November 30, 2012 

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team for iOS

FIFA 13 iOS Ultimate Team
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team iOS

FUT 13 iOS

FUT 13 (FIFA Ultimate Team) for iPhone / iPad


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team (FUT 13) is now available also for iOS (FIFA 13 iOS) version of FIFA 13

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do i play online on iphoneLike  1 likes

  2. Anonymous says:

    any 1 want 5m coins for there UT on ps3 fifa 13 contact me on ps3- jjl1998jjl then send me ur details and i will go on your account and give u 5m coins :) trust me it works 101% legitLike  0 likes

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haha guys I got CAVANI IN FORM – 87 for 200 coinsLike  1 likes

  4. Anonymous says:

    can any one plz guide me how to get coins on iphone cause my players are all rubbish plz if any one know any kind of cheats plz contact me :)

    Thanks ::::Like  1 likes

  5. george says:

    how do you hack the game to get all those coinsLike  4 likes

  6. Fut 13 says:

    I really need help with my fut on my iPhone
    Can u plz tell me how I could get good players like u
    Have. I only have around 7 k and I am wondering how
    U got soooo much coooiiinnnssss!!!!!
    Can u plz guide me to any glitch or cheat or something
    To get me a team like that….
    I fell left out when I have such a bad team and when I have played over
    80 matches when I’ve won 76 Of themLike  2 likes

    • CCCC says:

      buy bronze packs, sell the player contract for
      150/200 starting bid, 250/300 on buy now.
      since one bronze pack is 400 and one bronze player contract sells for about 250, there are at least 2 player contracts in there, you get a good profit… and sell the rest of the players at cheap prices hope this helpedLike  2 likes

  7. Alex says:

    How do I change the length of a game on FUTLike  2 likes