barca Vs madrid and the xbox got no bookings.Put in more tackles.

    2)better comentry.more commentators.

    3)Pick pre-season matches and like pick tours of china,asia ext.

    4)be able to change kit im on my 7th season with liverpool and still the same kits. its annoying.

    5)be a ref mode

    6)more teams and leagues.

    7)more realistic transfers.

    8)manager mode better after a couple of seasons it gets boring.

    cheers :)

  17. confrence? naming your captian on ultimate team? manage national team?being called up to national team? having a life outside football being able to drive your cars to the training ground like gta and buy houses and have a social life on the actual game would be top class

  18. PRO CLUBS :
    Pro Cubs needs a right kick up the arse. The AI of your team is shit regardless of how good your players are. It should be when you get more stars as a team the AI players improve stats. You should be able to create a kit and a logo for your club.

    Manager mode in FIFA 12 was great, but it could be better still… You should be able to get sacked at any point in the season, not just at the end. You should also be able to swap players + cash. Also you could make international call-ups for your manager.
    Be a pro also the same, people can bid for you in January as well as in August. You should be able to get international call-ups and play those games.

    The commentary is shit. sorry to say it like that but really it is. It keeps repeating every game. Change it up a bit, maybe get a commentary pack you can download as well as the default commentary.

    Referees are absolute shit. They make such bad calls like if you make a good sliding tackle where you clearly get the ball, it’ll give a free-kick. If you just tap the other player, it’ll be a free-kick, but if somebody else smashes you to the floor, it’s no free-kick? wtf? Fix it please.

    Add the ability to search for players by name. Better trophy winning celebrations. More coins for winning tournaments. Make packs much cheaper and also give us a better chance of getting good players in those packs.

    ALSO :
    Add the Welsh National team if possible and also add the Blue Square Prem if possible.

  19. Would be good if you could besign a stadium, like selecting stands and putting them together.
    Also making your own sponsor for shirts and stuff.
    Make your own team kits.
    The blue square premier league would be nice too.

    Cheers :)

  20. Career mode as a pkayer needs sorting out. there needs to be more of a sense of occasion in cup games. With crowd and pre match/ end match interviews. If you win a cup final or the league or something the crowd need to run on the pitch and the celebration needs to last a lot longer.

    Also need to be more options for creating players, much like fight night champion i.e. body type, playing style, dribbling style, tattoos, more hair styles, highlights, option to wear base layers. all this would make using your player a more personal experience.

    Plus 100s of new animations- shirt pulling, falling over, fights, shooting.

    Basically. Games need to be more of a spectacle, especially in career mode and you need more options when creating players. Boot updates, call ups for national team and improved impact engine would be nice too.

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