Your Ideas for FIFA 08

September 15, 2006 
Your ideas regarding the next FIFA – Write what you wanna see in EA Sports next FIFA game

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? Which ones should it not have? How should be the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in future FIFA? How FIFA could be more real?

What were the bugs in FIFA 07? Which version of FIFA Series was the best one – in your opinion, why?

Write us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 08 in the form given below. We will send your ideas, suggestion and comments regading FIFA to EA Sports developers. Be sure that the FIFA developers are looking for new worthful ideas from FIFA fans.

– FIFPlay is not an official site of EA Sports. FIFPlay only tries to deliver the best submitted ideas and suggestions about FIFA & FIFA Manager to Electronic Arts developers.

– Please do not submit any ideas, suggestions or comments with the subject regarding “Voting Poll” section.

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  1. Caden yor main man says:

    Make the console use their squad develope yung players.and don`t let them ware out their players.Aston villa always ware out Ashley young

  2. Caden says:

    Make a way to put the ball thru the players legs
    Add multi player manager moder and on “be a pro”
    The commentators must not be so rude.And they always say the rong things
    When you volley the ball they must volley with the laces and not side footed

  3. raymond says:

    hi im from malta..why do you not include in the game maltese teams …..there are the most teams of the world and the maltese clubs never be in the game…..if you can make our teams we will be very pleasly thanks

    regards from malta

  4. Kelvin92 says:

    Our plans have always been very passive, and follow the path of developed countries. ,

  5. Anonymous says:

    you seriously need to make international manager mode at least after 3 years of ok success with whatever club. you should make the computer on all consoles use it’s squad wisely taking into account discipline, energy, quality and using younger players so they can develop.

    tell EA Sports they need to make a cricket game. about time

  6. JOEL says:



  7. Hey I know i cant make a difference but i will try got this really great idea, How about creating a be pro season where a user creates his player and for a team of other created players . Each team being controlled by 11 players each, A bit hectic fo the server and probably for the users but if you can get the user of the game to be actually or if not that make them feel like a player themselves to come home from school or work to train or play to represent their club,
    This would be like creating a new game platform. And you can also make the players be transfererable like the players now, And you could make a special entry for the real players who would feel leftout of the online fun, just like how a user would feel leftout in real life, And give the created players some official boots or something close to it. If it’s possible you could give me a job i create some boots for you with a pay that could send me to college to do some animation arts, thats all

  8. thomas says:

    put maradona pele geoge best in the classic xl team

  9. mamduh says:

    the crowd should be a lot more realistic. when the home team scores they should celebrate and jump up.not like in fifa 08 or 09 when they seeme to jump all the time.they should also go BOOOO!! when the rivals play against them and they have the ball. if the home team is etc red the biggest part of the crowd should have the same coulor.


  10. Rob says:

    got a view ideas

    – Have stadiums from the premier league and championship in like the stadium of light and st mary’s and have like an intro to see the fans going to the seats so ya can see the badges on the seats or something like Ha’Way the lads
    – be able to decide who should sponser the clubs each like AIG and Umbro or boylesports and addidas on the shirts

  11. harith says:

    Add crossbar challenge.

  12. harith says:

    Add Singapore League and Asian Cup.

  13. Wowky says:

    1) Weather Effects
    2) Realistic manager and bench
    3) more detailed fans
    4) SOLID CROSSBAR!!! (sometimes the ball just goes trought it)
    5)more detailed come up on the pitch, exchanging gifts and hand shakes, maybe fans singing and cheering
    6) fans should go wild even on away games(maybe not as at home, but wilder than now)
    8) more turnaments

  14. GeneralT says:

    Manager mode shouldn’t be manager mode. it should be owner mode. u can buy a club and then buy coachs. But u can still oversee all transfers and team lineups. There should be real managers to choose from. Real sponsors,real coachs.And realistic transfers. Also extend be a pro seasons,Add more leagues, Have reserve matchs.

  15. gio28 says:

    2010 should have more action on online games maybe like 4 vs. 4 online games or more

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. chris says:

    in manager mode you should be able to manage international tems. maybe after several years of being a manager, an international tries to hire you. it should be possible for players’ hairstyles to change after a every few months

  18. tim says:

    EA you should be able to see the managers face and see them on the news

  19. Chad says:

    Lots of Weather Effects:

    Rain – you should be able to change the power of rain fort e.g. light showers or heavy rain.
    Snow- Light or heavy
    Fog- light or heavy fog
    Sun – change how hot it is
    Rain and Thunder
    You should be able to adjust the weather to the way you want in to be for e.g. rain you can tune it up to the max for heavy rain or tune it down for light showers