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FIFA 19 Leagues

Which leagues you would like to play with in FIFA 19?

Vote now for the leagues you would like to see in the next FIFA franchise game, FIFA 19. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game.

Cast your vote here at this page show your support for your favourite football league!

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  1. Hi all fans of the FIFA series, the Iranian men’s national football team has been ranked first in Asia in the FIFA ranking of the past two years. I am asking for (ea managers) who have the Iranian League as the first power in Asia to be included in the game. We are grateful to Iranian children for your work.

  2. نرجو منكم التصويت للدوري الفلسطيني, الرياضة بفلسطين في تقدم ملحوظ ونجاح متدرج رغم الاحتلال والصعوبات.

    نرجو منكم دعمنا لنستمر .

    I am kindly requesting you to vote for Palestine.

    Football in Palestine is in a great progress despite the occupation, we need your support.

    Thank you so much.

  3. בבקשה תבחרו ליגה ישראלית קצת כבוד למדינה שלנו! במקום לבחור סתם ליגות בעולם כבר יכלתם לייצג את המדינה שלנו בפיפא.אז בבקשה תבחרו בליגה הישראלית ובואו נראה עם נצליח לייצג את המדינה!

    Automatically translated:
    Please select an Israeli league a little respect for our country! Instead of choosing just leagues in the world, you could already represent our country in FIFA. So please choose the Israeli league and let’s see if we succeed in representing the country!

  4. People this is not fair Africa has over 50 countries but not one African league on FIFA were not asking for all just at least PSL( South African first division ) Fifa is imported to Africa every year but the same disappointment For those who don’t know Mamelodi Sundowns Who are former winners of the African champions league ( CAF ) were competing against the likes of Real Madrid Or after the 2010 world cup still none of the teams featured on FIFA. Brazil has hosted more world cups than The hole of Africa combined And still the two teams that feature Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates, the players are undetaild or did you know that Fnb stadium is bigger than Santiago Bernabeu and Wembley Stadium although the fans made noises with the toys at the world cup it was because they were exited for what looks to be once in a lifetime to see players like Messi, Ronaldo and Iniesta so please vote for south African league

  5. I think the UAE league is must be in FIFA 19 since it is one of the best leagues in Asia I’m not exaggerating the most challenging leagues in AFC or in Asia is the Saudi league and Japanese league and UAE league and the uae League has a team called al jazira club they versed Real Madrid and Real Madrid won 2-1 which isn’t bad and the fact that al jazira isn’t the first in the league.

  6. we want indian super league, india’s population is 132 crore if you will indian super league fifa 19 going to be more seccussful

    1. Yes. We want Indian Super League (ISL) in FIFA 19. The everyone in India is passionate about football and waiting patiently since 2015 for ISL. This league has already made huge strides globally on the basis of Television broadcasting , Average attendance , also taking Indian Football to another level. So ISL must be included in FIFA 19 then surely FIFA 19 will gain huge popularity.

  7. Iran is the best Asian team in FIFA Ranking. Iran has the highest level in the Asians League. The largest Asian derby in Iran is Persepolis andEsteghlal .We will see the Iranian league in FIFA 19

    1. We beet Esteglal 6-1 how is it the strongest derby and how is it the strongest team in asia and the other Iranian team lost 4-0

      1. Hi, my Arab friend, I think you are the result of the Iranian national team against the UAE … Over the past five years, the Iranian national team has triumphed against all Arab countries in all games, the UAE’s national team has no It’s not time to be among the six most powerful soccer teams in Asia, I think your knowledge of soccer on the continent of Asia is very small.

      2. Esteghlal beet Alain many many times ! Did you know that dude?
        Esteghlal have 2 champion in asia and Alain is nothing against esteghlal. Esteghlal have 30 million fans and in azadi stadium we are 100,000 blue fans , we don’t lose in our home , so come Arab and lets play in Tehran and we see who fucked up , this is Tehran this is esteghlal we haven’t joke , if we lose 6:1 that’s just for a bad game not at all , for all game we beet Alain for many times

  8. I maintain that several leagues should be added, on order to make the game more look like FIFA rather than UEFA+ (it’s not normal there isn’t a single african league).
    UEFA : Ukraine, Czech and Greek leagues
    CAF : Tunisia, Egypt, DR Congo, Algeria, South Africa, Morocco, Sudan (top 7 of African leagues)
    CONCACAF : Costa Rica
    AFC : China, UAE, Qatar, Thailand, Iran
    CONMEBOL : License Brazil and Chile, Peru
    That is a very good base for FIFA game, rather than adding other brittish leagues …

    1. Super ideas but thats to much.
      They should add
      Chinese and Qatar league
      Serie C (italian 3rd),spanish 3rd and french 3rd
      Offical license of brazilian and italian league and euro and champions league
      Interesting Greenland league

      1. Africa is not interesting
        Asia kind of CSL and Qatar league they have money and good players.
        Canada maybe but we have toronto, whitecaps, and impact montreal
        Greenland cause there is no Greenland players in fifa 18
        From eourope lower divisions of spain italy france. Germany and england no need.
        Brazilian offical license and italian
        Copa sudamerica

  9. Plz we want the UAE LEAGUE PLZZZZ


  10. i support my local team Linfield FC and you already have the republic of ireland league in fifa but you dont have the northern irish league as i would love to play as Linfield on Fifa do please bring the northern Irish league on board

  11. Indian super league will worth it for fifa19, large fan base in india . Passionate fans great avarage attendence

  12. Indian Super League pls. It will make sense business wise too. Sale of Fifa 2019 will double in india and thats a huge number. EA Sports take note…it will be win win on both side. Anyways sooner or later ISL will be added..

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