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Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 13

Have you had a chance to play FIFA 12? What was missing in the game? Do you have any ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 13. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 13 wish-list here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 13 be like?

Tell us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 13 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. Better search engine:

    Ultimate Team:
    Detailed search for contracts, training etc.

    Manager Mode:
    Detailed search for players’ position e.g. CAM instead of CM, which includes CM, CDM and CAM

  2. I’m addicted to football, soccer game since supeer.
    I have several tips to improve.
    I’ve been through this talk about the Ultimate team

    1st There should be a rule to the letter of the player better or worse, eg, the letter of this player is with me 100 games he must improve or get worse as their development, so the price of the card will vary, there should be a better control over this development.

    2nd When you face any opponent in the ultimate team mode, you must show how many wins, draws and losses, and also how many trophies the opponent has already hanhoudaquele tournament or a total of trophies.

    3rd is missing various stages, improving the appearance of some players, buy packages of players with coins letter black, blue and so on. to another type of dot is tournament calendar or other type of group may.

    Finally the 4th, which ouvesse an integration with the ps3 xbox360, I know that involves political, but I’m giving a suggestion.

    Thanks I have helped.

  3. That her third German League in FIFA 13 incorporates more and more modern music incorporates pieces: information about the request for FIFA 13 are. And besides, it would be cool if you are incorporating more original stages. Oh, and just install the Champions League license would be extremely cool.


  5. Need to improve the effect of the ball stuffing the goal net! In PES this is great, and I miss this in Fifa. Need more emotion when the goal is scored!

    And freedom to create your own team! with uniform, name, etc…

  6. Id love for players such as drogba carroll zlatan etc to be able to control punts from the keeper with their chests. To be able to use their strength to back up into defenders control balls and hold up play. It allows target men to become more effective and allows you to play an entirely new tactic. Right now if you play with stoke against barca you get annihilated by pace but obviously that isn’t always realistic after especially after watching drogba in the CL. Yeah they have the advantage with crosses etc but thats not all they bring to a team. It’ll also allow you to make use of 1 man upfront effectively when you play a much better side and bring the counter attack more into the game.

    Would love clubs budgets to change from year to year according to success or failure, or more accurately prestige. The better your club does the higher your prestige the more money your club makes, the higher your initial budget and visa versa. Irritates me that clubs like liverpool who start off with a decent budget but finish like 8th or 9th don’t lose money off their starting budget, or if you play with a rubbish team and bring it up the ranks your starting budget doesn’t change, you can only get more money through winning competitions. (I’m a lfc fan just saying). Just want budgets to vary and by doing so change the ability of clubs to compete. Tired of having the same teams season after season at the top of the log, gets very boringLike 0 likes

    Id also love it if you players off the ball could stop stupid “blind running” i.e. on the counter id love for my players to run into space or run another angle than straight, rather than jockey defenders or running for the corner flag. Its frustrating playing on world class and defending for half the game only to finally get the ball and have no options, or have a 2 on 1 and your support runs away from goal or stops entirely.Like

  7. I think than a good idea is insert a real life for the players in the Be a Player Mode… Like GTA or Second Life… I’m tired to do the same things ever… Just play, and play, and play… The football player aren’t only the matches, they have a social life, they practice, they buy things… thats my idea… a real life for the players on the Career Mode…

  8. A few things that I am sure need to be changed (mostly small)

    Robben must have a 1* weak foot! He uses his right foot way too much and in real life he has hardly ever.

    Please add the Conference aka Blue Square Premier as it would make the FA Cup much better and teams like Luton, Wrexham, York, Mansfield, Kidderminster ect have a lot of fans that will play Fifa.

    Please add some more national teams. I would like to see Serbia, Czech Republic, Paraguay, Ghana, Zambia, Senegal, Wales and Japan, although I respect if you can’t get them due to Konami owning the copyrights.

    Please sort out player contracts for career mode. Sometimes players ask for a contract that is impossible to give them (e.g they ask for 4 years when the maximum amount you can give them is 3). No matter how high the wages you offer, they will still say they wont accept the contract due to wanting more. This problem/glitch has made me lose a few good youth players and is very disrupting to the season.

    Jack Wilshere has 4* skill moves and it should only be 3*.

    The JPT doesn’t have extra-time in real life and goes straight to penalties so could you implement this change, it would save a lot of energy.

    Players get injured far too often.


  9. Two improvements that I can think of:

    1. If I am managing a team – off course I am the manager. Then I want to see myself on the touchline. EA can make this possible by allowing your to create two versions (avatars) of your one for the manager and the other for the player. That means you can play a game in which you are both the manager on the touchline as well as you being on the pitch. Perhaps the manager avatar could be looking like the 20yrs older version of yourself. They could use a system that automatically converts your current age (that of your player avatar) to 20yrs older to make the manager version of you or your could design the your own look. However, the manager design would have to look 20yrs older than your player avatar. EA FIFA already has a manager on the touchline system, for instance the one that it used for FIFA 2010 South Africa, which can be improved on.

    2. The second thing they could have could be adding the other continental tournaments such as AFCON and the Copa Americans as well as the Asian continental tournament i.e featuring nations and not clubs.

    My 2 cents.

  10. For a start bring back the Turkish süper Lig! lost too many good teams and good players, they were missed in FIFA 12.

    Also if Rangers FC have any difficulties next year that would remove them from the SPL, do not remove the league.

    I Also think there should be more involvement with sponors to allow teams from lower devisions to move up and actually achieve more.

  11. Iranian National Team
    Iranian League
    btw. notice that irans world ranking is better than many teams in fifa 12 !!!

  12. Simple thing. The badges on the sleeves of players shirts. I am sick and tired of taking a team from a lower league to the premiership but still having ‘npower championship’ ‘cocacola leagur one’ etc. on the badges. Simples fix so sort it out please EA!

    Replay historical matches as:
    France – Italy WC 2006
    Milan – Liverpool CL 2005

    Seriously improving of the transfer mode in career mode, when Im facing example Chelsea, I actually meeting Chelsea without players like Terry, Lampard, Drogba etc becuase they are sold to others clubs.

  14. Before implementate more teams and so on you should make the game more realistic. You should better improve the referee who is seeing fouls where there dont are and see to many fouls not.

    Then the Players in the Pro Club are catastrophal. They have to be more improve or there must be the ability to use a real team and change some Players to the Virtual Pros.

    The Goalkeeper also has to be improve. How he can stay without moving wenn the ball is 2 metres far from him.

    That only some of my wishes. In a list of short wishes without telling the mistakes.

    – defenders
    – changing of players
    – short highballs
    – holding withot foul

    You see there are enough bugs to Fix without implementate new things.

  15. ultimate team should have a friend tournment which everyone can buy into or just play one for fun.. or do a friends league on ultimate team where there is a table etc.

    p.s edit brazil because they aint all quick and amazing, especially david luiz

  16. 1. make a normal system of transfers, because after the third season recaps not know
    2. increase the overall rate of youth team players in an average of 10 5, because the star is unrealistic growths

  17. 1.It would have been good if you could make career mode a bit like as it was in Fifa 06 with staff what you can improve, with your manager can be seen in the match giving directions to the players etc.
    2.Adding gamefaces to your game; an opportunitry in which you can select the players from your game who you want, go on your computer, and make gamefaces for them, then download the gamefaces for the players, you could also do this with Creation Centre
    3.More types of deals with players in Manager mode, like Giving a player and some money for another, emergency loan etc.
    4.I liked the idea in Fifa 12 when small clubs became rtich, it’s very good, but would have been better if the club you manage could also get richer in a season, so you wouldn’T have to change your destination to another club ( manager mode)
    5.Apart form point 2, more gamefaces for the teams like Manchester united
    6. Academy league where you can play the matches with your youth team if you want or you can just simmulate them(manager mode)
    7. More opportunities on improving your players like personal training etc. (manager mode)

  18. Here is my wishlist for FIFA 13

    1) create your own club with your own created player as in the classic THIS IS FOOTBALL.
    2) more realisic outside of the club things in manager mode like players getting arrested or injured from a night out.
    3) Argue the refs decision
    4) diving
    5) last but not least MAKE THE EA SERVERS BETTER!!!!!!
    I play online and they are all good now I never get disconnected but when I play single player
    Tournament I get disconnected alot n lose so many contracts I have snapped the disc once
    But bought it again several months after

    Add me on psn oiinogfx

  19. hi there is no possibility of the Dutch league to increase it’s frustrating that France 2 leagues and Germany and England has 3 Why do the Netherlands is not the 2nd competition there gets a little more Dutch stadiums there england has a lot of germany italy I think it just a pity that little attention has become devoted to the Dutch league while many Dutch people fifa game also buy dr here in the Netherlands many Feyenoord fans who would love the Feyenoord stadium in it also have the PSV Eindhoven fans would like the philips stadium ajax see in the arena it has come so EA is listening to you also look at the Dutch fan

  20. On career mode at the end of each season have Team of the Year awards and Player of the Year awards. This will make the game more realistic.

    Also on career mode when you send a player out on loan and then at the end of loan spell you get informed how the player did when he was out on loan. ie average rating, apperances, goals etc. this will help you to be able to decide if you want to play the player more often or not and if he didnt perform you may wish to sell him or loan him out again

    On career mode make the transfer mode have the transfer option to swap player with other teams ie if you have player you dont want you could offer this player and some money to the club for the player you want. Very much the same as Football manager. this will make the game more realistic

    When you win a competiton, league or cup on FIFA 12 you get to see them lift the cup. but before they lift cup make it that you see the players getting handed medals then lift the cup and instead of have ticker tape falling from roof make it come out of ticker cannons sitting on the pitch. also on FIFA 12 you only get to see your team lift the cup when its the league/season trophy, make this happen with every one.

  21. Better growth system. I know the improvements from fifa 11 to 12 were huge in terms of this but new additions would be nice. Such as, break-out seasons where players with good potential’s growth would greatly increase. PLAYERS POTENTIALS SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE EDITED. Growth types should also be different, such as a late bloomer, or early growth, or normal growth.

    Every position available on creation centre should also be available within the game for editing purposes. Also, a Center Forward is the main target man/striking position there is, so why is it being utilized as the title of the second striker position?

    Players stamina is a huge problem, players such as John Terry, who plays every game for Chelsea cannot in fifa 12 due to his energy being too low. Either raise players stamina’s or make the amount of energy depleted from a game a lot less.

    Of course, as everyone else has stated, do your best to add more stadiums and leagues.

  22. Add South American leagues, such as Argentina and Brazil
    Add more stages, including the famous Monumental de River Plate, the Bombonera, Maracana, among other beautiful stadiums in South America
    Could also add an animation such as when people go entering the stadium or are settling into their seats.
    Other things that you can add is that a game starting with a sunny day and suddenly starts to rain and cloud!
    The wear of the pitch, which will deteriorate over the course of the game, the chants in the stands will line the performance of local or visitor.
    But key South American leagues added, would be the icing on the cake for FIFA continues to reign as the best football game!!

    – Real club and international team coaches! The coaches can be viewed when team scores or misses an opportunity. After the game the coaches will greet each other. The substitute player(s) will warm up outside the pitch before substitute.

    – Motivate players and boost up team spirit before or during the game!
    – Mental: Able to see the team spirit and motivation rate of players.

    – Your friends or opponents will receive your press message and it will even influence his team spirit/players motivation!

    – Choose or upload your own music when scoring against friends/opponents!

    – Create or edit your ‘dream team’ to play with friends or online against other ‘dream teams’!
    – Get/win more ‘EXP points’ to unlock all (85+ overall) players, (5*) teams, tactics and options to create your ‘dream team’!
    – Able to give a name to your ‘dream team’ and choose your own team kits and colors!
    – Be the best ‘FIFA Dream Team’ in the world (get in the top of the standings)!

    – Teammates will ask the ball when you have the ball or the goalkeeper helps you with set pieces!






    1. Here are my WishList for FIFA13:
      More Leagues or More Country (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and more)
      More Realistic 3D
      Show the national flags like in FIFA WORLD CUP
      Their national nthem have to be 100% complete like FIFA WORLD CUP
      Show the coaches, The substitutes on the bench, show them when they win the cup and give medals.|
      Champions league, Argue more to the referee and get angry to the opponent player for fouling,
      Let the bleachers nearest the lawn, just like in real life!
      More face options for player editing and virtual pro player
      Women’s Football, UEFA CUP!!!

  24. Ok here is my wishlist for FIFA 13:
    1)After a foul, players should be able to complain to the referee, making some time. Using something like the celebration system we could control how far it goes, from a simple talk to the referee to a big fight with red cards and that stuff.
    2)The player that has been fouled can stay down to make some time
    3)The headers should be a little bit more powerfull
    4)”Personality +” for teams. Barcelona controlling the ball possesion, Real Madrid with fast counter attacks, Milan always searching for Ibrahimovic, etc. Also improve much more Personality + for players.
    5)Improve defensive strategy. Zonal marking, personal marking, double marking, etc. Also if you want to go for the one that has the ball or if you want to concentrate more on the receptors of a possible pass.
    6)More control on the goalkeeper. We should be able to control the goalkeeper just as the other players in a normal match (not-be a pro match). The control should be chosen from different level: Auto (just as it is right now), Semi-auto (we can control it when they get in the box) or manual (we are always in control, so we have to pay attention for long shots)Maybe with the right stick (just like be a pro) we could controll the goalkeeper.
    7)Diving. But we shouldn’t be always booked when we don’t do it right (like in PES), just the really clear ones
    8)Handleds should be sanctioned.
    9)When defending we should be able to pull the other player’s shirt, to avoid an attack. Being booked of course.
    10)There should be real referees with their usual mistakes. For example: Howard Webb won’t give not-clear penalties.
    11)Referees should make mistakes on offsides. Usually not, just sometimes wrong.
    12)The crowd should be louder, depending on the team.
    13)Champions League

  25. 1) Add more South American leagues.
    2) Add Brazilian stadiums.
    3) referees known worldwide.
    4) Add the leagues of Turkey and the Ukraine league.
    5) Patch updated uniforms and boots for download on Xbox Live.
    6) The ability to customize the uniforms of clubs that are run in order Carrea (manager).
    7) Second division of the Brazilian championship.
    8) Ability to change division clubs as they are demoted or move up in division.
    9) More reality in ways carrera.
    ex: Presentation of the ribs (order manager)
    Request to transfer the club if you are not happy (player mode)
    Ability to direct selections (order manager)
    10) Get in the game in the Champions League and Copa Libertadores.
    11) Check the table to get the injured player.
    These were my suggestions I hope to see.

  26. 1. Improve the graphics of the players, their reactions, the reactions of the fans, they can be more real and to have more realistic attitudes during the course of the game, please improve the celebrations, excluding the celebrations and children’s celebrations put more real.
    2. Let the bleachers nearest the lawn, just like in real life!
    6. Let the games more realistic (way to improve the transmission dynamics and game camera during the moves), let the games more exciting, more rivalry between the players and teams, to the point where players face off and discuss it because an input fault, etc..
    7. In Career Mode to return the complete management team, may change many things related to staff and all administrative staff, the Career Mode can be more attractive and dynamic.
    8. Also include more cutscenes during the game, and please improve the celebrations of the players, they can be more real and more exciting it would be very interesting if it were comemorção corresponding to the goal that the player did, he would react in a more natural during the celebration, which ran less, and that the celebration has a longer time.
    9. In gameplay, players move more realistically, and when to pass, or crosses the goal kicking etc, they mess with the best members of the body involved in this activity. Increase the weight of the players just a little.
    10. Improve the way the player advances the ball, leaving it more real.
    11. Improve the way the player is injured during the match, depending on the severity of the injury would be great if they entered the paramedics to remove the player from the field on a stretcher.
    12. During the Career Mode that can be created your avatar to lead the team, and he appears in cutscenes giving instructions to his players and giving interviews to the press conference. It would be great if I could give intrevista during the days before a big match and then the same would be good if this was included in FIFA 13.
    13. FIFA 13 will be best in class!

  27. 1- Licensed Brazilian League! You put 4 English licensed leagues and not even one South American, even more the Brazilian league that holds very good players and teams. Not speaking about our tradition on football, after all we’ve got 5 Fifa World Cup Championship.

    2- Even though the gameplay is very very good on Fifa 12, I think you might consider a little adjust on some features such as the impact engine to avoid some bugs as those we can find widespread on youtube.

    3- A little adjust on tackle system, specially the stand tackle. Defenders almost never can get the ball back after a stand tackle. The ball quite commonly goes far away and generally it stays with the adversary instead of defender.

    4- AT LAST BUT NOT LESS IMPORTANT, YOU SHOULD THINK ON A WAY TO LEVEL THE ONLINE MATCHES! I MEAN, YOU SHOULD THINK ON ALLOW ONLY SEMI ASSISTED CONTROLS IN ONLINE MATCHES! It is very upset when you play with manual or semi-automatic controls and your foe is using all the help of the CPU with automatic controls.

    Thank you very much for this communication channel with you, that is a good way of listening the fan’s opinions in order to make our loved game even better.

  28. FIFPLAY Hi friends, I have a suggestion for FIWC mode FIFA13:
    in my opinion, I think the scoring method is very unfair to the players. There are people who spend all day playing and how that, although not as good, many points can reach a good position in the standings. Other people may be very good, but due to their commitments during the day can not spend the whole day playing, thus failing to compete with other players who spend all day playing. My suggestion would be to limit the amount of daily points that each player can get, making it the fairest way for everyone, and providing opportunities for individuals who wish to participate in the tournament, but can not because they can not reach the score of those who play all day. In my idea even to pass throughout the day in front of the television playing, would no longer have a limited number of points per day, so that they are below the classification table, because it really is not good, and not because able to play all day.
    There is a hint, and I hope to meet that request because I believe very important that the opportunity is equal for everyone!

  29. put in place a option in virtual pro where you can create a manager and use him in manager mode and you can see him at the side line clapping and and jumping. even when you win a league let the player throw him in the air. also create other popular managers like mouriho, guardiola, furgeson and wenger etc, do it like world cup 2010 where you see the managers. also make them shake hands at the starting of matches too.

  30. I love the ultimate team mode but the only thing that bugs me is chemistry, I don’t have top players (Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney etc) but I like to mix players from leagues and nations but end up with poor chemistry, all I’m saying is it is meant to be MY ultimate team so base the overall chemistry on other stuff like have them gain experience as a squad when they play more and more together.

  31. 1) Ability to dive, it’s part of the real game, and you should be able to try to dive in the game.
    2) More deliberate fouls. If you are the last man and you really just want to take someone out and get the penalty, you should have a way to do so other than hoping a slide tackle will hit them. If you really just want to hit someone, you could do that in real life, so you should be able to do it in the game.
    3) Improve penalty shots. The goal keeper should try move their hands or feet a bit more if it’s right next to them.
    4) Online mode: Ability to agree to quit a game without penalty because of lag.
    5) Online mode: Show opponents latency before the game starts like you could see in FIFA 11.
    6) Select team: Show formation in team selection screen (4-3-3) without having to go to team management. Especially in multiplayer mode.
    7) In Controller options, restore defaults.

  32. can you please add iranian national team as well to your national teams , im iranian and for sure many iranian play this game ( please check the polls page ,
    The Most Important League for FIFA 12:

    Iranian League (49%)
    Iranian League -> 49% (101,669 Votes)
    Saudi Arabian League (49%)
    Saudi Arabian League -> 49% (101,668 Votes)
    Romanian League (1%)
    Romanian League -> 1% (2,088 Votes)
    Dutch Second League (1%)
    Dutch Second League -> 1% (2,062 Votes)

    Total Votes: 207,487

    this shows how much iranian loves fifa and plase compare the number of voters with other questions … iran in the fifa ranking holding 40-50th position which is quiet good plus has been qualified to the world cup for 3 times …

  33. Well, here ir goes:
    1 – Improvement of the graphics engine
    2 – More face options for player editing and virtual pro player
    3 – Classic Uniforms of different teams
    4 – More animations: interviews before and after the games, official presentations of the new transfers, press conferences… things like that, I think it would ad an extra to the game
    5 – The engine impact was pretty good, but It needs some improvements too
    6 – Famous managers: It would be great if you could start a carrer as Pep Guardiola, Marcelo Bielsa or Guus Hiddink, between others… I think you should include them to be usable, Its kind of boring that you always start a carrer as an unknown trainer
    7 – You shouuld be able to have players of Barcelona B when managing Barcelona, thats how It is in the real life
    8 – You should be able to play Champions in the first season with teams like Manchester or Barcelona
    9 – You should be able to edit uniforms of unlicensed teams
    10 – The Argentinian League
    11 – You should be able to manage an International Team: perhaps you can inlude the option on the regular carrer (for example, if you have enough reputation you could be able o do someting such as leave Real Madrid to train the Spain National Team) or create a option apart.
    12 – World Cup Mode, and more International Teams
    13 – an option that allows you to have a fight on the field
    14 – Champions League and Copa Libertadores licenses
    15 – More South American Teams
    16 – Better player progression on The Youth Academy
    17 – Put better comentarists on Spanish (they re terrible), an put comentarists on Portuguese
    18 – Boots and shirts packs on the downloadable upgrades
    19 – Do not use real faces on the menus (transfers, player profiles, team management), go back using the game face like FIFA 11, most of the pictures are really bad, and some of those pictures are wrong (on some players the face does not match to the name
    20 – Improve the revenue system on Carrer Mode… allow me to manage the sponsors on the field, and let me manage other things such as television rights, the price of the souvenirs… let me build a new stadium maybe… Give me more power over my team

  34. My wishlist is:

    -UEFA Champions league along with aggregate and an option to use Champions league ball

    -And include mangers, a random clip of a team manager shouting or celebrating etc.

    -Improved commentary, also add more commentators.

    -Different kits for goalies.

  35. One little single improvement: Rematch with different teams… It’s boring to go back to the arena to choose different teams when playing with a friend after each new match…

  36. Hi I’m from mexico and I would like to take some of my ideas for FIFA 13:

    ‘I’m sick of listening to Enrique Bermudez and Ricardo Pelaez, I think it should choose at least 3 pairs of commentators in Spanish. For example Christian Martinoli and luis garcia, Gustavo Mendoza and Juan carlos gabriel or someone from ESPN.

    -They should also do updates on the editing or creation of the faces of the players, for example, in this fifa 12 Neymar not like and would do an update where it is identical.

    -Another good idea might be to see the bench players and some coaches, for example, when you change a player can receive the replacement player warming up before entering the game.

    -Also can create your own team, like a career mode but in this you could create your uniform, your sponsors and acender up to the majors of the country where is your team.

    – And finally, in career mode to make offers, for example, Player + Money.Tambien see referees also known reactions and better graphics.

  37. The Stadium of Feyenoord: DE KUIP has to be in FIFA13! It’s a 5 star ranked UEFA stadium and it’s the stadium with the most European Finals of all time! DE KUIP. DE KUIP. DE KUIP.

  38. I think fifa games need copa santander libertadores and it would be really nice if they have it on fifa 13 and more leagues like argentina , chile because they have good soccer teams and their on copa santander libertadores

  39. A few changes i have for fifa 13 are as follows:

    -Pitch deformation affecting play therefore rugged grass surfaces in poorer pitches will affect play i.e. players lose control of ball or slip
    -Being able to choose your shorts colour as well as shirts separately before a match to give more customisation to teams
    -Riot animation this means that if a player is tackled aggressively in a high profile match both opposing teams argue. An example would be a real madrid vs barcelona match where if a player is unfairly sent off or tackled his teammates can stick up for him
    -in online mode if you pick a team before someone else it should stay selected and not get deselected while your opposing player is selecting their team
    -Hair movement i know this isn’t a big thing but if you could see Messi’s hair move while he’s dribbling that would be awesome.
    -Pick a player in arena mode to practice would be great before you press the start button
    -Don’t link ultimate team with online connection during offline games as i sometimes find my connection logging out and losing games

  40. Hi
    These are my suggestions for FIFA 13

    1) you can be a spectator in the stand and watch the the game from the stand
    2) the weather can change during game ( dry at start rain at end ) not to much though:)
    3) stadiums look more realistic as an arsenal fan I’m not happy with Emirates stadium it is not as real as it is

  41. Times
    – Women’s Football.
    – Sub 20.
    – Sub 17.
    – More teams (Teams International: Japan, North Korea, South Korea), (​​Brazilian teams).

    – Uefa.
    – Brazil (A-B).
    – World club.
    – Brazil Cup.
    – Libertadores.

    – Balls.
    – Boots.
    – Hair (Neymar).
    – Lawn normal, wet lawn (when the ball is kicked and bounce skid and go faster); lawn means of clay, grass drier (mushy).
    – Cart doctor to find players.
    – Help medical field
    – Having to complain of wax goalkeeper. Takes to exit the field substitutions. Delay of medical care.
    – Have to be arbitrage
    – Having to speak of any bid without missing the ball with the arbitration
    – Complaining of hand.
    – Improve career (selling players – buy players – complain about wages – to train with the team – give opnion on buying players).
    – Power train with the team before the game with freestyle [}]
    – Have the freestyle dribbling is only valid in the entire workout with the team or arena, but in the absence of arbitrage game.

    – More stadiums.
    – More teams.
    – More players more like what it really is.
    – Dribbling (some only as that player dribbling the screw (Neymar)
    – Increase of some star teams and player’s dribbling skills, as in Chelsea

    And weather (rain, wind, snow, lightning, thunder, sun, sunny,)
    station of the year (summer, winter, fall, spring)

  42. on ultimate team you should be able to seach ratings because when your seaching sergio you get alvaro arbeloa its annoying

  43. Hello EA
    -champions league
    -europa league
    -dutch eredivisei 2nd league
    -stadium creator
    -atmosphere: more chants, whistling, real fans.
    -make better voor wii and nintendo
    -be.the ref
    -manager mode with real asks and ticket prices etc.
    I hope you’ll have someting to this
    Greetzz from the Netherlands

  44. There are some national teams that qualified to the world cup, and they are not included en the game, they have to be included because people expect that, an example of that is the Honduran National Team from Central America, they qualified and they are not in the game!

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