FIFA 13 Saudi Premier League

August 24, 2012 
Saudi Arabia Premier League will be available in FIFA 13

Here you can see some of FIFA 13 screenshots featuring Saudi Premier League

Saudi Arabia in FIFA 13

Saudi Arabia in FIFA 13

Saudi Arabia in FIFA 13

Saudi Arabia in FIFA 13

FIFA 13 featuring Saudi Premier League (Zain Saudi League) Screenshots from FIFA 13 menu showing Saudi Professional League teams

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  1. pedro says:

    It was supposed to be Iran league , Iran was leading for long time in the voting page , I don’t know what happened suddenly Saudi Arabia become a competitor …. don’t you look at Fifa’s realities ranking chart! Iran and Saudi Arabia were equal in the voting … plus you can look at both team results in the world cup and anywhere else? are you guys Ok ??? or just racist? or maybe somebody spend lots of money to bring Saudi Arabia’s national team into the Fifa ….

  2. Wessam says:

    What a bout the EGyptian LEague especially AL-AHLY Club as this is the best team in EGypt & Africa

  3. AlSaeed H2 says:

    They added the saudi leage becuse of its high demands. If you look at the profits Fifa 10,11, and 12 ganed from the middle east (or just saudi arabia alone) you would notice that there are high damands than most country in the world, and EA FIFA is looking for the money.


    At least they Could add some of the famous clubs to the rest of the world. clubs like : shakhtar, dinamo kiev, metallist, cluj, Hjk, APOEL, perspolis, shanghai shenhua, partizan & …
    I think they should at least put the african & asian CL winners in Rest of the world

  5. oleskl says:

    The simple fix for being able to play any league on FIFA13 would be for the game to be released as is but make other leagues that aren’t included out of the box available as downloadable content as long as EA was able to get licensing to do so from those leagues. Knowing how long it takes to put all the league information together and develop the teams, EA could make a “grace” period for downloading, say 2 weeks to a month to give them time to make the additions.

    For all the people complaining about this league or national team not being in the game, did you stop to think that maybe EA couldn’t get licensing for said leagues or they wanted way more money then what EA projected demand for that league to be? I mean why spend large sums of money for a league that maybe 1% of the playing audience would actually use? You can’t just use whatever league/team/player you want without getting actual licensing for it.

  6. winning over! says:

    It’s a competition btw football game to win over the middle east is to give them what they want,it’s simple like that!

    More fans,more money.(done)

  7. Steven Gerrard says:

    Great add, although it is not a strong league in the world it has a few strong clubs, and with the arrival of big-name players in recent years it has come up to a higher level, worthy of FIFA.

    But still, the fact that FIFA does not add clubs that are present every year in major competitions, such as top South American teams (excepting Brazilian clubs), Japanese teams, and specially Eastern European clubs, is not logical. As a Romanian I’m disappointed not to see clubs from my country that make it in the group stage of the CL or EL year by year not be present in FIFA… and I’m sure I’m speaking for each and every one of fans of FIFA coming from countries with strong football clubs not recognized by the FIFA games.

  8. Awzom345098 says:

    They should include more african leagues like egyptian and south african league. also they should include african champions league and copa libertadores along with the argentinian, ukranian, japanese, greek, romania, and iranian leagues. they all have great players and potential. It would be hard but I think fifa could pull it off.

  9. Dionisio says:

    Guys stop argue The worst Leagues in fifa are Irish and Australian with 1 or Half star Teams i would really Appreciate if they replaced Irish and Australian with Ukranian and Greek and Add back Czech and Turkish and at least add in Rest of world APOEL Bate Borisov Persepolis CFR Cluj and of course HJK don’t get mad about saudi league it’s nice and there are so many good Saudi players in fifa ;)

    • La Effe says:

      You’re so wrong.
      It’s so boring playing always with the same and famous world teams like Real, Barça, Inter, Man Utd, etc.
      Leagues like the australian one, irish, saudi, etc. are so important because let you know the football world at 360 degrees.
      So, i hope EA brings leagues and teams like these.
      Argentian league is the only big league in the world that is still out.
      Now, i expect that EA adds leagues (or just teams) like ukranian (where are Dinamo Kiev and Shakhtar?), chinese (it will show its validity in a few years, becoming the top league in the East), greek, serbian (where are Partizan and Red Star?), etc. and expands ROW section.