FIFA 17 Wishlist

FIFA 17 Wishlist

Your FIFA 17 Wishlist

Have you already played EA Sports FIFA 16? What was missing in the game? Got any creative useful ideas for its next version? Write here for us how you would improve FIFA 17. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 17 wishlist here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players and etc?

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 17 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. Please add All National teams..
    It will add great meaning to career mode bcuz everyone will like to use their international team. Im from Trinidad and Tobago.. i know they will launch fifa 18 worldcup but there is need for all countries in every fifa… so WC qualifiers etc… will have enough teams and be done the correct way… They will b Concacaf….not only Copa America and Euro competions

    1. There are so many people who play fifa globally but their country is excluded… im sure the ones who r fedup of the same teams may purchase fifa once more bcuz i only play career mode and im sure other people do to…
      Also FUT is a failure bcuz they make it impossible to get messi, ronaldo etc. Create it in a way if u win the highest league online or a cup u can choose from a few superstars as part of ur accomplishment… i stop playin FUT bcuz all they care about is u buying shitty cards

  2. When will fifa disable the 2vs1 in all of ultimate team. People pay money to have competitive teams and compete against another player not encounter an abused 2vs1 scenario.

  3. Get rid of pro clubs and make “Co-FUT” or “Multimate Team”. This gives people the chance to work together and create an ultimate team like never before! (Fut with friends) Would be the most amazing thing to have. You and up to atleast 4 of your friends building a fut is a yes.

  4. Ok so ill keep this simple

    When playing career mode if your like me and want a challenge for example bringing a league 2 team to the prem and end up winning the champions leauge i want it to be more realistic news coverage of it like ots a big accomplishment also make it easier to change clubs like at the start of the carrer mode you choose ypur contract say as in if u start at a lower team you say ok i want a 3 year deal after the 3 years ypu decide if u wanna stay or leave so if u really want you can resign be clubless untill a job u want pops up also in the contract maybe have the terms being you want say 10 million to spend or something like that

  5. Sometimes when I play fifa 16, some seriously funny moments happen like hitting the post a few times, an awkward goal, or just amazing goals I want to save. But then sometimes I get so carried on with the rest of the game I just forget saving those replays. My wish (this is for online) is that you could pin replays to save them, then at the end, the game could automatically save it for you. Or maybe it asks you if you still wants to save it. That’s really it.


    Also, in career mode what if there was a ballon d’or reward for the best players?

  6. I think you should create iran national team which is 39 in world rankings and 1st in asia instead of creating bolivia and china which are more than 100.
    Create the best football clubs of asia which have the most fans in Asia like Perspolis and….
    Try to create better national teams like croatiadont you know how many stars does it have?!modric-mandzukic-brozovic-presic-kovacic-srnaa……
    2.its good if in career mode other teams can suggest their players to us

  7. Add please Russian 2 league.
    On by it you can add something else, but
    why for example at you is 1-2 England league, and the Russian 2 league is absent.
    In my opinion Russian 2 league has to be.
    I ask you to think over this offer.

  8. Generation mode:
    The thing with generations mode would bring back so many memories, A mode where you can create amazing teams with your past favorite Inform/TOTS in the same team all back from Fifa 10. This will also bring back alot of “older” players that used to play Fifa. Otherwise i don’t really see why Generations should exist if it’s just a thing to look at. Rather wanna use them again


  9. Since we are going into a more realistic approach i would like to see post match interviews and an option to view the highlights of the match,

    this would be good if they could show this as like a the match of the day highlights and i really think this would add more value to FIFA 17, be good to see our gameplay of the match and then see it broadcasted like on TV.

    On Fifa ultimate team it could be done the same for the weekend league matches and highlights of the match can be viewed for everyone to watch

    also it would be good to see some form of highlights when you play a match and you have the other games being played also like on career mode so after your game you have the options to see how the other teams got on instead of just seeing the scores at the end.

    i would really like to see this – and the highlights would look great with the angles and the graphics the game has to offer


  10. Es cierto que va a estar Guatemala

    he visto que decia NEW TEAMS y decia Guatemala
    es cierto

    ATT: Eduardo Suram

    Automatically Translated:
    It is true that going to be Guatemala

    I have seen that said NEW TEAMS and it said Guatemala
    It is true
    Answer me

    ATT: Eduardo Suram

  11. Manager Mode should add:

    1) Manager Mode new and scouted talents should be Ex-football players (i.e. Maldini, Zidane, Maradona or other from Classic XI team) with potential of how they were at their prime years. This would make the Manager Mode last longer and with more use of scouts in specific countries.

    2) Please make Create a team system to start of in Lower Divisions

    3)Create things to buy with Salary(also in player mode), no sense having a big pay check if you can not spend it.

    4)Staff and Facilities for training should come back
    Thank you.

  12. NEW TEAMS:
    • Croatia
    • Serbia
    • Morocco
    • Senegal
    • Ghana
    • Mali
    • Cape Verde
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • Guinea
    • Tunisia
    • Nigeria
    • Iran
    • Haiti
    • Panama
    • Honduras
    • Jamaica
    • Japan
    • Algeria
    • DR Congo
    • Burkina Faso
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Costa Rica

    • South Africa
    • China
    • Algeria
    • Tunisia
    • Brazil

    1. Y GUATEMALA!!!!!

      Guatemala no es el mejor pero lucha con todo, lo da todo en cada partido, temino #13 en ligas que podrian estar en Fifa 17 y ustedes vienen y ponen a Panama, Haiti no es por decir que no son buenos pero hubiera sido bueno haber visto a Guatemala en seleccion o en Liga en fifa 17

      ATT: Eduardo Suram

      Automatically Translated:
      And GUATEMALA !!!!!

      Guatemala is not the best but fight yet gives everything in every game, Temino # 13 in leagues that could be in Fifa 17 and you come and get to Panama, Haiti is not to say they are not good but it would have been nice to have Guatemala seen in selection or League in fifa 17

      ATT: Eduardo Suram

    2. Decepcionaron a mi solo con 11 y a toda Guatemala que espera ver a su propio pais que estuvo en el repechaje de un mundial y estuvo tan cerca de sentir que se sentia estar en un mundial y ustedes tambien no se les da una idea de poner a Guatemala porque Guatemala para mi es un gran pais en el futbol y en el planeta por lo menos en liga o en seleccion lo hubieran pueto para que Guatemala hubiera tenido el honor de decir: Estamos orgullosos de lo que hemos hecho por nuestra gente y nuestra hermosa !GUATEMALA!

      Para el fifa 17 tomen en cuenta a Guatemala

      Automatically Translated:
      They disappointed me only 11 and all Guatemala who hopes to see his own country that was in the repechage of a world and was so close to feel it felt to be in a world and you also are not given an idea of putting Guatemala because Guatemala for me is a great country in football and the planet at least in league or selection they had pueto that Guatemala had had the honor of saying: we are proud of what we have done for our people and our beautiful! GUATEMALA!

      For fifa 17 take into account Guatemala

  13. Ea sport i have something for fifa.
    As you are thinking its not that actually fifa mobiles are mostly played ipad,iphone, which doesnot consume more battery and space.
    Fifa players doesnot cares about space.
    They cares about the graphics in games and how attractive it is
    So plz next time fifa18 should be available to each and every device with high grapic than fifa16. We fifa player doesnot care about space or battery plzzz…..

  14. have seen vast and god improvement in fifa 17. but my request is for fifa to add crowd celebration if its posible

  15. We who loves to play FIFA Pro;

    We hate the invalid (bad) teammates we have. So imagine if you start in the lowest Division, with 0 cash and your own player and your friend player. You upgrade your FIFA Pro player individual EXACTLY like you do now but for EACH WIN you get coins. And for those coins you can buy a footballplayer (like Di Maria, Zlatan, Ronaldo etc). The prices are the same for everyone, and everyone can buy same player for their team.

    So you basically collect money to build your FIFA Pro team and your player. So you fight to win for your own player + a teamwork to gain a better FIFA Pro team. This would be more prestige + harder to win divisions + you have your own player. IT would be like playing in real life.

    Those teams who have real good players everwhere, they would then collect FIFA PRO players that are top. Therefore if you troll/play bad you don’t get invited to good teams and have to build your own.

    There should also be a limit so you don’t have top top players + 2 friends. Instead it should be positions for at least 5 online players, the rest you can replace with good players.

    Imagine how fun this would be – and seriousness of it grow!

    1. The prices of a good player should be higher than a lower player. Those prices should be the same for every team. So Ronaldo is very expensive, and should be hard to get. These players should not be easy to reach, and you have to fight a lot. If you win 5-0 you get more money (then you’d never want to lose).

      To avoid cheating you can control if a team wins over 10 games in a row, if it’s the same IP connection or something like that they play against.

  16. All I want for Fifa to do is give up all the national team rights to konami and let pro evolution just be a national team futbol game only, and of course, Fifa keeps focus on all club and leagues.

  17. i would like to see FIFA17 finally give us manager/coach role option in every of its FIFA17 tournaments just like KONAMI does, not everyone like to play this games with the controller/pads. it would be a big addition is FIFA17 can finally allow/option to enjoy this games as a coach,substitute/change players during the game play while sitting down,relaxing and watching the game like a coach/real life kind of way without using the control pad during game play only when one feels like changing a player or formation or tactics. so please give us option to play com vs com in tournaments if u get me and i would also be a hug FIFA17/EA fan. i think almost every other aspect of the game is awesome.

  18. I see that EA is having kit customization for pro club but what about career mode EA?
    you said that you have listen to the fans but i think you did not listen to the fans.
    I only play career mode and I am so sick and tired of colors clashing with the GK and when promoted especially in the English league the lower leagues should be able to get the premier league patch.
    like many buyers of this game you should really listen to the fans(buyers) of this game and have kit changes, stadium upgrades and sponsors.. I want to have the option of having adidas as a sponsor or nike and so on for the kits, option for a third kit, option for kit changes after each season and kit changes for GK.
    EA you have a little more than a month to implement this into fifa 17… and if there is no option for kit customization for career mode, i know for sure you guys really didn’t listen to the buyers and i’ll be smh

  19. We know every language options has commentary without Turkish option in FIFA16. So, we want to see Turkish Commentary in FIFA17 game and if it is possible, we want to hear Ercan Taner`s voice.

    We asked him “What do you think about Turkish commentary for FIFA17 ? If EA Sports send offer to you, Can you accept this offer ?” and he said “If they send me an offer, I can accept willingly” on a twitch broadcast.

    You cand find this video on here;

    and we reached 31.423 signatures, you can look at our signature campaign onürkçe-spiker-olsun-easportsfifa

  20. Please include kit unlocks or upgrades when teams are promoted from lower divisions to higher divisions and vic a versa , across all career mode platforms,it’s frustrating to play with a team from a lower division and that divisions badge appears on the shoulders of the players but your team is in the premier division.

    Stadium upgrades as you progress through your career as a manager in manager mode, you should be able to spend money on stadium upgrades to increase capacity and design.

    Kit upgrades and unlocks in manager mode
    Stadium upgrades in manager mode

    — Create a club, with fully customizable uniforms.
    — Create a stadium.
    — Less of a possession-based game.
    —International management positions open; ability to apply for international positions.
    — Ability to only be an international manager.
    — CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers/Gold Cup
    — Full Chinese Super League
    — NASL
    — USL
    — Israeli League
    — Turkish second division
    — Greek league
    — More African leagues; South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana
    — More North American leagues; Mexican second division, Costa Rican league, Trinidad Pro League, another Central American league
    — Brazilian Serie A along with another South American league; Chile, Ecuador, or Paraguay
    — Another Asian league to go along with J-League; Malaysia, India, Iran
    — Ukrainian league
    — Croatian league
    — German third division
    — English non-league
    — Slovenian league/another central European league like Bosnia, Slovakia, Hungary or Serbia
    — Qatar league
    — Authentic UEFA Champions League
    — CONCACAF Champions League, Copa Sudamerica, AFC Champions League, CAF Champions League
    —Croatia, Iceland, Albania; any team that made Euro 2016
    — Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Haiti; more Caribbean teams
    — Guatemala, Honduras, Panama
    — Suriname and Guyana
    — Morocco, Zambia, Guinea, DR Congo, Cape Verde, Mali, Congo
    — Fiji, Tahiti, Kiribati; more OFC teams
    — 20-rated Micronesia for OFC competition
    — Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel; more Middle Eastern teams
    — Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Timor-Leste; more Southeast Asian teams
    — San Marino, Andorra, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein; European micro-states
    — Finland, Latvia, Ukraine; many more European countries

    plz make it on xbox 360 and ps3 pllzz i you dont ill say to everybody not to play fifa then they should play pes that listens to us

  23. Not sure how difficult it would be to get this done. But i’d like to see teams from multiple years, for example: manchester united 1998/99
    arsenals invincible’s
    and so on, basically how NK2016 was set up.

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